Trump Ignores Disastrous Oscars – Meets With CEOs & Governors To Fix Healthcare System

The land of weird no doubt thought their repeated attacks on President Trump and his millions of supporters was sure to create a response from the Twitter-friendly president, but apparently, the president was far too busy actually trying to help people suffering under the oppressive and disastrous trillions-dollar mess known as Obamacare.

Here is Mr. Trump’s initial response to the low-rated Oscar show. It’s called getting real things done:

And here is perhaps the single most infamous moment in Oscar history that had a gathering of befuddled stars declaring the wrong winner and then panicking as they attempt to sort it all out:

One is hardworking and competent.

The other? Not so much.


Trump Sends Congress Reaganesque Pro-Military Budget Plan

It’s another campaign promise Donald Trump will keep so long as Congress allows him to do so. This time it’s his oft-repeated demand that the U.S. Military be rebuilt/modernized/and return to its status as the most feared and respected military in the entire world. The cost for this defense spending increase is being found in part by cutting the fat off other federal departments Trump (and millions of his supporters) deem far less essential, such as the EPA and the State Department.

It is a budget proposal with a size,scope, and intent not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan that is sure to please pro-military politicians and voters and enrage anti-military leftists who remain intent to see America merely join a globalist community where a large military is, in their minds, no longer necessary. (Certainly America’s many enemies have been pushing for that same scenario as well.)

Via a just-released Reuters report:

“One of the officials said Trump’s request for the Pentagon included more money for shipbuilding, military aircraft and establishing “a more robust presence in key international waterways and chokepoints” such as the Strait of Hormuz and South China Sea.

A second official said the State Department’s budget could be cut by as much as 30 percent, which would force a major restructuring of the department and elimination of programs.

The officials requested anonymity because the draft budget had not been made public yet.”


The Trump military budget reflects the administration’s concern regarding China’s growing influence both in the South China Sea, but globally as well. During the eight years of the Obama White House, China was allowed to grow both its military and economic influence nearly unfettered. Leaders made clear they had little respect and even less fear of President Obama.

President Trump is working to alter that scenario and see the U.S.’s influence restored.


Dems Prepare To Disrupt President Trump’s Address To Congress

The invite list by Democrat members of Congress reads like yet another staged protest like so many in recent years that resulted in costly mayhem and damage. This time, though, it won’t be a protest on city streets, but rather within the halls of Congress itself as President Donald Trump takes center stage to lay out his year one agenda for the nation to the legislators responsible for turning that agenda into law.

Both Democrats and the Establishment Media see it as yet another opportunity to try and challenge and embarrass the president.

The anti-president mood will be unprecedented. Remarkable that the very same party and media who not so long ago vilified a Republican congressman for shouting out that then-President Obama was lying about Obamacare (a truthful claim), who demanded that despite political differences the Office of the President must always be respected, is now the party of unhinged opposition – the Office of the President be damned.

The list of guests will be people Democrats feel have been unjustly harmed by an administrative that is barely a month old. Those “harmed” include immigrants both legal and otherwise. Children of illegal immigrants who had criminal records and then were deported will be brought into Congress. So too will Muslims claiming to have been victims of hate crimes as well as a handful of people Democrats will use to represent the “good” that Obamacare has done.

It is rumored some of these guests will boo and hiss the president and that the media is already preparing to highlight those examples in its coverage of the prime-time address.

President Trump will address Congress on Tuesday.


WHOA! France’s Version Of Donald Trump Surges To Lead In Latest Presidential Poll

Marine Le Pen is a staunch advocate of “France First” – a political platform very similar to that of President Donald Trump who recently kicked over the Establishment money tables in the D.C. Temple in what might very well be the most shocking election victory in U.S. political history.

And what Trump did in America, Le Pen is now poised to do in France as voters, disgusted by a weak globalist-leaning government and rampant immigration-related violence, demand change.

It is a stunning reversal in French politics that has Le Pen’s Front National party emerging from the political wilderness where it was once a political bystander. Now, with Le Pen at the lead, it is poised to become a far more influential player in shaping the nation’s future.

Le Pen has called for a referendum on France’s participation in the European Union. If France were to go the way of Great Britain which voted to leave the EU last year, it would likely spell the end of the globalist organization. Just yesterday she told a Paris audience her unwavering belief in a “Europe of nations” where countries were free to pursue their own goals and identities free from outsider influence.:

“I rejoice in Europeans claiming back their freedom against the attempts to create an artificial superstate. The European Union is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

Such talk is a direct slap in the face of those who continue to work toward a globalist government that has seen national identities throughout Europe decimated via a deluge of immigration whereby hundreds of thousands have entered Western European nations whose history and culture they despise. Sadly, on occasion, terrible violence has been the result.

Le Pen is declaring enough. It now appears more and more French voters are inclined to agree.


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Remember When John McCain Asked For Russian Campaign Cash? We Do. Here’s The Proof.

John McCain has been among the most vocal of President Trump’s GOP critics. (Playing the very same talk-to-anyone-in-the-media-to-complain role that he did during the G.W.  Bush presidency when McCain was constantly going on liberal news programs to complain about then-President Bush. One of Senator McCain’s favorite complaints these days are his dire warnings of undo “Russian influence” in the 2016 Election – that such influence would be dangerously illegal and require a full investigation by Congress.

**Ahem** – it would appear the senator has forgotten how his campaign once reached out to acquire Russian cash in a previous presidential election, (a serious violation) and when he was caught, Mr. McCain shrugged it off as a “mailing glitch.”  

Here is the media report of the “mailing glitch” that took place in 2008 via Newsday:

“…Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, received a fundraising appeal from the Republican presidential nominee Thursday, said spokesman Ruslan Bakhtin.

…Presidential campaigns are legally barred from accepting foreign contributions.”

The Russian Ambassador mentioned in the earlier Newsday report, Vitaly Churkin is pictured above on the left. He died suddenly this past week of an apparent heart attack in New York one day shy of his 65th birthday.

John McCain has devolved into a very odd, manic, and aggressive globalist in recent years, pushing for open borders, beating the drums of war in Syria and now Russia, and constantly berated a sitting Republican president (Donald Trump) while Mr. McCain remained mostly silent when that president was Barack Obama.



Immigrants Riot In Sweden Just Hours After Media Declares No Immigration Troubles In Sweden

Once again, the Mainstream Media has been caught red-handed peddling fake news. This time, it was the manufactured dust-up following President Donald Trump’s comments regarding immigration issues throughout Western Europe – including comments about what was happening in Sweden. Media figures mocked the president, saying there were no issues in Sweden. The Swedish president, a leftist, mocked Mr. Trump as well.

Hours later, immigrants were setting the streets of Sweden on fire. 

The riots, conducted by recent Middle East immigrants, went on for hours within the nation’s capital. They took place in an area the Swedish government has allowed to be made into a “no-go” zone where Muslim immigrants don’t allow outsiders into. Those zones have become particularly dangerous for Swedish women whose attire does not subscribe to Sharia Law.

It is the unfortunate reality of the mass immigration issues facing Western Europe as Middle East culture, which does not easily comply with Western culture, clashes with the people and government of nations like Germany, France, Great Britain, and yes, Sweden, among others.

The Mainstream Media attempted to mock and demean Donald Trump’s comments regarding immigrant trouble in Sweden.

Then those immigrants rioted.

Predictably, that same Mainstream Media has said almost nothing regarding those riots.

That’s how Fake News works. Report biased versions while ignoring reality.

Don’t fall for it. Bookmark D.C. Whispers today.


Trump Is Right. Mainstream Media Ignores Immigration Mess In Sweden

Yesterday, during a raucous Florida rally that saw thousands of Trump supporters cheering on their president, Mr. Trump said the following: “You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.”

The Mainstream Media pounced on the comment, and is today rehashing it over and over again claiming nothing happened in Sweden “last night” and thus, claiming Mr. Trump was making something up.

What this same media then refused to acknowledge, is the rash of immigration related crime and mayhem taking place in Sweden and other European nations since a mass immigration of “refugees” began pouring in from the Middle East.

LAST MONTH, in Sweden, a woman was gang-raped by three Muslim immigrants who broadcast the rape live on Facebook as it was happening.  It was a horrific crime, one of many. But look at how the Swedish media chose to report on it according to a PJ Media report:

“…What angers people even more, aside from the nature of the crime itself, is the response of the Swedish mainstream media, which refuses to admit that the rapists are immigrants. Economist Tino Sanandaji explains:

Hundreds of people have watched the video and know therefore that the perpetrators have a foreign background. That’s a fact, but the media won’t mention it. The majority of perpetrators of gang rapes have an immigrant background. This is a well-known fact.

The government has the duty to share all relevant information when a crime is committed. The government denies that there’s a relationship between this sort of crime and immigration, but refuses to even look at the statistics.”


And so, with no politically-correct, government-approved media reports outlining the immigrant problem coming from Sweden, the American Mainstream Media declares President Trump was misinformed, or making up, his claims of immigrant-related troubles in Sweden even though they know, as so many do, those troubles do exist, are happening now, and getting worse.

Check out this report out today from The Spectator:

“…Sweden has grown used to refugee-related crime stories, from attacks on asylum centres to gang-related killings. I met a journalist in Stockholm a few days ago who told me that such stories – shootings in Malmö, even suicides of unaccompanied child refugees swallowed up by the burgeoning underworld – don’t make the news in a way they should because such stories have become commonplace. Thousands of kids showing up with no parents, then being sold into prostitution or trafficked – and the authorities are hopelessly underequipped.

The awful truth is that Trump was right to say they are dealing with problems that they never imagined. And problems that the police admit they simply cannot handle because no one thought that they were possible.”

CNN and other Mainstream Media outlets have recently taken to defending themselves against charges of perpetrating “fake news”, claiming they have never knowingly broadcast false information. Ah, but what of the fact that they knowingly chose NOT TO BROADCAST real information because that information does not compliment their far-left, globalist agenda?

That action is fake news. They are ignoring real news, exaggerating superficial news, and coloring everything with liberal bias and counting on enough Americans to be willfully ignorant that they will continue getting away with doing so.

And what does CNN and others do when they are called out for doing so? They shut down opposing voices and in some cases, literally walk off the set as was done this past week on CNN:

Donald Trump has and continues to expose they type of slanted, biased media and that same media is outraged to have been so exposed and are doing everything they can to minimize Trump’s successes, and exaggerate his alleged failures. Instead of focusing on the actual immigration-related horrors going on in Sweden and elsewhere, this media focuses on a president who said “last night” instead of “last week” or “last month.”

It is a dangerous manipulation our media is pushing upon the American public. Western Europe is in crisis. The elite media would have us believe that is not so, seemingly to help ensure that crisis then arrives post-haste to America.


ICE Calls Out CNN, NBC, Etc., For “False, Dangerous & Irresponsible” Fake News Reporting

President Trump told a gathering of news media yesterday, namely the Mainstream Media that is not accustomed to having its status questioned, that they were constantly perpetrating fakes news to create an intended reaction from the American people. 

ICE, the nation’s largest immigration enforcement agency, just did the very same thing, calling out the media for its fabricated/highly slanted coverage of recent immigration raids and reminding everyone that under previous administration these raids were far more numerous – and the media then said NOTHING.

What the media is doing in creating a false narrative of sweeping Trump-initiated immigration raids is creating hysteria – hysteria which in turn puts law enforcement at further risk. The media doesn’t care about that, though. The safety of law enforcement has always been a low priority for them when it comes to the work of highly biased media spin as was so clearly outlined by this Washington Examiner report:

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is pushing back hard on media reports that President Trump has unleashed a mean-spirited national raid on immigrants, noting that it rounded up over 350 percent more during one sweep under former President Obama.

In a series of tweets, ICE called the reports, in the Washington Post and elsewhere, “dangerous and irresponsible.”

The agency this week said that had made 683 arrests of mostly criminal illegal immigrants, or those with multiple cases against them beyond illegally crossing the border.

To make its point, ICE tweeted out a “Throwback Thursday” story from 2012 during which 3,168 illegals were rounded up in a sweep that drew little media complaints and coverage.”


ICE is going about its normal course of business, but the media, because it is now a Trump administration, is portraying normal as something radical and abusive. It is a portrayal that has been forwarded by all the major news networks and publications and is merely another part of the media’s intention to delegitimatize the Trump presidency.  Every Trump-related story that comes from the Mainstream Media is colored by its inherent anti-Trump bias.

Every. Single. One. 

Don’t fall for it, reader. Help to spread the truth. Bookmark D.C. Whispers today.


Rand Paul Walks Out On Paul Ryan Obamacare Meeting: GOP Elite Refusing Repeal & Replace

It was a testy gathering among those within the GOP who are determined to keep the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare against other GOP members who are now urging a delay and delay some more, alternative.

It should also be noted that what is happening now is exactly what was foretold here weeks earlier by D.C. Whispers first:

Ryan Works With Pelosi & Schumer To Stall Trump Economic Recovery

The above scenario is now being confirmed via a report out today by Politico:

“Republicans have reached a gut check moment: After spending more than six years vowing to fix the flagging patient that is Obamacare, it’s the GOP’s own repeal effort that’s on life support.

“…I hear things that are unacceptable to me,” Paul said in an interview afterward. “If they don’t seem to care what conservatives think about complete repeal of Obamacare, they’re going to be shocked when they count the votes.”

What House Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing for (with a behind-closed door assist from House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer) is a mild band-aid approach that he hopes will allow Republicans to declare victory without actually engaging in an actual fight to repeal and replace as they have repeatedly promised since the divisive bill was signed into law several years ago.

It’s politics as usual for Speaker Ryan and those supporting him in D.C. – the very thing President Trump remarked on often while on the campaign trail – all talk and no action politicians:


Security Expert Points To Obama White House As Source Of Michael Flynn-Related Leaks (VIDEO)

Remember, it was Flynn who embarrassed Barack Obama when Flynn warned Congress back in 2014 of the imminent threat ISIS was to the Middle East and the world. Obama joked about ISIS at the time and within months, was proven an ignorant fool. Instead of admitting his error regarding ISIS, then-President Obama fired Michael Flynn. Then, according to Security Analyst Tony Shaffer, it was likely the outgoing Obama White House and high-ranking intelligence sources who compiled a dossier to be used against Flynn and the Trump administration which would be leaked to trusted far-left media sources. It appears that is EXACTLY what happened:

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Michael Flynn Is The First Trump White House Casualty In The Ongoing War For America

One down. The rest to go. That is the mindset of the anti-Trump army spread out across federal government agencies, both political parties, the Mainstream Media and entertainment industries, and Barack Obama. 

Former White House National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn is gone. If Trump’s opposition has its way, Flynn is but the first of many more to come – including the intended take-down of the President himself.

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton operatives likely had a considerable dossier on Flynn, a man fired from his  post as defense intelligence chief by Obama due to Flynn being deemed to hold too harsh a view on Islamic extremism. Flynn warned Congress in 2014 that ISIS was an imminent threat while President Obama was downplaying ISIS. Flynn has since been proven right. The media has done very little to hold Obama accountable for having been so very wrong.  That dossier, with an alleged able assist from various longtime government agency workers loyal to the Democrat Party, spelled doom for the just three-weeks-into-it Trump National Security Adviser.

On his way out, Flynn remarked on the war being waged for, and against, America as reported in the Daily Caller:

“In some of these cases, you’re talking about stuff that’s taken off of a classified system and given to a reporter. That’s a crime..You call them leaks. It’s a criminal act. This is a crime. It’s not just a wink and a nod…“One has to wonder, ‘Are they coming out of people in the National Security Council? Are they coming out of people in the intel community? Or State? Or Defense?’”

Flynn’s concerns are garnering at least some support from high ranking members of Congress, including California Republican Devin Nunes:

“There does appear to be a well-orchestrated effort to attack Flynn and others in the administration. From the leaking of phone calls between the president and foreign leaders to what appears to be high-level [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] information, to the leaking of American citizens being denied security clearances, it looks like a pattern.”

Pattern is a nicer way of saying war. There are forces now at play deep within this federal government that fully intend to see the entirety of the Trump administration destroyed because of the threat that administration poses to the long-in-the-making move toward outright globalism.

And if they succeed, it won’t be “America First” but rather, “America No More.”


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Gee, Remember When Obama Literally Whispered Into Russia’s Ear? (VIDEO)

Retired General Michael Flynn was fired this week by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence after it was discovered Flynn did not fully explain a previous conversation he had with a Russian diplomat in which Flynn suggested relations between the U.S. and Russia would likely improve after Trump became president. The media and Democrats are calling this undeniable proof of undo influence by Russia on American foreign policy.

And yet, there was no such outrage for this moment when then-President Barack Obama leaned into then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and whispered he would have “more flexibility” to work with Russia after the 2012 Election. It was a message Medvedev promptly indicated would be delivered to Putin. 

The selective outrage of the Mainstream Media and Democrats is a truly remarkable thing to behold.


REPORT: Widespread Non-Citizen Voter Fraud Proven In Swing-State Of Virginia

Would Democrats lose the swing state of Virginia (and other states) without the aid of widespread voter fraud by non-citizens? A new study just released (and ignored by the Mainstream Media) suggests that is a very real possibility. The fraud proven by the Virginia Voters Alliance is so widespread in fact, it is described as being “exponentially worse” than it was previously thought to be.

Via :

“Bombshell: Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities

New report finds evidence of widespread voter fraud in the crucial swing state

“The problem is most certainly exponentially worse because we have no data regarding aliens on the registration rolls for the other 125 Virginia localities.”

…Adams said the watchdog group moved the investigation wider and soon met resistance. Adams said Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat and an old friend of Hillary Clinton, told a key staffer to advise officials in other Virginia localities to ignore Adams’ requests for information.

The problem of non-citizens is likely worse than what the alliance found in eight Virginia localities.

“The problem is most certainly exponentially worse because we have no data regarding aliens on the registration rolls for the other 125 Virginia localities,” the report reads. “Even in this small sample, when the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony.”

The foundation has promised to expose more information statewide about non-citizens voting.”


The study was just a small sample of Virginia. More than a 100 localities were not studied. If they had, the number of non-citizens voting would likely be proven to be much higher. When the Mainstream Media declares “there is no proof of voting fraud” it is a two-fold lie. First, small studies such as the one above have proven that very thing. Second, the government has refused to look at the issue of voting fraud and when small independent groups attempt to do so, they meet with significant resistance from high-ranking government officials such as what took place via the current Democrat governor in Virginia.

Consider how apocalyptic the media and Democrats reacted to the news of former Trump security adviser Michael Flynn having had conversations with a Russian diplomat prior to Flynn accepting a position in the Trump White House. That same media, and those same Democrats are crying foul over fears of potential “undo influence” on U.S. policy by Russia while at the very same time, ignoring non-citizens direct and undeniable influence of this nation’s elections.

The reason why is simple. Study after study has indicated non-citizens vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Therefor, the damage is not only ignored, but in the case of this last election, promoted by then-President of the United States, Barack Obama, when he gave illegals the green light to get out and vote.

That isn’t merely selective morality. It’s insanity.


Pro Trump Immigrant Singer Joy Villa Triggers Liberal Outrage At Grammy Awards

She’s a mixed race immigrant singer who is now enjoying a significant bump in record sales following her appearance at yesterday’s Grammy Awards show wearing a gown that made clear how supportive she was of President Donald Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again:

Villa’s sales have skyrocketed since yesterday, even as social media liberals call her a sell-out. Apparently in liberal-land, a sell-out is one who actually thinks for themselves and does not fully subscribe to what Mainstream Media powers demand they think:

Others became fans of Villa’s for the singer’s willingness to so openly fight the far-left conformity that now stifles so much creativity in the entertainment industry:

Wonder of Ms. Villa will be getting an invitation to sing at the White House soon?


Yet More Evidence Of GOP Establishment’s Opposition To Trump Agenda Confirmed

Two weeks ago, D.C. Whispers went live with the following report:

Ryan Works With Pelosi & Schumer To Stall Trump Economic Recovery

Matt Drudge was quick to second that concern. Today, Drudge has done so again, linking to yet another story that further confirms the original D.C. Whispers heads up:

Check out this commentary from an AP morning report:


…Republicans know they’ll need tons of cash, whatever they devise. The figure is currently unknown.

“Whatever we do in replacement is going to cost some money, and is there a way to generate money if we ditch all the Obamacare tax revenues or not? That’s where we haven’t achieved consensus,” said No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas…’They’re in a hell of a bind,’ said Joseph Antos, health policy expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.”


Disregard the now-repeated claims by GOP lawmakers regarding how “tough” it is to dismantle Obamacare. Remember, they have been running on dismantling Obamacare for YEARS. They have promised to do so. They have raised campaign cash from small donors saying they would do so. Since Obamacare became law, Republicans have been demanding it be repealed and replaced.

And yet, now these same Republicans are claiming to have no plan, no idea on how to proceed with doing just that after voters have given them all of Congress and the White House to do so.

Let that sink in, reader.

And it’s the same delay/it’s too hard/complicated tactic these GOP elites intend to continue using for much of the Trump agenda. If Donald Trump is to have any chance of overcoming all of Washington D.C. and the media elite, he needs YOU, the American people to afford him the chance to do so. For if there is one thing the D.C. elite fear most, it’s seeing their political careers sent packing.

2018 already draws near.


MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer Attacked For Supporting Trump – Told To Get Cancer & Die

The far left in America is once again revealing its proclivity for abusive bigotry. This time it is Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer who is on the receiving end of liberal intolerance and hatred for having dared to suggest Donald Trump was doing a pretty good job so far as POTUS – and then complaining of all the anti-Trump media bias.

These days, it appears voicing support for a president makes one worthy of being told to shut up and die.

It all started with this tweet from Bauer:

The tweet was widely supported by many, but also generated some highly negative attacks as well:

When some attempted to claim Bauer’s pro-Trump views were in the minority, he was quick to disagree:

The above post is something that remains very real within America, and is a primary reason for the media having been so wrong in repeatedly declaring prior to the November election that Donald Trump would never win. Millions who support Trump do so quietly, going about their business, paying bills, and raising their families.

That support is not likely to be going away any time soon, despite the increasingly aggressive attempts by the far left to silence any and all opposition to their own narrow version of American and the world.


D.C. Whispers Report On Republican Delay Of Trump Agenda Confirmed In Real Time

48-hours earlier, D.C. Whispers went live with the following headline:

Ryan Works With Pelosi & Schumer To Stall Trump Economic Recovery

Some (foolishly) doubted the story’s legitimacy. Today, Drudge went with this related headline:


Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., fields questions from an audience at the Tower Theatre in Roseville, Calif. on Feb. 4. He faced the rowdy crowd and had to be escorted by police as protesters followed him shouting "Shame on you!"

The Drudge story links to a just-published Politico Article outlining how fearful Republicans have become over the “repeal of Obamacare” backlash:

“…Also discussed at the closed-door conference meeting was how to engage Democratic constituents to ensure they feel they’re being heard. After Reichert (R-Wash.) spoke about the security side, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) stood up to talk about how to engage constituents in a “congenial” manner.

…The presentation was particularly important, those in attendance said, because it’s not just the most politically vulnerable, moderate members being targeted by protesters. Conservatives have also seen Democratic activists show up at events, including one recently hosted by Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), who ousted former Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Many of these lawmakers in safe districts have never dealt with such severe blowback.”

And here is the D.C. Whispers report which included very pertinent information on the very same subject made public 48-hours before the Politico piece:

“…The first evidence of this tactical delay on the part of Ryan to ensure nothing getting done remains the D.C. status-quo, is to declare almost all attention/energy/focus will be on dealing with “fixing” Obamacare.

Pay attention to the wording. Watch “repeal and replace” become secondary to “fixing.” Ryan intends to initiate a patch-work approach that will take up a great deal of legislative time, receive significant media attention,  but in the end, get little actually accomplished by of way of “repeal and replace.”  In the meantime, the delay in such critical components of the Trump economic recover plan – namely sweeping tax reform, will be further delayed.

In effect, Paul Ryan and his cadre of Establishment Republicans will do to Trump what they rarely appeared willing to do against Barack Obama – namely use the power of the legislature to contain a president’s agenda.”




WHOA! TWO YEARS AGO, Trump Predicted Tom Brady Super Bowl Win & Visit To Trump White House

Talk about an on-the-mark prediction that many would have discounted as complete folly at the time!

It was May of 2015 – a month BEFORE Donald Trump even announced his candidacy for POTUS and he was declaring that Tom Brady would win his fifth Super Bowl title and then be visiting Trump in the White House. Yesterday, Brady oversaw the single-greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, and he’ll be visiting President Trump in the White House soon.


Look At Mainstream Media’s List Of Lies After Just Two Weeks Of Trump Administration

If there was ever any doubt how unhinged the Mainstream Media has become in its desire to damage Donald Trump via one false news story after the other, this list makes that desire all too clear.

There has never been a time in the modern-era of American politics where the media has been so exposed and proven so corrupted by ideological bent. Fake News does in fact exist. It’s called the Mainstream Media.

Remember, this is merely a partial list of the false reporting that has taken place just two weeks into the Trump administration:

**NBC claims Trump is easing sanctions on Russia. Story is disseminated thousands of times. When Trump White House provides proof that agreement was actually initiated by the Obama administration, NBC released a hardly-seen retraction while other news agencies continue to promote the false story.

**The New York Times had a front-page story with a headline blaring how Homeland Security officials were “blindsided” by the Trump Executive Order that put a 90-day pause on immigration from seven designated nations known to harbor and promote terrorism. When Homeland Security officials call out the story as patently false, the media largely ignores that information.

**NBC, once again jumping the gun, runs with its own “security chaos” story linked to what the NYT had started on the same subject. NBC claims the Trump Department of Justice “had no input” on the immigration pause/ban executive order. The Trump White House then submits a memo proving notification had been given to the DOJ, who then APPROVED the immigration action days prior to the executive order being signed by President Trump.

The NBC story continues to be pushed, yet again, by other media outlets. As for the correct version? Almost completely ignored.

**Steve Clemons of The Atlantic tweets that the Trump White House forced the resignation of several Secret Service officials. This tweet is then re-tweeted thousands of times and reported on as fact by various news agencies. The Secret Service then calls out the story as “completely false” and indicates Mr. Clemons never actually contacted anyone from within the agency prior to making his claim.

**The Associated Press and CNN falsely claim Trump threatened to send U.S. troops into Mexico. The report was based on a phone call Trump had with Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto in which he noted how the Mexican military was having a difficult time dealing with the “bad hombres” in that country and that the U.S. military would be willing to possibly help. The Trump White House claimed the AP and CNN reports were untrue, and that the comment was lighthearted. Both news agencies did little follow-up to try and remedy the initial false reports.


HAT/TIP TO THE DAILY CALLER: Errors From The Press Are Piling Up In The Opening Weeks Of The Trump Administration


Trump’s Bloodless Coup Against America’s Enemies From Within.

Consider the names:

Flynn, Tillerson, Mattis, Sessions, Zinke, Kelly, Coats, Pompeo, Kushner, Bannon, Conway, Pence, and Priebus, among others.

And then  there is of course, President Donald Trump, the architect of this roiling team of male and female alpha personalities who, despite various superficial differences, share one very strong common thread – an unwavering belief that America must once again fight to protect its own so that it can again be powerful enough to do the same for the world.

And to do that, there is much house-cleaning to be done among the long-entrenched globalist factions that have come to dominate the rank and file of the U.S. government over the last few decades. Team Trump is doing a masterful job of exposing those factions, drawing them out, and quickly sending them packing.

Within the last week,  staffing has been gutted throughout various agencies, and either replaced with like-minded “America First” loyalists, or those positions are being left vacant – perhaps permanently. The ODNI is undergoing a considerable shake-down, and is currently relegated to second-tier status. Trump does not trust the entirety of the U.S. Intelligence monstrosity, having been informed multiple times that the nation’s enemies beyond have carefully over many years infiltrated the ODNI and its affiliate intelligence branches with a multitude of enemies from within. (and so far unreported by the Mainstream Media is the administration’s ongoing intelligence blackout against the United Nations. Trump and his inner circle hold little respect and even less trust for the monolithic globalist institution.)

And so arrives the much-publicized temporary immigration ban placed upon seven countries with long histories of promoting terrorist activity. On the surface, this ban appears to be merely another campaign promise being kept by President Trump. Behind the scenes, though, far away from the predictably frantic cries of the media elites, (so many of which are now financially beholden to foreign/anti-American interests outside the United States) this single executive order is helping to shine a light upon those within our government who are now opposing such a fair-minded use of protect-America-first authority.

With a single stroke of his pen, President Trump is using his executive authority to vet personnel within multiple government agencies. Certainly many  in the State Department have already been exposed and are now vacating en masse like cockroaches suddenly bathed in light. What would have been logistically impossible in four or even eight years on a case-by-case basis is being done successfully in a matter of weeks from Mr. Trump’s newly arrived place inside the Oval Office.

This is a bloodless coup being attempted by the first true political outsider to have ever been elected to this nation’s highest office. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a small army of loyalists devoted to restoring the hope and prosperity of America to its rightful owners – the American people. The President is absorbing wave after wave of anti-America media backlash and pushing forward, each new order another beam of light being shined into the darkest corners of a diseased government infested by a malignant contagion determined to eventually kill its host.

This week’s Supreme Court nominee will be one of many similar gestures intended to restore order to chaos, and government to its people. Many more are to follow, and the cries of opposition will grow louder and more unstable as the war within the war, rages.

In doing so, Mr. Trump risks everything.

The difference between success and failure is precarious at best.

And while failure is not an option, it might very well be this endeavor’s most probable outcome.