MAGA! More Than 1 Million Workers Have Received a Bonus Since The Trump Tax Bill Became Law

Another remarkable success story the Establishment Media chooses to ignore. That means all of YOU are duty-bound to educate the masses with this good news.


Over 1 million American workers with over 100 companies are set to receive a bonus, pay hike or retirement increase as a direct result of President Trump’s tax reform package.
The latest list from Americans for Tax Reform, which has been collecting the names of firms paying the Trump bonus, finds that some are paying as much as $3,000.
One company, IAT Insurance of Raleigh, N.C., wrote Secrets today asking to be added. “I just read your story on the 100 companies giving bonuses after tax reform. On December 11, IAT Insurance Group announced their pledge to reinvest tax savings into what makes IAT great, their employees. After the bill officially passed, IAT announced on December 21 their plan to pay all non-executive employees a $3,000 bonus on January 15, 2018,” said the company.

…Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that; this bill cuts taxes for 80-90 percent of Americans. This tax bill will probably get more popular as well. As Democrats are eating crow over the impact of this bill on American workers, it could spoil their 2018 plans when millions of families find out they got significant relief with this reform package.


Watch Liberals Admit to LOVING The Trump Tax Cut (VIDEO)

More proof how so many do so little actual thinking for themselves these days. It’s all about identity politics. Not politics based on issues, or truth, or reality – but emotion-driven identity politics which more easily allow the elitists to further divide everyday Americans. 

These people hate the Trump tax plan that was just passed into law – until they think it’s the Bernie Sanders’ plan. Then they love it. This is the kind of ignorance that is so scary because it is so dangerous. Millions of people living lives of such shocking ignorance it makes one wonder if we are truly worthy of this remarkable country left to us by those who built it and sustained it for generations. 


Dan Bongino On Democrats: “You’re A Steaming Pile Of Ideological Hypocrisy”

He’s right. Democrats and the Establishment Media will decry tax cuts that give more of people’s money back to them. Well guess what? These same complainers could just as easily choose to pay MORE in taxes – but they don’t. In fact, most will likely continue to hire high-cost accountants who will keep on shielding millions of dollars from the very government they demand Middle Class Americans should support by paying MORE taxes. 

Hypocrisy indeed! 


How POTUS Trump Stared Down Establishment Republicans On Tax Bill – And Won

The more Donald Trump learns the often bizarre and petty machinations of D.C. politics the more dangerous he becomes to the status quo. You see, Trump is a quick study. His learning curve has been abrupt, and sometimes brutal – but it now appears that soon he will be signing a major tax cut bill into law.

It wasn’t an easy path to get to this point and the primary obstacle wasn’t Democrats or the continually biased and idiotic Mainstream Media. No, it was the GOP leadership who stood in the way. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were none too eager to give President Trump a major legislative victory. Mr. Trump knew that – and then he prepared to step right over them and leave them behind. Soon, McConnell and Ryan were begging to be part of the tax reform effort.

It’s the economy, stupid. The Trump economic boom persisted and Republicans were increasingly desperate to look as if they had played a part in its ongoing success. (They hadn’t. Most of the economic boom has been directly linked to Trump’s use of Executive Orders to slash regulations, and his success in securing hundreds of billions in new trade agreements overseas.)

By late summer, McConnell knew Trump was boxing him in. More and more voters were becoming aware that it was Trump and Trump alone who was helping to revitalize the economy after eight long tepid years of an Obama presidency. The 2018 Midterms loomed. Trump had already proven himself willing to take on Republicans directly. This president’s loyalty is not to the party but to the American people. He promised them more jobs and lower taxes and the millions of Trump supporters out there trusted Mr. Trump was doing his best to keep those promises. Ire against the Republican establishment had turned to disgust – the kind of disgust that could lead to some very big names being voted out in the next election.

Mitch McConnell wants very much to retire from the Senate as Majority Leader. A poor showing in 2018 could end that hope. Paul Ryan still has aspirations for a White House run. A 2018 Midterm debacle could derail those plans as well.

Trump held the cards for 2018. With a few tweets, he could either fire up the base, or let them know this is one election they should stay home. Let the Democrats take the Senate back. Would it matter? Was there any real difference between Senate Republicans and Democrats? This potential scenario drifted out from the Trump White House to Congress multiple times throughout October and November.

The economy has been booming and Republicans wanted to take part of the credit. Trump was happy to let them do so – but they needed to send him a tax cut bill quick in order for that to happen. McConnell and Ryan capitulated. They didn’t want to. They still despise Trump and his outsider presence in their once-protected and exclusive D.C. bubble. Trump made it so they had very little choice. He bent back their puny political arms and applied just enough pressure to let them know he could snap them off at the elbow if he chose.

A flurry of legislative activity ensued.

A tax cut bill is now on its way.

The Art of the Deal just trumped business as usual in Washington D.C.