What Does The Roy Moore Loss In Alabama Mean For Donald Trump?

If you are a Trump supporter don’t allow yourself to think for a second Roy Moore’s defeat to a Democrat opponent in Alabama is an isolated one-off result.

It’s not. 

D.C. Whispers provided readers with a real-time election night update that began with a rather surprising vote of confidence from the always-good Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft who declared his sources were very optimistic of a Moore victory. During our own real-time updates the actual on-the-ground sources painted a far different picture. It was to be a tight race with momentum shifting in Democrat Doug Jones’s favor. Jones over-performed by a wide margin in counties Donald Trump easily carried in 2016 and that was the difference.

What this means for Donald Trump in the short-term is this – the National Media will use Moore’s loss as evidence the nation is turning against the Trump agenda. This will then be followed up with something far more serious the beginnings of which are already under way as reported here first at D.C. Whispers:

Roy Moore was defeated under the weight of sexual misconduct scandal over alleged incidents that took place decades ago. Moore was a national test-case. Now that same treatment is to be turned against Donald Trump ten-fold. Team Trump already knows this of course, and is bracing for impact – but what an impact it will likely be. Even a president with the resiliency of a Donald Trump will find himself stunned by what is to come.

Republicans abandoned Roy Moore in Alabama due to unproven allegations. The media and political establishments are now preparing to have the same thing happen to Donald Trump.

Trump supporters will largely say for now there is no way that will happen even as the establishment licks its collective chops and whispers, “…wait and see.”

There is now one more vote for impeachment of Trump coming into the U.S. Senate. The make-up of the House might very well shift dramatically after the 2018 Midterms.

There’s trouble brewing for all who voted for and continue to support Donald Trump. If he is to emerge from the upcoming war, he will need all of you fighting alongside him.

His enemies are confident enough of you won’t.

We shall see.


Is THIS The Plan A Senior Republican Congressman Said Would “Take Trump Out”?

Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to investigate (likely bogus) allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia/and obstruction of justice.

Mueller has since expanded the scope of that investigation to include Donald Trump’s private/personal business records – a situation that is said to have enraged the President.

Rumors are now rampant that POTUS Trump is considering having Mueller fired, something which would set off a political war the likes of which D.C. has not seen since Watergate – one which many feel would expedite Mr. Trump’s removal from office.

If Trump continues to fight he could risk losing everything. His family legacy would be in tatters.

The alternative would be a deal with the very Deep State government that would see him destroyed. Resign and go back to his former live – a life that would be greatly damaged but not beyond some measure of repair.


Threaten everything Donald Trump has built over the course of his seventy-plus years of life. Threaten that legacy, his children and grandchildren’s future – that is the wall POTUS Trump is now being pushed up against. The Establishment is attempting to force Mr. Trump to resign. An attempted firing of Robert Mueller would quite possibly set that very thing into motion for to fire Mueller would first require POTUS Trump to clean out the existing upper echelon of the Justice Department to find someone willing to issue that firing. The president does not have the power to fire Mueller.

Is the media already setting up this scenario? It would appear so. The Washington Post, L.A. Times, New York Times, and CNN are just some of the Establishment Media now hinting at this very thing.  Here is Bloomberg laying out the details of Trump’s widening path to resignation:

Here’s the Chain Reaction Trump Could Set Off by Trying to Fire Mueller

There are Republicans in Congress who are likely directly complicit in the plan. Would that not explain how reticent they have been in working with the Trump White House? They believe he will be forced out soon. It’s all wheels within wheels now spinning faster and faster.

The only thing that might possibly halt this plan is YOU but at this moment thousands of hours of media propaganda are being spent trying to convince just enough of you to give up on Donald Trump and turn your backs on him. If that happens, POTUS Trump will quickly become Citizen Trump once again and the D.C. Cartel will continue to choke the life out of America via intention or ignorance.