PATHETIC: Republican Senators Saying “No Time Left” For Trump Agenda (VIDEO)

Donald Trump became POTUS just six months ago and yet Republican senators are now openly stating how “time is running out” to pass the “Trump agenda” that focuses primarily on repealing and replacing Obamacare and much-needed tax reform/cuts. These Republicans don’t want to move forward with the very things they have been promising voters they would do.


Mitch McConnell is pretending to be trying to do some kind of legislative work by cutting short the August recess. This is nothing more than an attempt at optics to convince voters Republicans are trying. THEY ARE NOT. Speaker Ryan is doing the same pretend-work scenario in the House. Both Republican leaders want to further isolate and minimize Donald Trump’s ability to make good on his promises to the American people.




REPORT: Paul Ryan Intends To Shelve Much Of Trump’s America-First Agenda

Word is now circulating that Paul Ryan and other leading GOP House members are preparing to only give incoming President Trump a portion of Mr. Trump’s broad agenda – and then ignore the rest, namely Trump’s desire for a much tougher immigration policy.

In essence, if GOP House leaders have their way, they are preparing to fight Trump in a far more aggressive and unified fashion than was ever put forth against the Obama agenda, as made clear in this Gateway Pundit report:

“A top ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan has outlined the GOP leadership’s strategy to isolate and block President Donald Trump’s populist campaign promises, likely including his popular immigration reforms.

“We all agree that some of President Trump’s proposed policies are not going to line up very well with our conservative policies,” Texas Rep. Bill Flores told an inside-the-beltway audience on Dec. 1.

…Trump’s immigration reforms will likely be shelved by House Republicans.”

Donald Trump put in play states that had not voted Republican in a national election in more than a generation. Mr. Trump increased minority support, defeated a Democrat opponent who outspent him by a three-to-one margin, and the GOP House leadership deems itself the sole arbiter of what should and should not be “acceptable” regarding the soon-to-be President’s agenda.


Hopefully Donald Trump’s millions of supporters will convince these arrogant and spineless Republicans to reconsider, lest they too find themselves sharing the fate of other politicians who attempted to defeat Mr. Trump.