Establishment Media Is One Big Spook Operation. See Evidence HERE:

After getting their hands caught in the proverbial “we were illegally spying on the Trump campaign” cookie jar the Deep State was quick to organize a coordinated media response that is now trying to convince Americans it wasn’t spying but merely the Deep State trying to “protect” Mr. Trump and his campaign from Russian influence.

One of those media reports was authored by Asha Rangappa. Guess what? She’s Deep State. Yup. Besides Alternative Media there is no real and honest reporting in the United States. It’s all propaganda. For those who don’t believe this to be true gaze upon Exhibit One:

And there you have it. Asha Rangappa is defending the illegal Deep State spying against the Trump campaign in 2016 – calling it all a “misunderstanding” of what the Deep State was actually doing.

And there is the same Asha Rangappa with none other than Robert Mueller in 2002 – one Deep State operative shaking hands with another.

The entirety of the Trump investigation is a massive hoax meant to punish a true political outsider and his supporters. If you don’t understand that you are nothing more than a Deep State stooge yourself. That’s the simple truth. You can either be for freedom or you can be for Deep State tyranny. Think for yourself or let the government think for you.

There is no in between.