Donald Trump Is Taking On The Entire Left Wing Establishment – And Winning

Inconceivable. Impossible. Improbable.

Donald Trump has been engaged in a war with the Left-Wing Establishment since he descended the Trump Tower escalator nearly three years ago to announce his intention to run for President of the United States. He was ridiculed then. Now he’s President and driving the Left absolutely bonkers.

The war is on – and Trump is winning.

The economy is surging. Wages, especially for the Working Class, are up. Home buying is improving. Retirement accounts are bouncing back. Consumer confidence is soaring. Jobs are pouring back into America.

These are all things promised to the country by one Donald J. Trump.

The President has managed all this success largely on his own. Congress, which is currently controlled by Republicans, has been of little help as Establishment figures like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, have been exposed by Mr. Trump as the Far Left status-quo figureheads some readers here always knew them to be.

And today as the media grudgingly reports on the Trump White House’s ability to push the Senate toward approval of a tax cut/reform bill, the Stock Market responds to the good news with yet another record-breaking day.  It’s the kind of real news that is poison to the Fake News machine represented by entities like the New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc. More and more are waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is not the racist, misogynist, buffoon the media has worked so hard to portray him as. This same media will continue these lies of course, even as ratings continue to diminish as more people question their legitimacy. Perhaps one of the most remarkable offshoots of the Trump phenomena has been the growth of questioning minds among Millennials. These young people are waking up to the fact they’ve been sold a shockingly slanted version of reality by schools, the media, social media, Hollywood, etc., and they are now pushing back and using their support of Donald Trump as a primary means of doing so.

Institutions are now trembling over how far this pro-Trump push-back might go. The Establishment is increasingly desperate to restore the status-quo. To do that, it must see Trump defeated. Donald Trump certainly knows this. Amazingly, he doesn’t seem to care. He fights on. He keeps winning. Not for him – but for all America-First Americans.

History continues to be made in this new Age of Trump and every supporter of the current President is helping to write it.


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