Trump Set To Abolish Obama-Era Race-Based College Discrimination Policies

President Trump wants to make the nation’s universities more merit-based and less inherently racist by eliminating Obama-era race-based admissions practices that implied certain races were inherently less intelligent than others. Mr. Trump believes all people, regardless of race, are equally capable of achievement without the need for government interference/control.

It is a stark reversal from the Obama/Democrat position that certain segments of America’s population cannot seemingly survive on their own – a belief that is openly biased against people of color as it relates to academic potential and achievement – what some have long called the “Democrat Plantation.” President Trump seems more determined than ever to break down the plantation barriers erected during Mr. Obama’s eight years. Where Obama believed certain people were incapable of success on their own terms, Trump is now advocating the opposite – that the color of one’s skin, and/or religious affiliation should never define one’s future or lack thereof.

Equal opportunity for all – that is the Trump position.