GREAT NEWS! Black Business Ownership Up 400% Since Trump Became President!

Yet another great news item the Establishment Media is trying to ignore because it reflects so positively on the job Donald Trump is doing as president. 

The number of black-owned businesses is up by 400% since this time last year. 


As black unemployment remains at historic lows, The number of small businesses owned by African Americans in the United States has exploded by 400% year-over-year, according to a survey of more than 2,600 small business owners and entrepreneurs by Guidant Financial.

The survey reveals that in 2018, 45% of small business owners were minorities – up from just 15% three years ago, with the majority of them belonging to African American owners.

Following African Americans, Hispanics were the next largest group of minority small business owners representing 14% of the business owners interviewed for the survey. Meanwhile, Asians made up 8% of the business owners surveyed while Native Americans made up 4%. -Small Business Trends

Looking more closely at the data, we find that the majority of black business owners are between 40-49 years of age, while the #1 state for the demographic is Texas, followed by Georgia, California, Florida and North Carolina.


So, Donald Trump, the president the Establishment Media would have voters believe is ‘racist’ is overseeing the greatest growth in minority-owned businesses in the history of America. Minority unemployment is way down, minority job creation is way up, all thanks in great part to President Trump’s America-First agenda.

Consider this. Who are the ones who most often charge Donald Trump with racism? The answer is clear – wealthy white elitists who have done nothing for minority communities. These same elitists thought those minorities to be too stupid to realize the lie.

They were wrong. Minority voters are waking up and seeing the work President Trump is trying to do on their behalf. These are voters walking off the Democrat plantation and walking away from the divisive politics of color, gender, and sexual orientation.

Let us hope more and more continue to follow their example.

“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”

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