SOURCE: Deep State Preparing To Launch Anti-Trump Sex Smear & RICO Case Roll Out

The vile nature of the Mueller investigation and its Establishment Media support system is about to reach an all new low in the coming weeks.

So says a longtime former Congressional staffer with ties to high-ranking members of both political parties.

This time it involves allegations of Donald Trump engaging in repeated acts of a sexual nature with much younger women/girls – allegations that are to be bolstered by the recent raid on longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s offices. This salacious bit of political fire is to then be followed up by even more significant anti-Trump artillery in the form of a forming-at-this-very-moment RICO charge involving someone “very close” to the President – and perhaps the President himself. (Current logic would link that scenario to Michael Cohen)

The rumors are rippling through D.C. as media figures lick their chops in anticipation of what they have been promised is soon to come.

If the Trump White House is preparing a counter-offensive against these suggested claims it’s not saying so it is either woefully underprepared or purposely keeping quiet so as not to tip its hand.

“Whatever is heading his way is big and nasty and mean and if the President isn’t fully prepared he’s in big-big trouble. This is a full-on coup. They’re coming for him. They’re coming for everything.”


Re-Energized Trump Prepares For Summer Of Political War With Political & Media Establishment

They intend to burn him out. That is the whispered plan to either oust Donald Trump from the White House altogether, or render him a shell of a president with little or no political influence on the D.C. Establishment’s agenda.

As of now, President Trump does not appear ready to go quietly. Political warfare now looms and Mr. Trump remains confident his army of millions of supporters has his back while the Mainstream Media and anti-Trump politicians from both parties think that same support is wearing thin.

The next chapter being written in this Trump vs DC story is to dangle a Pence presidency in front of the faces of moderate Republicans to alleviate concerns about what might happen should the party turn against Mr. Trump en masse. The Vice President as a viable replacement is being used as a negotiating ploy to try and build up a majority consensus from within the party. This effort is reportedly being waged by staffers linked to both Speaker Ryan’s office and that of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Trump himself is taking the lead on a setting up a crisis communications war room as outlined in the just published article article by Axiom. This effort is a reflection of Mr. Trump’s determination to hit back hard against those he rightfully suspects are doing all they can to bring down his presidency:

  • Trump met yesterday with two top officials from his campaign, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, about joining the crisis-communications war room he’s setting up, perhaps as part of an outside-inside duet.

Jonathan Swan points out that all these moves are part of a hardening or toughening of the operation:

  • “These are not polished characters being brought in (though Urban at least has Hill connections.) They are killers. And Lewandowski in particular makes conventional folks in the White House very very nervous. … Experience suggests he will not only indulge Trump’s most combative instincts, but goad them.”

The far-left Politico is providing pro-Pence coverage as a Trump alternative today,  giving further credence to the rumors of the Ryan and McConell anti-Trump efforts:

“Pence to make campaign push amid GOP concerns over Trump

Increased political activity also stokes speculation that the vice president is positioning himself for post-Trump era.”

The media and political establishments are determined to halt what they now fear most:

TRUMP 2020

Figures like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, etc., are in lockstep with the anti-Trump Mainstream Media to prevent Donald Trump from being the GOP nominee in 202o.

The Summer of 2017 is to be a Summer of War in Washington D.C.