Trump Speaks…The World Cheers…And The American Middle Class Gets Richer

It was by most accounts (with the exception of those among the most biased of the anti-Trump media) a remarkably successful showing by POTUS Trump in Davos. He was confident, cordial, tough, yet fair – and in the end, the world cheered this new era of “America first but not America alone” leadership.

Within minutes of finishing his speech, the stock markets rocketed to new all-time highs, adding TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars more into the retirement accounts of the American Middle Class. Where once world markets groaned when Barack Obama gave another meandering anti-American diatribe, those same markets now cheer a U.S. president’s promise of opportunity, freedom, and innovation. By nearly every measure, the lives of ALL Americans are better since Donald Trump became President. It is for that reason his enemies wish to see him destroyed. He is a true political outsider, someone far removed from the incestuous-globalist echo chamber, who continues to play by his own rules – not theirs, and who also puts the needs of the American people first, not those of America’s enemies.

What a remarkable time we now live in.



Trump Arrives At Davos Like A BOSS! (VIDEO)

The buzz was palpable as POTUS Trump’s helicopter landed in Davos. He wasn’t merely the man of the hour – he was the entire event. Hundreds rushed to greet him. The President worked through the crowd like a pro, shaking hands, smiling, waving, but always moving forward. His persona was not one basking in the glory as was so common with his presidential predecessor, but rather of a man there to get something done – namely to communicate to the global elites that America is back, the old rules are no more, and that everyone better be prepared to deal with that fact.

When a reporter called out to the President asking if he thought he would be well received, Mr. Trump paused with a knowing smile and then turned around to point at the mass of people still following him and remarked, “You tell me.” 

America hasn’t had this much alpha-swagger in a very long time.