Mainstream Media Promotes Death & Mayhem While Accusing POTUS Trump Of “Inciting Violence”

President Trump re-tweeted an amusing CNN-WWF parody video that had him pummeling the fake news network and the liberal media is now losing their minds over it claiming the president is “inciting violence.”

This is the same media that assisted in the cover-up of Obama-era scandals like Fast and Furious, the secret drone bombing program, the ISIS fiasco, dealings with Iran, the atrocities in Libya, Syria, and on and on and on. And let us not forget this was the same media that actively encouraged the violence in Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas etc. 

In all those examples, and a multitude more that would take far too long to list here, the Mainstream Media has been directly complicit in the deaths of tens of thousands. Children have been slaughtered. (Obama drones) Women mutilated, Christians slaughtered, innocents beheaded, homosexuals sentenced to death. (ISIS/Syria/Libya/Iran) American streets have been set ablaze, businesses destroyed, and law enforcement assassinated. (Ferguson/Baltimore, Dallas)

Just last week Republican members of Congress were shot at by a man who was a lifelong Democrat and activist who worked with the Bernie Sanders campaign. One of those Congressman, Steve Scalise, was nearly killed and has a long and difficult road to recovery. Witnesses indicated the shooter asked if there were Republicans on the baseball field before he opened fire. The Mainstream Media downplayed the man’s link to the Democrat Party, his leftist views, and the violence that resulted.

The media has been purposely lying about the Trump White House since day one. Two days ago we learned the “17 intelligence agencies” story about alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign was a hoax. The media has yet to report on that falsehood because to do so would be reporting on its own biased creation of “news.”

The entirety of the Russian narrative has been exposed in great part because Donald Trump refuses to run from the media attacks. He gets hit and he hits back – HARD. Another aspect to the false Russian collusion story is this – it is threatening the geopolitical environment of much of the world. The media clearly thinks lying about Mr. Trump is worth threatening the world.

Let that sink in.

Last week CNN was exposed for its fraudulent story about a Trump associate who, the network claimed before quickly retracting it once the individual threatened a lawsuit, was colluding with Russian officials. The story was made up. There was no such collusion. CNN backtracked only when faced with a potential $100 million lawsuit.

It is the Mainstream Media that is inciting violence in America. From its support of activist groups who openly declare they want to kill police, to colluding with a previous administration to keep the truth of widespread government abuses secret, to using international figures as pawns in their web of lies against a sitting president they cannot stand because he refuses to dance to their globalist tune.

CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC. NBC, CBS – they are all intent on destroying America’s first true political outsider to become president. Donald Trump is not a member of their exclusive club. He does not play by their rules. And most important – he does not fear them.

They would see him destroyed for that.

It is up to all of us to make certain that does not happen.


Trump Enjoys Near Double-Digit Jump In Favorability Among Voters (VIDEO)

The New York billionaire appears to be playing chess as his opponents scramble to recover from years of bumping about with checkers. And while the Mainstream Media continues to struggle with the reality of being utterly defeated by a man they spent months mocking, Donald Trump is taking his message directly to the American people, and thus, threatening to make this same Mainstream Media irrelevant.

In a week that saw President-Elect Trump’s administration forming at a pace far greater than his presidential predecessors, a still-ongoing “Trump Bump” to the U.S. economy that has Middle Class Americans looking at their retirement accounts and rejoicing, and a now infamous one-on-one meeting between Trump and various Mainstream Media figures that quickly turned into a stern warning from the soon-to-be President that he expects far more honest and fair coverage of his administration than what was given to his campaign. Those same media members left Trump Tower flush-faced and tight-lipped.

Message received.

And now a recent poll has the public giving Mr. Trump a collective thumbs up as well, as outlined in this Washington Times report:

“President-elect Donald Trump’s favorable rating has jumped 9 points since the election and now sits at 46 percent, according to a poll released Monday…“Trump’s favorability among voters has reached new highs since he became president-elect,” said Morning Consult Cofounder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp.”

And this poll was taken before Mr. Trump took his transition update message directly to the people via what is now the #1 trending social media topic:

Trump’s America-First message is starting to resonate with those who initially did not support his presidency – the same support that allowed him to win the historically Democrat stronghold states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

It is a message of lower taxes, fewer regulations, smaller government, a great military, and prosperity for ALL Americans.

Message received.



The silly, Trump-hating Mainstream Media has been pushing yet another false narrative, reporting on “chaos” within the Team Trump transition phase.

Not so. In fact, compared to other recent presidential transitions, (including the truly chaotic Obama White House) the Trump transition is proving to be ahead of schedule and under budget.

Much of the false “chaos transition” originated from the sudden demotion of original transition team supervisor Chris Christie, who was replaced by Vice-President-Elect, Mike Pence. The media purposely ignored the fact the decision to move Pence into that role once the election was over was a remarkably sound one given Pence’s understanding of the D.C. bureaucracy and his knowledge of those pesky lobbyists who infest D.C. like the blood-sucking fleas they are.

And it was those disgruntled lobbyists who the campaign kicked to the curb that complained to the media and fed them yet more stories of a faltering Trump transition effort. The media, instead of doing any kind of due diligence to confirm, was all too happy to promote these stories even as the truth of how smoothly the Trump transition was developing unfolded right in front of them.

Then President-Elect Trump bypassed  the media on that same issue with a single tweet, reaching far more people than all the media reports combined could – infuriating the media yet again:

And it appears this same Mainstream Media has a very selective memory when it comes to presidential team timelines. It was eight years ago that Barack Obama had not yet appointed anyone other than his White House Chief of Staff at this same point in time. In fact, no significant administration appointments were then forthcoming until December.

Double standard, anyone?

Oh, and we would be remiss to forget that in 2007, Barack Obama repeated over and over again a campaign promise to keep lobbyists out of his administration. Once elected, he proceeded to fill his administration with them.

Donald Trump is actually doing what he said he would and pushing those lobbyists out, but the Mainstream Media calls that kind of actual leadership “chaos.”

And they wonder why trust in the media is at historically low levels.


TRUMP VICTORY: Apparently Women & Minorities Weren’t So Easily Manipulated As Media Intended

“Women won’t support him.”

“Blacks hate him.”

“Hispanics will defeat him.”

So went the Mainstream Media clarion-call against Donald Trump.

And they were all wrong…

The final numbers, given the relentless Mainstream Media anti-Trump build-up to Election Day, are nothing short of astonishing.

42% of all women voters went with Trump.

Trump enjoyed a nearly 30% increase in Black voter support over Mitt Romney in 2012.

Nearly 30% of all Hispanic voters went Trump up from 27% in 2012.

Nearly 30% of Asian-Americans voted Trump, up from 26% in 2012.

By nearly every measure, Donald Trump greatly expanded voter support for a Republican presidential candidate and did so while spending hundreds of millions of dollars LESS than his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton.

It appears the very groups the media elite thought would be easily influenced by the repeated attacks against Donald Trump proved themselves far more independent-minded than anticipated.

Perhaps more and more Americans are tired of being told how to think, and instead, are once again learning how to think for themselves?


Trump Takes Lead As Mainstream Media Declares All Out War On His Campaign

A consistent thread within the still-ongoing Hillary-Clinton-related Wikileaks revelations is just how cozy the Mainstream Media is with Team Clinton. From delivering her debate questions beforehand, (at the expense of one-time rival, Bernie Sanders) to allowing the Clinton campaign to have final editorial approval of carefully crafted “interviews”, the media is doing all it can to create the news rather than simply reporting it.

And yet, as of today, Donald Trump is once again leading a national poll over Hillary Clinton.

Via Rasmussen:

The full results from Sunday night’s debate are in, and Donald Trump has come from behind to take the lead over Hillary Clinton.

The latest Rasmussen Reports White House Watch national telephone and online survey shows Trump with 43% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 41%.


It should be noted the Rasmussen poll is the first truly post-second-debate national poll to have been taken. An earlier and much hyped NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that showed Hillary with a sizable lead was actually taken prior to the debate, but the media spun it otherwise.

Today’s Rasmussen results outline a very impressive +6 swing in Donald Trump’s favor, indicating once again that Hillary Clinton’s support is soft, and open to quick erosion among millions of voters who continue to be apathetic to her candidacy.

Likely in response to this pro-Trump trend, is a sudden barrage of anti-Trump attacks via the media in the form of women coming forward to suddenly make decades-old claims of having been sexually harassed by Donald Trump in the form of groping and/or kissing. No such claims have ever been leveled at the longtime public figure before, but now, just three weeks out from Election Day, the Mainstream Media is blasting these claims 24/7.

Will it work?

For now, polling would indicate no, but it appears certain the Mainstream Media, working in conjunction with the Clinton campaign, has no intention of letting up on its scorched-earth, anti-Trump efforts.


Mainstream Media Gleefully Prepares Onslaught Of Anti-Trump Coverage In Final Weeks Of Campaign

CNN’s Anderson Cooper teed it up during the last presidential debate when he repeatedly asked Donald Trump if he had ever sexually assaulted a woman. Trump understandably issued an emphatic NO. Today, the New York Times published a story with two women who state the New York billionaire groped one, and kissed another, some thirty-plus years ago.  At the very same time, CBS released an audio tape of Trump joking about a young girl who he said he would be, “dating in ten years” from an Entertainment Tonight segment twenty-five years ago. The joke sounded harmless, but the media spin is attempting to make it anything but.

Media figures are in daily contact with the Clinton campaign, coordinating the planned attack as Team Trump braces for yet more incoming.

Hillary Clinton’s many scandals will be downplayed by this same media, while Trump’s will be magnified many times over.

It’s going to be brutal, but to his credit, Trump appears unwilling to bend under the onslaught, and is promising to fight on against the media, and establishment politicians from both parties who are working to defeat the insurgent Trump campaign.

Hold on tight, America.

These next few weeks are about to get very-very ugly…


Media Goes Into Full On Freak Out Mode Over Trump Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Donald Trump remained true to his nature and delivered a full-throated condemnation of the status quo in America that is stifling opportunity for all Americans.

That same status quo, represented via the Mainstream Media, didn’t care for that message, condemning Mr. Trump for “demagoguery” “nativism” and “darkness.” 

Trump supporters on the other hand, who number in the millions, simply call it wanting to save America after years of crippling debt, terrorism, and racial strife.

The repeated theme to the Mainstream Media response was that Donald Trump was “scaring” Americans, as so clearly stated by liberal pundit, Martha Raddatz of ABC:

“If Americans are not scared for their safety before tonight, they are tonight.” 

Interestingly, it is the media who appeared most frightened by what Donald Trump had to say – NOT the American public.

It is why, despite Team Clinton having already spent tens of millions of anti-Trump advertising dollars in the last few weeks alone, Mr. Trump has pulled right alongside the former Secretary of State and Obama acolyte, in the polls and is winning a growing number of the battleground states.

It would seem the more the media squeals, the more the voters support the candidate most responsible for making that media so uncomfortable –  Donald Trump.