Before Trump Took Office There Were More Than 35000 ISIS Fighters. Now Only 1000 Are Left.

When running for president Donald Trump repeated how insane it was for the United States under the tepid and apologetic “leadership” of Barack Obama, to allow ISIS to grow into a global threat. The Muslim militant group when from a terrorist outlier to the single greatest terrorist fighting force in the world that slaughtered thousands across the globe – including Americans.

Mr. Obama tried to explain to the American people why the ISIS problem was “difficult” and that there were no “easy answers.”

When Obama left office ISIS was more than 35,000 strong and controlled territory 17500 square miles. After Donald Trump became this nation’s Commander in Chief, ISIS forces have been nearly wiped out. Only a 1000 ISIS fighters are said to remain and their territory has been reduced to less than 2000 square miles of “mostly barren desert primarily in Syria.”

One president made excuses.

Another president demanded results.


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