Schumer Office Calls Democrats – “We Need To End This Go**amn Shutdown”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He had witnessed previous shutdown blowback pummel hapless Republicans as a willing and determined Mainstream Media shaped the anti-Republican narrative.

This time was different. This time Schumer was dealing with Donald Trump and millions of highly informed Trump supporters/voters.

The result? Critical swing states such as Ohio are coming out against the Democrats on the current shutdown shenanigans as Americans wonder why in the hell Democrats would shut down government paid for by citizens in favor of non-citizens. Over the weekend Democrats became increasingly nervous as they watched the Sunday news shows fail to halt the anti-Democrat tide rising against them. In the early Morning hours of Monday, Senator Schumer let it be known – the shutdown needs to end or his party is going to be on the receiving end of some seriously angry voters come the Midterm Elections. Phone calls are said to have been received from the Schumer office with the same message – “We need to end this go**amn shutdown.”

An emboldened Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for the vote as Schumer, other Democrats, and now the media, will go into full-on spin mode to try and make the fiasco appear to be something less than a total and complete failure on their part.  (And remember, it was D.C. Whispers who first reported over the weekend that “Schumer had blinked” even as Establishment Media disinformation was indicating different. That report is now being proven 100% accurate.)

And we haven’t even got to a resolution on the #releasethememo scandal yet.

Tick-tock Mr. Obama…



BREAKING: FBI Covering Up Its #ReleaseTheMemo Tracks While Nation Distracted By #SchumerShutdown

FBI says “oops” that it lost months of email evidence pertaining to Mueller links to false Trump-Russia dossier and likely connection to #ReleaseTheMemo scandal:

(The same type of cover-up utilized during the Obama-era IRS scandal, and the Hillary Clinton private server scandal – more commonly known as destruction of evidence.)



MUST WATCH Video Of The Day: Ohio DEMOCRATS Tell CNN Trump Is Doing A GREAT JOB

A panel of five Democrats who switched parties to vote for Trump and who now say a year into a Trump presidency, that Donald Trump is doing a GREAT JOB.

THIS is Trump’s America the media normally doesn’t broadcast. And here is CNN doing just that. You know it had to make them cringe to hear these comments. If you are a Trump supporter, you’re gonna wanna see this.



WOW! North & South Korea To March Together During Olympics!!! Trump Is Healing The World!

If this had happened under Barack Obama’s watch, the globalists would be falling over themselves to throw him another Nobel Peace Prize. Within just one year, the Trump administration has managed to bring North Korea to the bargaining table with South Korea, and now the two Koreas have agreed to join as one during the upcoming Olympic opening ceremonies.

Last week the South Korean president stated that President Trump deserved a great deal of credit for what is now being accomplished between the two Koreas. That high praise was then all but ignored by the American media. And now this remarkable development. Wonder if the media will finally give Mr. Trump some credit?

You shouldn’t count on it – but great news for the people of both Koreas, regardless.


Economists Agree – Trump Responsible For Great Economy, NOT Obama

Democrats and their media cohorts have been ramping up their collective whining about the Trump economy of late, demanding Barack Obama be given credit for America’s present good times. Not so fast. A panel of economists say different. This is Trump’s economy, not Barack Obama’s, and it is the current POTUS who deserves the credit. 

Via The Hill:

Who deserves credit for the booming economy? This is not a petty argument. How voters answer the question could well determine whether Democrats retake the House of Representatives come November.

Trump and Obama (and their admirers) are slugging it out, both claiming that it is their policies that have led to the ongoing economic expansion, steady job growth and higher stock prices.
Happily for President Trump, the pros agree with him. A recent survey of economists suggest it is President Trump, and not Obama, who should be taking a bow.

…More than two million workers have now received bonuses and or raises, with their bosses telling them the benefits are flowing from the GOP tax bill. That number will continue to grow as other companies are pressured into sharing the proceeds from lower taxes. This is a powerful and persuasive movement that is gaining momentum every day, which is probably why Democrats are so foolishly belittling the payouts.

A vast majority of Americans feel more optimistic about their prospects than they have in a decade. Will they really want to rock the boat come November and throw out the party at the helm? We shall see.



Democrats Sh*tting Themselves: Trump Support Among Black Voters Has DOUBLED Since 2016

Via Brietbart:

Two new polls show President Donald Trump’s rising support among black voters, highlighting his political gains from pushing employers to hire Americans instead of lower-wage migrants.
The growing support from blacks — despite furious Democratic claims of racism — could become a shocking political validation in November when Trump will face millions of upper-income Democratic voters who are angry at his “Buy American, Hire American” policies.

Among black men, Trump’s “2017 average approval rating significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share,” admitted a January 11 article in the Atlantic by author Ronald Brownstein. “23 percent of black men approved of Trump’s performance versus 11 percent of black women,” said the article.

That score averages out to 17 percent, or twice the 8 percent score he was given in the 2016 exit polls.


The above information has a couple things to learn from. First, those 2016 exit polls showed lower “polled” support among minorities for Donald Trump than what his actual support was. It was part of the dynamic that helped to stun so many in the media who were all calling for a Hillary Clinton landslide. After months and months of the media telling people Donald Trump was a horrible human being, many who intended to vote for Donald Trump told pollsters differently.

That also means that the improved numbers for Mr. Trump among black voters is actually higher now as well. Political insiders have, and continue, to quietly suggest the President has made “significant” gains among Americans of all races due primarily to the ongoing and remarkable success of the Trump economy – success which is providing jobs to black and brown Americans that were not available during the long eight years of the far more tepid and struggling Obama economy.

The above has the Establishment scared to death. It is a primary reason why you have Establishment shills like CNN calling Trump stupid one minute and an evil, racist, genius the next. They are unhinged, spouting profanities live on air, pushing conspiracies, all while Mr. Trump moves forward with his “America First” agenda that is paying huge dividends across the nation for ALL Americans.

How ironic that on Martin Luther King Day, it is Donald Trump who is initiating a very King-like “opportunity for all” agenda that has already overshadowed the far more divisive and destructive anti-America agenda which Barack Obama attempted to spread.

Despite historic opposition from the elites, Trump is winning. Not for him – but for YOU.


Panicked Dems Use Private Meeting With POTUS TRUMP To Sabatage Border Protection Deal

The language was direct – as it always is with Mr. Trump. Whether or not he actually used the word “sh*tholes” to describe certain 3rd world nations that, for some reason, so many Democrats are desperate to make open border/come on in deals with, isn’t the real issue. Mr. Trump was making significant inroads into accomplishing a border security/DACA deal that endangered the Democrats long-standing policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants from particular nations in EVERY YEAR and then sprinkling those immigrants across such places as Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania as a means of turning red-leaning and/or toss-up states permanently blue to ensure no Republican is ever elected POTUS again. Trump is a direct threat to that goal, and so, faces attack and obstruction every…single…day of his presidency.

That is the true foundation of the Establishment’s immigration policy in the United States – to make this nation a one-party system which will then be absorbed by the globalist elite for good.

And so, a free-wheeling policy conversation in which a deal was to be forged was quickly turned into a means to crank up the anti-Trump media machine yet again to sabotage something getting done in D.C. The Establishment, still smarting from the Trump tax deal, would not allow Mr. Trump to so quickly declare yet another stunning victory regarding border security and immigration.

They now feign outrage over the alleged use of the term “sh*thole.” Really? Who are these people who sit in D.C. pretending to be leaders? Have they been to Haiti? To Ghana? To Syria? To El Salvador? THEY ARE SH*THOLE NATIONS drowning in abusive and corrupt governments – the very same kind of government it appears Mr. Trump’s enemies want so much to have here in the United States.

What a spineless, hysterical, fake-outrage nation we have become to make so much out of words that in the greater context, mean so very little.

POTUS Trump spoke the truth. The enemies of American cannot abide that and now work to convince enough Americans to believe the same.

His success, or theirs, depends on YOU.



DAVOS: Trump’s Trip Into The Globalist Lion’s Den


Gone are the days of a slouched, conciliatory, giggling and limp-wristed Barack Obama who for eight years preened and pranced his way into what was the warm embrace of the Davos elites. Mr. Obama was a thing of their own making, a caricature born deep within the disease-riddled bowels of anti-Americanism that run rampant throughout universities, Hollywood, and institutions like the United Nations. Their collective imaginings inseminated a concept and after a gestation of decades, shat Obama out. They marveled at how you really can polish a turd and sell ice to Eskimos.  As Joe Biden once said, “He’s bright and clean…”

Obama did what he has always done since developing enough self-awareness to know who he was and will always be.

He kissed the ring while the organ music played.

That time is finished. Mr. Obama has been relegated back to the shadows where he has always been more comfortable. He is a creature of habit, and his habit has, and remains, those things that go bump in the night. Sure, the elites will drag him out from time to time to remind themselves and the world what they are capable of – only to send him scurrying back into his closet when that brief work is finished.

This year in Davos, though, there will be no America groveling at the feet of its supposed masters. Donald Trump is a different thing altogether. A man not of their making – but of his own and the millions of Americans who placed him in a position to push back against the globalist elites who remain desperate to tear the United States apart.

Where Obama pranced, Trump will stride.

Where Obama bowed, Trump will stand broad-shouldered and confident.

Where Obama apologized for America, Trump will demand it be respected.

He will look these elites in their dark orbs and remind them he truly doesn’t give a shit. He’s a Teddy Roosevelt for the new century. Trump might not speak softly, but he does carry a big stick, and he’s more than happy to slap it across the faces of the globalists if need be. And the elites being the elites, men and women who ultimately long for self-abuse, will feign outrage while privately begging for more.

They really are such a dirty-dirty bunch.

What they don’t yet realize is that President Trump isn’t merely entering the lion’s den.

He IS the lion – and they just invited him in.


Hundreds of Thousands of Walmart Workers Get Raises & Bonuses Because Of Trump Tax Cuts

Happy days have arrived for hundreds of thousands of Walmart workers who are seeing some much-needed post-holiday good cheer in the form of raises, $1000 dollar bonuses, and an expanded maternity/parental leave program – all thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

Via Bloomberg:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is boosting its starting hourly wage to $11 and delivering bonuses to employees, capitalizing on the U.S. tax overhaul to stay competitive in a tightening labor market.

The increase takes effect next month and will cost $300 million on top of annual wage hikes that were already planned, the world’s largest retailer said Thursday. The one-time bonus of up to $1,000 is based on seniority and will amount to an additional $400 million. The company is also expanding its maternity and parental leave policy and adding an adoption benefit.

THIS is the true free market in action – less government leads to far more competition and allows companies both great and small to reinvest in ways that make them more competitive which often leads to higher wages and benefits for workers.

It is now coming to be known as the Trump Way. When running for president, it was Donald Trump who was speaking directly to the American Working Class like no politician has done in generations. That is because unlike a typical politician, Donald Trump has spent a lifetime creating jobs. In a way, despite being a billionaire, he is himself a working class man. His entire life has been linked to the working class.

And for that, the Establishment media and political machines, despise him.

Not that Mr. Trump cares – the Trump Train rolls on…


NOTE: On the same day Walmart announced the above raises and benefits expansion, a number of Sam’s Club stores have closed. Word is these closings are part of a significant restructuring process with the hope that displaced Sam’s Club workers will be given job opportunities at various Walmart locations.


South Korean President Admits POTUS Trump Deserves BIG CREDIT For Helping Initiate Talks With North Korea

We could be on the verge of the first significant bilateral talks between North and South Korea in a generation and the man most responsible for that remarkable achievement, according to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, is U.S. President Donald Trump.

Following Moon’s comments, his Special Adviser for Foreign Affairs and National Security, Chung-in Moon told Fox News: “I agree 100 percent. Were it not for President Trump’s pressures, North Korea would not have come to South Korea. President Trump deserves credit.”

He suggested the talks are a prelude to substantive bilateral discussions between the U.S. and North Korea. (via Fox News )

Just last week the Establishment Media were warning Mr. Trump was pushing us toward the brink of war with North Korea. Now? Most of the U.S.-based media outlets are all but ignoring South Korea’s praise for POTUT Trump’s leadership on the issue, a absence of coverage that was called out today by James Woods:


Working-class families are winning big under Trump

The economic good news just keeps rolling on along with the Trump Train these days – much  to the relief of millions of Working Class families who suffered terribly under the yoke of the Obama years. 

Via The Washington Examiner:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its newest jobs report on Friday, and the data clearly show, under the pro-business policies implemented by the Trump administration, low-income and working-class families are enjoying significant economic gains not experienced in nearly 20 years.
 Democrats and liberal pundits have argued the recent economic improvements are only helping a relatively small, mostly wealthy segment of the country, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to BLS, the national unemployment rate for December was 4.1 percent, a 0.6 percentage point drop from December 2016. That’s an impressive figure, especially since the unemployment rate stayed flat at 4.9 percent from January 2016 through October 2016, the final month before Trump’s election victory. But what’s especially remarkable is the extent to which working-class Americans are profiting under Trump and Republican leadership in Congress.

Left-leaning Democrats and liberal pundits have said repeatedly over the past century the only way to get the economy moving forward is for government to take greater control over markets, spend billions or even trillions of tax dollars, and redistribute wealth. The Trump administration and congressional Republicans have taken a completely different approach. It’s paying off for everyone, including working-class Americans.


Liberals Have Become Tragically Addicted To “Impeachment Porn”

Oh, these pathetic, misguided liberals…they gather in circles holding the latest anti-Trump diatribe in one hand while the other hand ventures off doing what liberal hands too often obsessively do these days. At what point does the need for self-gratification become potentially terminal self-abuse? 

The New York Post noted today how so much of the Trump Impeachment Porn is based upon wild conjecture and/or outright lies and in the end, exploits those obsessing over it as much as regular porn would do.

From The Mueller investigation to the latest anti-Trump Fire and Fury hysteria, all of it is empty calories and leads to a far too brief release that has unsatisfied consumers left begging for more.

Nothing Donald Trump has done comes close to qualifying for impeachment – that is unless helping to create millions of jobs, (including record low unemployment for minorities) lowering taxes, destroying ISIS, signing off on multi-billion dollar America-First trade deals, etc., are impeachable offenses. They aren’t of course. Not to any sane mind.

And yet, here is the globalist establishment pushing the impeachment fantasy over and over again, determined to turn fantasy into reality.

Leave the circle. Open your eyes. Put your hand away. Take a deep breath. Think for yourself.

There’s a wonderful new world happening all around you with opportunities for success not seen in generations.

America’s potential has not been this great in a very long time. Get out there and enjoy it!


POTUS Trump Calls Out Democrats For “Voting Irregularities” – Demands Nationwide Voting I.D. To Prevent Fraud

One of the most sacred of all sacred cows for the Democrats’ get-out-the-vote machine are the rampant voting abuses that take place in this nation’s urban centers each and every election as millions of likely fraudulent votes are cast that also happen to heavily favor Democrat candidates. (In some cases tens of thousands more people cast votes than were actually registered in multiple Democrat-controlled voting districts.) It is a favorite weapon of the anti-American globalists to turn our elections into the appearance of choice while their choice is the one that is given to us time and time again.

Donald Trump just fired a major shot over the bow of that voting fraud monstrosity:


Report: North Korea Accidentally Bombed One Of Its Own Cities (Seriously!)

It appears POTUS Trump wasn’t kidding when he mocked North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s ability to fire “big” missiles.

Check it out via

When a North Korean Missile Accidentally Hit a North Korean City

…North Korea launched a single Hwasong-12/KN17 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province (the Korean People’s Army’s Air and Anti-Air Force Unit 447 in Ryongak-dong, Sunchon City, to be more precise). That missile failed shortly after launch and crashed in the Chongsin-dong, in North Korean city of Tokchon, causing considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings.

This information puts a whole new spin on the now infamous Trump “bigger button” tweet – which has since gone MAGA-viral:



Two Democrats were just sworn in to the Senate this week: Doug Jones of Alabama and Tina Smith of Minnesota.

One man waits in the wings to do the same – former GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

The Trump White House is likely watching the Senate developments very closely as they could prove pivotal to ongoing attempts to destroy the Trump presidency.

Smith is simply a side move for Democrats, but Jones is a big gain. He is the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the Senate in a generation. It is believed both Smith and Jones support the “Impeach Trump” movement that continues to fester throughout Congress.

Which brings us to Mr. Romney. The animosity between Romney and Trump is well documented. On Romney’s side some have suggested it borders on outright contempt toward Donald Trump. If Mitt Romney were to become a member of the Senate, he too would likely represent a yes vote on Trump impeachment.

Far-fetched you say? Such a vote would never get past Republicans in the House, you say?

Who is the current Speaker of the House? Paul Ryan. Yes, the same Paul Ryan who also shares a deep dislike for the President and who also remains very close to a certain former running mate:

And don’t forget the shock to the political system to see a Democrat recently win in Alabama. Should anyone be so confident to assume Republicans will keep the House after 2018? At the very least the Republican majority will be slashed as more and more anti-Trump voices are added to Congress.

Please don’t doubt for a second the “Destroy Trump” wheels are no longer in motion. The anti-Trump forces don’t actually need to impeach the President, they merely need to make it appear the vast majority of the country demands impeachment – a move which will be weaponized both during the 2018 Midterms and the 2020 Election.

POTUS Trump’s time in the White House remains a very precarious thing. No other U.S. president of the modern era has come close to risking so much to help so many while facing such frighteningly powerful opposition.


Obama Advocated Muslim Tyranny In Iran. Trump Now Works To Free Iran.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama did everything possible as President to further strengthen Iran’s Muslim dictatorship. He gave them billions of dollars, refused to call out decades of human rights violations, including those against women, minorities, and homosexuals, allowed U.S. citizens to be put to death, allowed U.S. soldiers to be humiliated by Iranian military, the sad list of pro-Iranian posturing by Mr. Obama is shocking when one looks at it in its entirety.

America has a new President, though. A far different one. Donald Trump openly shares his disdain for the militant Iranian regime that would see women put to death for speaking their mind. (And knowing that, how in the name of God can any American liberal support Iran? It truly boggles the mind. And yet, many are doing just that apparently out of spite against Donald Trump. That is akin to someone supporting Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s because they didn’t like FDR.)

Trump has rightfully taken eight very weird years of Obama support for Iran and thrown it into the trash. As Iranian youth rise up to protest their oppressive government, Donald Trump is doing what Obama never did – he’s openly supporting their cause:

Now consider this – President Trump is voicing his support for those trying to overthrow a brutal dictatorship in Iran where woman are second-class citizens and minorities and homosexuals live in constant fear of death – and for that some among the Establishment Media are criticizing him.

And yet, when then-President Obama repeatedly encouraged those who rioted across this country calling for an end to America as we know it, this same media applauded. Even when police officers were being slaughtered by some of these anti-American “activists” Mr. Obama and the media continued to claim these “brave” rioters were doing “good work.”

The same president and media supported a brutal Muslim dictatorship (that also armed terrorists who killed thousands of U.S. soldiers) while supporting those who want to destroy America. That bizarre contradiction pretty much sums up the eight years of the Obama presidency.

Let’s hope the people of Iran finally get a chance to know freedom. All human beings deserve such opportunity. How refreshing to now have a U.S. president who feels the same way.


How Trump Is Forcing Democrats To Agree To New Border Wall & End To Immigration Lottery System


With a single tweet, (that is already well on its way to generating 100k+ likes) Donald Trump has forcefully pushed Democrats into a corner and likely secured a full victory for plans for a new wall on the nation’s southern border.

What Mr. Trump has done is use one of the Democrats’ most sacred political cows – DACA, and used it as leverage to secure full funding and move-ahead-construction, of the proposed border wall. POTUS also threw in the end to the “ridiculous” immigration lottery system that many fear has already allowed dangerous terrorists to enter the country.

Open borders has been among the globalists greatest weapons to bring about the weakening and eventual downfall of America as we know it. Donald Trump is the first politician in a generation to so forcefully fight back against that plan. Every citizen of this country already owes him a considerable debt of gratitude.