LOL: Time Warner, Who Owns CNN, Sees Shares Drop After Trump Calls CNN “FAKE NEWS”

The far left gonna get WRECKED by the Trump Effect in more ways than one if they don’t get wise to the fact that millions of Americans are on to their propaganda B.S…

RIP CNN. You won't be missed.


TRUMP ROARS: Calls Out CNN For FAKE NEWS – Tells Them To Be Quiet During Press Conference


For anyone who thought a President Trump would greatly alter the tough tone that played such a pivotal role in getting him into the White House, Mr. Trump today made clear that will NOT be the case as he leveled a glare directly at CNN reporters and called them out for what has now been proven to be perhaps the single most embarrassing example of fake news propaganda by any of the major media outlets. (and that’s saying something!)

For those who have hoped to see some in the Mainstream Media being dismissed as the lying, far-left shills they have long been, President-Elect delivered that dismissal in epic proportions during his press conference today: