REPORT: Obama Administration Conducted Surveillance On Trump During Election At Least Twice

The Mainstream Media continues to ignore facts and instead mislead the public and mock President Trump and his associates for claims the Trump campaign and possibly Donald Trump himself, were the targets of Obama administration surveillance efforts during the 2016 presidential campaign. The reason the media wants nothing to do with reporting on that story is simple. It portrays Mr. Obama as overseeing very dubious/nefarious/potentially illegal election meddling that would have a sitting president using the powers of government to prevent the opposition opponent from winning.

For those who wish to take a moment to listen, the truth is out there:

As important as the shocking information of Obama-era surveillance of a political opponent is the fact NO EVIDENCE of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was ever found. This fact has been repeated by both Republicans and Democrat members of Congress who have access to the intelligence data. And yet, the media ignores this, repeats the “Russia” meme, ignores the remarkable pace of work being done by the Trump White House, ignores the applause Mr. Trump has been getting from business leaders across the nation, ignores the great improvement taking place now in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants into the country, and on and on and on.

The greatest political collusion that exists today is that between the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party.


OBAMAGATE:Trump Wire Tap Ordered After Clinton Met In Secret W/Obama AG On Tarmac

Today (Sunday) Obama operatives were out in full force, as predicted, spinning deflection to a compliant Mainstream Media. The gist of this deflection was that Obama would NEVER (knowingly) order wire taps on a political opponent and that President Trump’s recent accusations regarding that possibility are beyond the pale.

Even as those denials are being voiced, though, an Obamagate timeline is forming.

Late yesterday, reports began to circulate that the source of the Trump wire tap was initiated by former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The same Loretta Lynch who met privately inside a government plane with former President Bill Clinton at the very same time the FBI was investigating then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Via the always-good GATEWAY PUNDIT:

“…We now know that the meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch occurred at about the same time that the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers.

The request, uncharacteristically, was denied.

Fast forward to October 2016.  Wikileaks began releasing emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, rolling out batches every day until the election, creating new mini-scandals.  These emails were virtually ignored by the mainstream media who were in the bag for Democrat Hillary Clinton but were spread widely by websites that chose to share the truth like this one.

At the same time, The Obama administration submitted a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks.

No evidence is found — but the wiretaps continued, ostensibly for national security reasons, Andrew McCarthy at National Review later notes.

The Obama administration was monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.”


BREAKING: HUGE Obama Scandal: Illegal Surveillance/Election Tampering

The Obama administration engaged in surveillance of Trump Tower communications during the 2016 Election. With that fact now front and center, voters would do well to recall all of the “leaks” that were said to be coming from inside the then-Trump campaign. 

Were operatives working under the direction of a  then-sitting President of the United States, the source of those leaks? Some are already suggesting YES, making what Barack Obama potentially did in 2016 MUCH WORSE than anything Richard Nixon did leading up to the Watergate scandal. This is big. This is the Obama Shadow Government now being exposed in real time:

The Mainstream Media will attempt to ignore/bury this story.


UPDATE: Sources now indicating top Democrats and Republicans were aware of the surveillance (and potential subsequent leaks) being conducted on/against the Trump campaign. These include, but are not limited to, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator John McCain, and Senator Lindsey Graham.




Trump Declares War On Obama Shadow Government


YES, Donald Trump Really is Considering Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court

The rumors are legit.

President-Elect Donald Trump is giving serious consideration to nominating Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Cruz was among a parade of political leaders who made their way to the upper floors of Trump Tower to meet with the soon-to-be President of the United States. Upon leaving, Mr. Cruz had little to say to a curious media regarding what was a behind-closed-doors discussion between the two former political rivals.

Mr. Cruz has indicated publicly his immediate intent is to run win re-election of his Senate seat in 2018, but rumors are now swirling of his interest as a potential nominee to the High Court. Some have suggested it was Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a close ally and possible cabinet member of President Elect-Trump’s, who initially broached the subject with Trump over the weekend. It is a move that has several Republicans in the Senate happy to consider, given it would likely alleviate what has often been a contentious relationship between establishment Republicans and Mr. Cruz.

For now, it appears President-Elect Trump is keeping his inclinations on the impending decision under wraps. When the probability of contentious opposition would result in a Cruz Supreme Court nomination due to the senator’s forceful opposition to the Roe vs Wade abortion decision by the Court in 1973, Mr. Trump is said to have shrugged off such concerns and then moved on to other subjects.


Trump Doing Something For First Time: Preparing For A GOP Debate

In the face of an especially bad winter storm, Donald Trump cancelled a campaign rally in New Hampshire today and will remain atop Trump Tower in New York working with family and a few of his most trusted advisers to try something he has yet to do during this 2016 political campaign – fully prepare for an upcoming GOP debate.

“He was humbled by the Iowa results.”


Donald Trump is doing his homework.

Some around his his insurgent 2016 campaign are likely breathing collective sighs of relief over this fact and grateful to those responsible for getting the New York billionaire to do so – namely his oldest children.

It is said it was the collective efforts of Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric who huddled with their father recently and gently suggested it would be a good idea he “get ready” for the upcoming GOP debate on Saturday.

Trump is no fool.

One does not build, nearly lose, and then rebuild a multi-billion dollar real estate and media empire without a keen sense of when to attack and when to retreat. He has enjoyed great success, and it seems in private he was finally willing to admit that success can sometimes lead to potentially dangerous overconfidence. He knows this lesson well having survived past financial challenges that sunk the empires of many of his business contemporaries.

“He hates losing more than he enjoys winning.”

Trump does not consider Senator Ted Cruz to be his equal in anything and so after the Iowa results, the GOP front-runner alternated between bouts of disbelief, seething anger, acceptance, and then to a fiery determination to not let it happen again.

Among Donald Trump’s most trusted advisers and confidants is a man named George. Trump will drop the name from time to time in public, by it is a relationship that remains largely unknown outside of the billionaire’s most immediate circle. If George provided support for the campaign concerns of the elder Trump offspring, that would be more than enough for the real estate mogul to sit up, take notice, and alter course. It is the ability to quickly do so that is the hallmark of anyone who succeeds in business at the level a Donald Trump has.

Like a shark, Trump needs to always be moving. He was caught too motionless in Iowa, and it cost him, and while he hates to admit so publicly, he knows it to be true. His oldest daughter was apparently the first to let her father know of this, and she was also the one to remind him of who he was and what he is capable of. The Trumps have always been a close-knit group, and the children are both fiercely loyal to, and proud of, their iconic father.

“He’s Donald J. Trump. Where others have failed, he succeeds. His failures are temporary and lessons to be learned from and motivation to come back tougher and more determined than ever. And what he has done in providing for himself, his family, and his company, he is convinced he can do for America.”

So today Donald Trump is taking time to study up on the political details of our time, preparing verbal attacks and counter-attacks. He hopes to combine his natural and proven instinct for success with the information necessary to secure a much-needed victory in the New Hampshire primary.

As Trump has often said, he is new to this “political stuff.”

His supporters now hope he proves himself a quick study so he has a real chance of making good on his promise to Make America Great Again.