Trump Is Right. Mainstream Media Ignores Immigration Mess In Sweden

Yesterday, during a raucous Florida rally that saw thousands of Trump supporters cheering on their president, Mr. Trump said the following: “You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.”

The Mainstream Media pounced on the comment, and is today rehashing it over and over again claiming nothing happened in Sweden “last night” and thus, claiming Mr. Trump was making something up.

What this same media then refused to acknowledge, is the rash of immigration related crime and mayhem taking place in Sweden and other European nations since a mass immigration of “refugees” began pouring in from the Middle East.

LAST MONTH, in Sweden, a woman was gang-raped by three Muslim immigrants who broadcast the rape live on Facebook as it was happening.  It was a horrific crime, one of many. But look at how the Swedish media chose to report on it according to a PJ Media report:

“…What angers people even more, aside from the nature of the crime itself, is the response of the Swedish mainstream media, which refuses to admit that the rapists are immigrants. Economist Tino Sanandaji explains:

Hundreds of people have watched the video and know therefore that the perpetrators have a foreign background. That’s a fact, but the media won’t mention it. The majority of perpetrators of gang rapes have an immigrant background. This is a well-known fact.

The government has the duty to share all relevant information when a crime is committed. The government denies that there’s a relationship between this sort of crime and immigration, but refuses to even look at the statistics.”


And so, with no politically-correct, government-approved media reports outlining the immigrant problem coming from Sweden, the American Mainstream Media declares President Trump was misinformed, or making up, his claims of immigrant-related troubles in Sweden even though they know, as so many do, those troubles do exist, are happening now, and getting worse.

Check out this report out today from The Spectator:

“…Sweden has grown used to refugee-related crime stories, from attacks on asylum centres to gang-related killings. I met a journalist in Stockholm a few days ago who told me that such stories – shootings in Malmö, even suicides of unaccompanied child refugees swallowed up by the burgeoning underworld – don’t make the news in a way they should because such stories have become commonplace. Thousands of kids showing up with no parents, then being sold into prostitution or trafficked – and the authorities are hopelessly underequipped.

The awful truth is that Trump was right to say they are dealing with problems that they never imagined. And problems that the police admit they simply cannot handle because no one thought that they were possible.”

CNN and other Mainstream Media outlets have recently taken to defending themselves against charges of perpetrating “fake news”, claiming they have never knowingly broadcast false information. Ah, but what of the fact that they knowingly chose NOT TO BROADCAST real information because that information does not compliment their far-left, globalist agenda?

That action is fake news. They are ignoring real news, exaggerating superficial news, and coloring everything with liberal bias and counting on enough Americans to be willfully ignorant that they will continue getting away with doing so.

And what does CNN and others do when they are called out for doing so? They shut down opposing voices and in some cases, literally walk off the set as was done this past week on CNN:

Donald Trump has and continues to expose they type of slanted, biased media and that same media is outraged to have been so exposed and are doing everything they can to minimize Trump’s successes, and exaggerate his alleged failures. Instead of focusing on the actual immigration-related horrors going on in Sweden and elsewhere, this media focuses on a president who said “last night” instead of “last week” or “last month.”

It is a dangerous manipulation our media is pushing upon the American public. Western Europe is in crisis. The elite media would have us believe that is not so, seemingly to help ensure that crisis then arrives post-haste to America.