GOP Civil War – Trump & His Millions Of Supporters Are Winning

Arizona’s Senator Jeff Flake refused to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2016.

Just two years later Mr. Flake’s career in the Senate is almost finished as Arizona voters remind him they haven’t forgotten his anti-Trump stance and have no intention of voting for him. It is but one example of many that “Trumplicans” are taking over the Republican party state by state. They represent tens of millions of motivated voters who are just as hard-charging and if need be, confrontational as the man they made POTUS. 

The political rules in America are changing and these Trump voters are now re-writing them.

Check out this excerpt from The Washington Examiner:

Trump has won the civil war where it counts — with voters

…But where Trump’s Republican opposition sees a dangerous political provocateur, the GOP base sees a fighter who is defending them and their values — against the cultural oppression of the liberal elites in New York and Hollywood and against a political establishment in Washington that bends the rules for everyone but them.

And, where Trump’s Republican opposition sees a radical nationalist who threatens the American melting pot at home and the abdication of U.S. leadership abroad, the GOP rank and file, including some skeptical of Trump, see a jobs-focused president pursuing a largely traditional GOP domestic and foreign policy agenda.


The Establishment Media and political elites continue to both undermine and underestimate POTUS Trump. They are slow learners who have been so out of touch with the American people for so long they cannot fathom what is happening all around them. In a single tweet Donald Trump blasts through the bias as he speaks directly to his millions of supporters. That alone, particularly the President’s repeated willingness to do so again and again, has been a political game-changer with seismic repercussions against the political and media establishment.

The concept of a “Trump Army” is a real one. It is an army made up millions of people with remarkably high current events intelligence who all share a propensity to quickly counter the false narrative machine of institutions like CNN, The New York Times, and other traditional media outlets.

And now the message to Congressional Republicans is this – support our POTUS or get out.