MAGA Trump Effect? American Household Income Hits 15-Year High!

Imagine how the economy would take off if Congressional Republicans actually supported President Trump instead of working behind the scenes to derail the voter-approved Trump agenda.

Today an report indicates U.S. household incomes have just hit a 15-year high, far surpassing the tepid economy that was the hallmark of the Obama era. In fact, in the first three months of his presidency, Donald Trump has already put more money into the pockets of American families than Barack Obama did in 7 1/2 years. Remarkable!

“For eight years, President Obama endlessly talked about “middle class” economics. All the while, middle-class family incomes were stagnant. Now they are on the rise. Could Trumponomics be the reason?

…Another way to look at it: median income has climbed faster in President Trump’s first three months in office than it did during 7-1/2 years of Obama’s economic “recovery.”

…it seems reasonable to conclude that this is an early sign that Trump’s business-friendly economic approach — one that involves cutting taxes, deregulating the economy, repealing ObamaCare, and dialing back the size of government — is already paying dividends.”


If Congress would find a spine and get on board the Trump Train the American economy would enjoy a rate of growth and expansion not seen in generations.

It seems that kind of success for Middle Class America is not a high priority among the nation’s political “leaders.”


WOW! Since Trump Became President, American Jobs Are UP, and Debt Is DOWN!

It sure feels like a bit of all that winning Donald Trump promised voters is now here. Since being sworn in as President of the United States nearly two months ago, the U.S. debt has gone down by nearly $70 BILLION dollars while monthly job growth is at a ten-year high. By comparison, at this point in his won presidency, Barack Obama had increased the national debt by a sickening $320 billion dollars, meaning Donald Trump has already saved Americans almost $400 billion compared to his immediate presidential predecessor. THAT. IS. ASTONISHING.

The Mainstream Media won’t report this – so it’s up to all of you to educate and inform others of this very good news.



Trump Jobs Boom – 100,000 MORE Jobs Created Last Month Than Projected

Donald Trump promised voters he would “bring out jobs back” and it appears less than two full months into his presidency, he’s doing just that. Last month, U.S. companies added nearly 300,000 new private sector jobs to the economy. Economists had predicted less than 200,000 were going to be added. It is also nearly DOUBLE the number of jobs created in Barack Obama’s final month as president.

Over the course of his presidency, Mr. Obama’s administration averaged just over 100,000 jobs created per month. (which doesn’t even keep up with population growth) As of now, Donald Trump’s jobs numbers place him ahead of any other president of the modern era, including both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

There’s a long ways to go of course, but it has been a remarkable start to a presidency the Establishment Media continues to try and paint in far less accomplished colors. The primary threat to the economic boom already emerging via Mr. Trump’s “America First” principles, is a Congress which lacks the willingness to push forward on the President’s promises to fully repeal and replace Obamacare, cut taxes, reduce regulations, and re-negotiate disastrous trade deals.

Whispers indicate having settled in, the Trump White House is now working 24/7 with leading members of Congress to make certain that work gets done and those promises to the American people are in fact kept.


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Clinton-Era Treasury Secretary Mocks/Likens Trump Economic Plan To Believing In God

Larry Summers doesn’t much care for how effective Donald Trump has already become in rebuilding the great economic machine that appears on the verge of reawakening after a generation of American job-destroying slumber.

Summers, a globalist, is none too keen to see a president so openly declare America-first policies, and is doing all he can to warn Wall Street to back off the now speeding up Trump Train economic recovery.

ABOVE: Larry Summers went so far as to describe Trump’s economic plan as being as ridiculous as believing in Creationism/God in a just-published interview with BLOOMBERG:

“The logic of it, the arguments made, are so far out of the mainstream of any kind of responsible economic thinking that they are the economic equivalent of creationism.”

Trump’s still-developing economic team’s approach to the U.S. economy is based primarily upon vast reductions in stifling federal regulations, sweeping tax reform/tax cuts, and assurances to American businesses that for the first time in a very long time, they have a president who will be a champion of America-first business policies.

That approach appears to sicken economic atheist, Larry Summers:

As for the U.S. stock market, which in turn feeds Middle Class Americans retirement accounts – they seem to like the Trump plan just fine. Stocks across the board are up nearly 15% since Trump won the election in November, equaling more than a TRILLION dollars in added wealth.

Donald Trump will take the Oath of Office in 16 days.


REPORT: U.S. Economy Set To DOUBLE Under Trump Leadership

For eight years, the American Middle Class has been subjugated to a tepid, too often jobless, Obama economy.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that is all about to change.

Via Yahoo News:

“President-elect Donald Trump’s big-spending plan and tax cuts are expected to help double the US economic growth rate by 2018, the OECD said Monday.

The US economy will grow by 2.3 percent in 2017 and 3.0 percent in 2018, said the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, revising its earlier forecast.

That compares to gross domestic product growth of 1.5 percent this year, according to the OECD.”


That was the oft-repeated mantra of Mr. Trump while on the 18-month long campaign trail, and just weeks out from being sworn in as this nation’s next president, it appears he is poised to already make good on that declaration. Ford Motors assured the President-Elect it was keeping a manufacturing plant in the United States, while talks are now underway between Team Trump and Carrier Air Conditioning to do the same.

Even Apple, maker of the bestselling phone in the world, is now indicating the possibility of, for the first time, having at least some of those phones manufactured in America due to more business-favorable Trump policies.

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“A wonderful, well-developed island mystery.”

Dark Waters (San Juan Islands Mystery) by [Ulsterman, D.W.]



U.S. Economy Shrinks (AGAIN) While Hillary Clinton Promises More Of The Same

1.2% GDP growth is a near-flat-line, representing a stalled economy, millions of unemployed, and a far less bright future.

In America, 1.2% just got worse.

A LOT worse.

And Hillary Clinton is promising more of the same, including a $2 trillion dollar tax hike, more debt, and fewer jobs.

To those who might try and defend the Obama economic record (and the media has plenty such tools) simply keep in mind these stark facts regarding how the U.S. economy has stalled for during the Obama era:

From 1947 to 2004, the American economy AVERAGED 3.45% growth per year.

During the years of Barack Obama, that average growth has hovered at just 1%, and is currently getting worse, not better. (Last quarter it was at 0.8%)

The only time the American economy grew less than during the Obama years was during the Great Depression.

That isn’t an economic record – that is a disaster.

And it’s killing good, high-paying jobs in this country, too.

From 1948 to 2006, job growth averaged 1.7%. It was the great American blessing to be born and/or a part of this country.

Now? Not so much. Under Barack Obama, job growth is about one-third that at just 0.5%%, and most of those jobs are government/tax-payer funded, meaning under current economic conditions, they add to the debt and cost taxpayers more. And with fewer real jobs being created, and thus fewer taxpayers to pay for government spending, this country is on a crash course to total economic collapse.

Hillary Clinton’s answer is to double-down on the Obama economy of more taxes, more regulations, more government, fewer jobs, and fewer dollars in your own pocket.

If voters want more of the same, vote Hillary Clinton.

If they are ready to truly try something different, Donald Trump will win in November.

Until that choice is made, the American economy will continue to suffer and decline, which a growing number are starting to wonder if that very thing was Barack Obama’s plan all along.


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Trump’s Economic Tea Party Revival…

Not so long ago, it was the Tea Party movement, that gathering of like-minded small-government advocates who wanted lower taxes, fewer regulations, and less intrusion into their private lives, that united millions and for a while, exerted significant influence upon the Republican Party. Establishment politicians and the Mainstream Media attacked and vilified the Tea Party then, very much like they are doing to Donald Trump now.

This week, Donald Trump openly embraced those Tea Party principles, Establishment critics be damned.

And during that speech outlining his economic vision for America, Trump came out swinging, calling it time for a “tax revolution” in this country. The New York billionaire derided the influence of Wall Street upon D.C. politicians who then create tens of thousands of pages of regulations that in the end, protect a chosen few at the top and stifle those trying to work their way up from the bottom.

“These reforms will offer the biggest tax revolution since the Reagan tax reform, which unleashed years of continued economic growth and job creation.”

Trump called for a sweeping simplification of the tax code, including eliminating several tax brackets in favor of just three: 12, 25, and 33 percent. 

Likely more important to direclty impacting the economy and creating jobs is Trump’s cry that the corporate income tax be slashed from 35% to 15%, a move reminiscent of Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. Unlike her husband, Hillary Clinton is calling for raising the corporate tax rate even more, despite the fact the United States already has the highest corporate taxes in the world. Many economists have warned that a higher rate will only lead to further jobs in America being shipped overseas.

Hillary calls her trillion-dollar tax increased a way for the rich to “pay their fair share” while Trump calls it a fiscal disaster that will only prolong the tepid economy that has been the economic hallmark of the Obama years where higher taxes have done nothing to less government spending leading to stunning trillion-plus yearly deficits that politicians like Clinton and Obama appear all too-willing to push off to future generations. 

No greater difference can be found in their respective versions of taxes than that of the estate/death tax. Hillary Clinton wants to see the federal government take nearly half of the value of inherited assets while Trump wants to see the death tax eliminated altogether. He and many economists have long argued that it is morally wrong for the federal government to tax people in life, and then tax them in death as well.

Hillary Clinton wants to further expand and solidify federal government tax control over the entirety of the U.S. economy.

Donald Trump wants that same economy to be given back to the American people.

It will be up to voters to decide in just over 90 days which vision they prefer.