Americans’ Economic Optimism Surges Following Trump Victory

The sky has not fallen as so many on the left predicted should Donald Trump win the 2016 Election. In fact, the stock market is on the rise, companies are hinting at mass job creation, and overall, Americans are feeling more economically confident now than they have in years.

For now, LIFE. IS. GOOD.

Courtesy of CNBC


WOW! U.S. Steel CEO Indicates 10,000 Jobs Could Be Coming BACK To America! (VIDEO)

Mario Longhi is the Brazilian-born CEO of U.S. Steel (ironic, yeah?) and today on CNBC, he cited the “oppressive” Obama era as the reason so many jobs had to leave the United States, and then just as quickly, promised that now with Donald Trump as president, those jobs could be on their way back!

The Trump Effect = Yet more high-paying jobs coming to America.


The Trump Effect Is EXPANDING The Republican Party

Donald Trump is helping the Republican Party like no candidate since Ronald Reagan. The pathetic “NeverTrump” crowd would not have you know of this phenomena now being called the, “Trump Effect”, but it appears to be very real and directly responsible for the party growing its base and potentially expanding its numbers in both the House and the Senate.

Check out this excerpt from a just-released PoliZett report:

Sweeney rejected the notion that Trump at the top of the ticket hurts other Pennsylvania Republicans. She pointed to his blowout win in the Keystone State’s GOP primary.

“Donald Trump won every county,” she said. “He’s generated a lot of enthusiasm among the Republican base.”

The NeverTrump faction (which has been further marginalized in recent weeks) warned repeatedly that Trump would harm the re-election chances of senators from critical battleground states.

As of now, they have been proven patently wrong:

Vulnerable GOP senators?

July 14 Senate polls
Rob Portman (R) 47%
Ted Strickland (D) 40%
Pat Toomey (R) 49%
Katie McGinty (D) 39%
Marco Rubio (R) 50%
Patrick Murphy (D) 37%
Marco Rubio (R) 50%
Patrick Murphy (D) 38%

Source: Quinnipiac University


In actuality, at least for now, it appears the Trump Train is rolling, driven primarily by tens of millions of supportive American voters, and woe to those Democrats and Republicans who stand in its way.