LOL: Dem Governor Calls Himself “Proud Republican” During Trump Speech Rebuttal

Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, (Kentucky voters replaced him with a pro-Trump Republican in 2015) was chosen to be the voice of the Democrats in a rebuttal to President Trump’s address to Congress last night. The 72-year old Beshear appeared confused at the outset amidst a setting that was a clear attempt to portray Democrats as the party of the “regular folk” but instead came off as a sad and tired affair. Then Beshear declared himself a “proud Republican” a video segment that is now going viral:

Apparently, even Democrats don’t want to be Democrats anymore…


Trump Breaks Speech Record – The Whole World Was Commenting

President Trump doesn’t merely move the political needle. He IS the needle.

No more clear proof of that is Twitter’s announcement that the president’s address to Congress last night was the most commented/tweeted speech of its kind – EVER.

And the most re-tweeted comments from last night’s speech were the following:

For weeks the Establishment Media and far-left Democrats have been working overtime trying to convince others that President Trump is too divisive and unpopular to lead the nation.

Last night, within the span of a one-hour speech, Mr. Trump decimated those efforts to diminish him, leaving his critics silently stunned and now scrambling for cover.


The Donald Trump Speech The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want America To See…

This week, Donald Trump took an hour out of his remarkably busy campaign schedule to attend the opening of the magnificent Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. – a hotel that sits across the street from the White House, and was completed, “…ahead of schedule and under budget.”

During his brief comments that day, standing with his family inside the beautifully updated former D.C. post office building, Mr. Trump spoke of a future that could be. America need not be the diminished power it now is. We need not be the fearful, uncertain, futureless people we are increasingly becoming.



The Single Greatest Political Five Minutes Of The Last 30 Years In America (VIDEO)

This was Donald Trump’s conclusion to a campaign stop in Iowa today.

And what a conclusion it was!

“The arrogance of Washington D.C. will soon come face to face with the righteous verdict of the American voter.” -Donald Trump