ALERT! The “TRUMP SHOULD RESIGN” Over Sexual Harrassment Claims Movement Is Gaining Momentum

The millions of Donald Trump supporters would do well to pay close attention to what is going on in Congress and the Establishment Media concerning the attempts by some to weaponize the multiple sexual misconduct scandals permeating Congress and the entertainment industry against POTUS Trump. No fewer than three U.S. Senators are now openly calling for Mr. Trump to resign. These calls were bolstered by a now widely-cited (and likely bogus/slanted) poll conducted by Quinnipiac University that found 70% of respondents wanted Congress to investigate the president over sexual harassment claims against him.

“The president should resign because he certainly has a track record with more than 17 women of horrific conduct.” That demand came from Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley who was following the leads of fellow senators Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker who made the same demand that Mr. Trump should resign the presidency. These three democrats were somewhat joined by Mr. Trump’s own U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley who indicated all women’s claims should be heard – even those that point to the President’s own possible wrongdoing. That is the headline that is now getting wall-to-wall coverage via the media.

These public demands and a single poll are not enough to push this “get rid of Trump” agenda to actionable action – YET. But more is coming. Last week D.C. Whispers warned this plan was about to be launched. 72-hours later and we are now inundated with evidence of just how accurate that warning was.

A bigger blast from the anti-Trump cabal is set to be unleashed soon. The President’s enemies have grown desperate. That makes them that much more dangerous.