Two Democrats were just sworn in to the Senate this week: Doug Jones of Alabama and Tina Smith of Minnesota.

One man waits in the wings to do the same – former GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

The Trump White House is likely watching the Senate developments very closely as they could prove pivotal to ongoing attempts to destroy the Trump presidency.

Smith is simply a side move for Democrats, but Jones is a big gain. He is the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the Senate in a generation. It is believed both Smith and Jones support the “Impeach Trump” movement that continues to fester throughout Congress.

Which brings us to Mr. Romney. The animosity between Romney and Trump is well documented. On Romney’s side some have suggested it borders on outright contempt toward Donald Trump. If Mitt Romney were to become a member of the Senate, he too would likely represent a yes vote on Trump impeachment.

Far-fetched you say? Such a vote would never get past Republicans in the House, you say?

Who is the current Speaker of the House? Paul Ryan. Yes, the same Paul Ryan who also shares a deep dislike for the President and who also remains very close to a certain former running mate:

And don’t forget the shock to the political system to see a Democrat recently win in Alabama. Should anyone be so confident to assume Republicans will keep the House after 2018? At the very least the Republican majority will be slashed as more and more anti-Trump voices are added to Congress.

Please don’t doubt for a second the “Destroy Trump” wheels are no longer in motion. The anti-Trump forces don’t actually need to impeach the President, they merely need to make it appear the vast majority of the country demands impeachment – a move which will be weaponized both during the 2018 Midterms and the 2020 Election.

POTUS Trump’s time in the White House remains a very precarious thing. No other U.S. president of the modern era has come close to risking so much to help so many while facing such frighteningly powerful opposition.


Obama Advocated Muslim Tyranny In Iran. Trump Now Works To Free Iran.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama did everything possible as President to further strengthen Iran’s Muslim dictatorship. He gave them billions of dollars, refused to call out decades of human rights violations, including those against women, minorities, and homosexuals, allowed U.S. citizens to be put to death, allowed U.S. soldiers to be humiliated by Iranian military, the sad list of pro-Iranian posturing by Mr. Obama is shocking when one looks at it in its entirety.

America has a new President, though. A far different one. Donald Trump openly shares his disdain for the militant Iranian regime that would see women put to death for speaking their mind. (And knowing that, how in the name of God can any American liberal support Iran? It truly boggles the mind. And yet, many are doing just that apparently out of spite against Donald Trump. That is akin to someone supporting Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s because they didn’t like FDR.)

Trump has rightfully taken eight very weird years of Obama support for Iran and thrown it into the trash. As Iranian youth rise up to protest their oppressive government, Donald Trump is doing what Obama never did – he’s openly supporting their cause:

Now consider this – President Trump is voicing his support for those trying to overthrow a brutal dictatorship in Iran where woman are second-class citizens and minorities and homosexuals live in constant fear of death – and for that some among the Establishment Media are criticizing him.

And yet, when then-President Obama repeatedly encouraged those who rioted across this country calling for an end to America as we know it, this same media applauded. Even when police officers were being slaughtered by some of these anti-American “activists” Mr. Obama and the media continued to claim these “brave” rioters were doing “good work.”

The same president and media supported a brutal Muslim dictatorship (that also armed terrorists who killed thousands of U.S. soldiers) while supporting those who want to destroy America. That bizarre contradiction pretty much sums up the eight years of the Obama presidency.

Let’s hope the people of Iran finally get a chance to know freedom. All human beings deserve such opportunity. How refreshing to now have a U.S. president who feels the same way.


How Trump Is Forcing Democrats To Agree To New Border Wall & End To Immigration Lottery System


With a single tweet, (that is already well on its way to generating 100k+ likes) Donald Trump has forcefully pushed Democrats into a corner and likely secured a full victory for plans for a new wall on the nation’s southern border.

What Mr. Trump has done is use one of the Democrats’ most sacred political cows – DACA, and used it as leverage to secure full funding and move-ahead-construction, of the proposed border wall. POTUS also threw in the end to the “ridiculous” immigration lottery system that many fear has already allowed dangerous terrorists to enter the country.

Open borders has been among the globalists greatest weapons to bring about the weakening and eventual downfall of America as we know it. Donald Trump is the first politician in a generation to so forcefully fight back against that plan. Every citizen of this country already owes him a considerable debt of gratitude.


Unemployment At Historic Lows. Jobs Created. Consumer Confidence Soaring…Yet Liberal Elites Declare 2017 A Failure??!!

Terminal madness. That is the only thing to explain the right is wrong, up is down, good is bad, mindset of America’s liberal elite who are at this very moment attempting to paint 2017 as a near-apocalyptic failure. From CNN to the New York Times, the hyperbole is on overdrive even as everyday Americans celebrate one of the best years to come around in quite some time.

Check it out:

**HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars have poured into private citizen retirement accounts across America due to a soaring stock market and continued positive outlook from businesses both great and small.

**Unemployment is at historic lows – currently at just 4%.

**Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high, eclipsing the highly divisive presidencies of Establishment darlings, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

**GDP is over 3% for multiple quarters – and climbing – numbers not seen during the entirety of the economic desert of the Obama years.

**Illegal immigration dropped by 50% in 2017 – unprecedented!

**For every new federal regulation enacted in 2017, sixteen were eliminated. Not even Ronald Reagan was able to boast that kind of deregulation success!

**BILLIONS worth in new America-First trade agreements that will equal even more jobs here at home.

**A tax cut bill passed that will put thousands more dollars into the pockets of Middle Class families and further help to re-energize Great Again American economy.

Does any of the above resemble failure in any way? NO.

2017 was one of the most remarkably pro-American years of White House accomplishment in generations. Mr. Trump managed to do so with little help from Congress and a 24/7 media war machine working against him.

Makes one even more hopeful for what 2018 might have in store…



The Ongoing Federal Investigation Into Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama That The Media Continues To Ignore…

Robert Mueller continues to undergo a fake investigation into fake allegations of collusion between the then-Trump campaign and the Russian government. After 18 months no such evidence has come forward to substantiate the claims by the far left. In fact, the only real evidence of collusion appears to be that of the Obama FBI attempting to interfere in the 2016 election.

Ah, but quietly marching alongside the Mueller investigation is an equally far-reaching (and much more legitimate) investigation into how the Obama government handled the Clinton email investigation. It has been this investigation which is now countering the falsehoods of the Trump-Russia narrative and is acting as a truthful counterbalance to the Mueller-led anti-Trump Deep State operation – which is why the Establishment Media has been largely ignoring it.


WASHINGTON — In early January, news that the Justice Department’s inspector general launched an investigation into the government’s disputed handling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry was quickly overtaken by the chaotic run-up to President Trump’s inauguration.
Nearly a year later, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s wide-ranging review of the FBI and Justice’s work in the politically-charged Clinton case now looms as a potential landmine for Russia special counsel Robert Mueller.

…none of this is good for Mueller or his reputation for fairness,” Swecker said. “Who knows what else the IG (inspector general) has.”
Mounting questions about the FBI’s continuing credibility – including Trump’s jab that the bureau’s reputation was in “tatters” – have landed hard at the agency. The FBI was sent reeling in May when Trump abruptly dismissed Comey for his handling of the Russia inquiry.”



PROOF: Illegal Immigrants Commit Far More Crime Than Legal Citizens In America (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

The U.S. government never released illegal immigrant crime data – until now. And guess what? The real numbers are shockingly bad. For years the far left globalists have been claiming illegal immigrants are hard-working, upstanding people. THAT WAS A LIE. Illegal immigrants account for 22% of all murders, 18% of all fraud, 33% of all money-laundering, 29% of all drug trafficking, and 72% of all drug possession charges in this country. 

America does and should welcome all LEGAL immigrants from every corner of the earth, regardless of race and/or religion. Illegal immigration is a plague upon society that harms everyone. It must be viewed as such and policies initiated and enforced to minimize its devastating impact. POTUS Trump is attempting to do so. The real statistics indicate he has been 100% right to do so. Not racist. Not alarmist. Not ignorant – but right.  We can and must do better to remedy the scourge that is illegal immigration. For those you know who might disagree, like and share the following video.

There is only one way to win out over mass ignorance – INTRODUCE IT TO THE TRUTH:


Robert Mueller Caught Violating Constituational Rights Of Trump White House

Is it a big deal that Special Counsel Robert Mueller illegally took possession of thousands of Trump transition team emails? YES. In what is a clear example of an investigation run amok, Mr. Mueller oversaw an illegal search and seizure of email documents that is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. 

How ironic that the most glaring illegal act of this eighteen-month investigation has been committed by the investigation itself.

Read the following excerpt from

What happened: Axios reported yesterday afternoon that officials of Trump’s Presidential Transition Team, his office for the 73 days between the election and the inauguration, discovered that Mueller had obtained huge caches of emails from the General Services Administration, the government agency that hosted the transition’s “” emails.
What’s at stake: We’re told that the fight involves emails from the accounts of 12 officials, including members of the political leadership and foreign-policy team. One of the accounts alone includes 7,000 emails.
Trump officials discovered Mueller had the emails when his prosecutors used them as the basis for questions to witnesses, the sources said.
Why it matters: The transition emails are said to include sensitive exchanges on matters such as potential appointments, gossip about the views of particular senators involved in the confirmation process, speculation about vulnerabilities of Trump nominees, strategizing about press statements, and policy planning on everything from war to taxes.
“Mueller is using the emails to confirm things, and get new leads,” a transition source told me.


In short, Mueller has been unable to find anything to confirm, even remotely, there was any collusion by Team Trump with Russia, or obstruction of justice by the Trump White House, so made an illegal grab of tens of thousands of documents in the hope of finding something, anything, to pin on the Trump White House.

The current violation is enough that even Establishment Republicans are admitting Mueller has gone too far. Of course, Democrats and the Mainstream Media would love for Mueller to be fired in order to then paint Trump in Nixonian colors – regardless of whether or not the firing was fully justified.

Some are even suggesting Mueller is purposely crossing the boundaries of his authority so that he will be fired prior to the 2018 Midterms so that firing can be used as political ammunition against POTUS Trump and the Republicans.



MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA! Trump Tax Cuts, Smackdown Of Obamacare Mandate, and Rebuke Of Climate Change As “National Security Risk”

WOW!!! POTUS Trump is set to deliver a series of crushing blows to some sacred globalist cows in a pre-Christmas flurry of activity the likes of which America has not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

**TAX CUTS AND MORE TAX CUTS: House and Senate Republicans are poised to send a tax cut/reform bill to POTUS that will reduce rates across the board, including corporate taxes, while also increasing the child tax credit and standard deduction. While not a perfect plan, most Americans will see a net benefit and the impact upon the economy overall is expected to be positive – potentially very positive which in turn will mean more JOBS-JOBS-JOBS.

**ENDS OBAMACARE TAX PENALTY FOR THOSE NOT BUYING INSURANCE: This is being viewed as a “masterful” move by the Trump White House that has the far left now enraged. By taking the boot of the federal government off the necks of Americans who didn’t want to be forced into the Obamacare one size fits all healthcare slaughterhouse, many now believe the already-collapsing Obamacare will fail even more quickly and a new and more financially responsible approach to meeting the nation’s healthcare needs, can be accomplished.

**REMOVES CLIMATE CHANGE AS A “NATIONAL SECURITY RISK”: This is a direct slap at the often ludicrous self-promoting legacy of the Obama years that had military pencil pushers focused more on the weather than on real threats to national security like ISIS and an increasingly volatile Middle East, North Korea, etc. An added bonus to this move is the opening up of new energy resources in Alaska – it’s a one-two punch that has globalists reeling.

Donald Trump and his millions of supporters are set to have a very-very Merry Christmas…


REPORT: “TRUMP Will NOT Go Quietly”

Patrick J. Buchanan has a deep understanding of American politics – particularly its populist roots. He was in the room when Richard Nixon resigned. He was there for Ronald Reagan’s ascent to the White House less than ten years later. He warned a nation of the Bush family’s neoconservative globalist bent. He warned us again of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hunger for money and power, and of Barack Obama’s One Government To Rule Them All ideology.

And now Mr. Buchanan, in the sunset of his years, is warning the D.C. elite that Donald Trump is a far different phenomena than anything they have experienced before. Where others would buckle, bend, and even break, Trump somehow seems to take further strength from ongoing challenge. He is the living political embodiment of the song made most famous by Frank Sinatra – he eats it up and spits it out, faces it all, stands tall, and does it Trump’s way. 



…Trump is not Nixon, who, like Charles I, accepted his fate and let the executioner’s sword fall with dignity. 

If Trump goes, one imagines, he will not go quietly. 

In the words of the great Jerry Lee Lewis, “there’s gonna be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on.”   

-Patrick J. Buchanan


REPORT: It Was The FBI That Illegally Meddled In The 2016 Election NOT Russia (MUST READ)

The last eighteen months of the “Trump/Russia Collusion” operation has been one of the greatest political hoaxes of our time – and potentially one of the most dangerous to both national and personal security, as well. 

So says a just-released report from IBD. Check it out:


…The text messages sent between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which became public on Wednesday, provide a rare and illuminating window into just how rabidly partisan putatively nonpartisan law enforcement officials can be.
In the exchanges, they called Trump an “idiot,” a “loathsome human,” an “enormous do-che,” and said “this man cannot be president.

…When Hillary accepted the party’s nomination in July, Strzok texted “Congrats on a woman nominated for President in a major party! About damn time!” During one of the presidential debates, he texted: “Oh hot damn. HRC is throwing down saying Trump in bed with Russia.” In one of Page’s texts, she said Hillary “just has to win now.”

(It should be noted the “just need to win” reference sounds very much like a high-level operative admitting they have purposely set up the 2016 Election for the candidate of their choosing, not the American people. Classic Deep State arrogance right there.)

…On their own, these texts might not be a big deal, even if the two are career government employees. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
But Strzok and Page weren’t just a couple of bureaucrats crunching numbers in a windowless office at the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
Strzok was a key player in the FBI’s investigation into whether Clinton had broken the law by using a private, unsecured email server to handle highly classified documents. He interviewed several of the people involved, including Clinton herself.

He was also the person who watered down the language in the statement used by Comey to exonerate Clinton, changing it from “gross negligence” to “extremely careless,” which as we noted in this space was critical to Comey’s claim that Clinton didn’t break any laws.

Remember, too, that when Strzok was busy airbrushing Clinton’s email crimes, he would have known that, had the FBI done the right thing and indicted her for putting national security at risk, it would have crushed her campaign, and helped elect the man Strzok clearly felt should never be president.
In other words, Strzok had motive, means and opportunity to sabotage that investigation.

…So did these FBI agents act on their fervent anti-Trump beliefs in ways that might have compromised the integrity of both investigations?
The text exchanges suggest they very well may have. Consider:

Strzok texted Page saying that while he wanted to believe “that there’s no way he gets elected” he was “afraid we can’t take that risk,” then added cryptically that “it’s like an insurance policy.” The text doesn’t make clear what the “it” was, but does suggest the topic was discussed with the deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe.

In August, Page told Strzok he should stay where he is because “you’re meant to protect the country from that menace,” meaning Trump. She then sent a link to a David Brooks column in The New York Times which argued that, with Trump, “There comes a time when neutrality and laying low become dishonorable. If you’re not in revolt, you’re in cahoots.” To which Strzok said “of course I’ll try to approach it that way … I can protect our country at many levels.”

Days after the election, Page texted to say she bought “All the President’s Men,” a book about Nixon’s demise from the Watergate scandal, because “I needed to brush up on Watergate.”
One of the texts also suggests that both knew they should be careful when discussing Clinton. In April 2016, Page texted “you say we text on that phone when we talk about Hillary because it can’t be traced.”

At the very least, these messages cast still more doubt on both the Clinton email and the Russia investigations, and lend more credence to claims that both were driven primarily by a desire by federal officials to protect Clinton’s election chances, and hurt Trump in any way possible.


The above is the Deep State partially exposed. The efforts to destroy Trump have been relentless for months and don’t doubt it doesn’t continue at the very highest levels of this Deep State government.

We are at war.


What Does The Roy Moore Loss In Alabama Mean For Donald Trump?

If you are a Trump supporter don’t allow yourself to think for a second Roy Moore’s defeat to a Democrat opponent in Alabama is an isolated one-off result.

It’s not. 

D.C. Whispers provided readers with a real-time election night update that began with a rather surprising vote of confidence from the always-good Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft who declared his sources were very optimistic of a Moore victory. During our own real-time updates the actual on-the-ground sources painted a far different picture. It was to be a tight race with momentum shifting in Democrat Doug Jones’s favor. Jones over-performed by a wide margin in counties Donald Trump easily carried in 2016 and that was the difference.

What this means for Donald Trump in the short-term is this – the National Media will use Moore’s loss as evidence the nation is turning against the Trump agenda. This will then be followed up with something far more serious the beginnings of which are already under way as reported here first at D.C. Whispers:

Roy Moore was defeated under the weight of sexual misconduct scandal over alleged incidents that took place decades ago. Moore was a national test-case. Now that same treatment is to be turned against Donald Trump ten-fold. Team Trump already knows this of course, and is bracing for impact – but what an impact it will likely be. Even a president with the resiliency of a Donald Trump will find himself stunned by what is to come.

Republicans abandoned Roy Moore in Alabama due to unproven allegations. The media and political establishments are now preparing to have the same thing happen to Donald Trump.

Trump supporters will largely say for now there is no way that will happen even as the establishment licks its collective chops and whispers, “…wait and see.”

There is now one more vote for impeachment of Trump coming into the U.S. Senate. The make-up of the House might very well shift dramatically after the 2018 Midterms.

There’s trouble brewing for all who voted for and continue to support Donald Trump. If he is to emerge from the upcoming war, he will need all of you fighting alongside him.

His enemies are confident enough of you won’t.

We shall see.


BREAKING: Republican-Led Senate Poised To Investigate POTUS Trump Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In a betrayal that is on par with the final visit of Julius Caesar to the Roman Senate, the U.S. Senate now controlled by Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is said to be “seriously considering” a full-scale senate investigation into old allegations of sexual misconduct that were levelled against Donald Trump. This move would be the next critical step of an orchestrated plan first reported here earlier by D.C. Whispers that involves the Deep State, Republican and Democrat leaders, and high-profile media figures.

And for those who doubt the possibility, check out this just-now breaking headline via RealClearPolitics:

Sen. Gillibrand: President Trump Should “Immediately Resign” Over Sex Abuse Claims

Gillibrand is an influential senator from New York – Mr. Trump’s home state. She is joined at the hip with her New York counterpart – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Her comments came at almost exactly the same time as Trump White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was being asked this high-profile question today from NPR reporter April Ryan:

“Will President Trump address the nation on sexual abuse allegations?” 

The above comes less than 24-hours after Mitch McConnell is alleged to have leaked to the media his “horrified” reaction to POTUS Trump’s support of Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. McConnell-linked GOP operatives are rumored to still be working very hard to defeat Moore in favor of his Democrat opponent thus securing another vote to investigate and possibly impeach Donald Trump in the coming months. Watch for House Speaker Paul Ryan to potentially signal his support of the attempted Trump “sexual abuse” investigation plan in the coming hours/days even as Trump White House representatives now scramble to block the betrayal from the Republican leadership.



ALERT! The “TRUMP SHOULD RESIGN” Over Sexual Harrassment Claims Movement Is Gaining Momentum

The millions of Donald Trump supporters would do well to pay close attention to what is going on in Congress and the Establishment Media concerning the attempts by some to weaponize the multiple sexual misconduct scandals permeating Congress and the entertainment industry against POTUS Trump. No fewer than three U.S. Senators are now openly calling for Mr. Trump to resign. These calls were bolstered by a now widely-cited (and likely bogus/slanted) poll conducted by Quinnipiac University that found 70% of respondents wanted Congress to investigate the president over sexual harassment claims against him.

“The president should resign because he certainly has a track record with more than 17 women of horrific conduct.” That demand came from Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley who was following the leads of fellow senators Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker who made the same demand that Mr. Trump should resign the presidency. These three democrats were somewhat joined by Mr. Trump’s own U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley who indicated all women’s claims should be heard – even those that point to the President’s own possible wrongdoing. That is the headline that is now getting wall-to-wall coverage via the media.

These public demands and a single poll are not enough to push this “get rid of Trump” agenda to actionable action – YET. But more is coming. Last week D.C. Whispers warned this plan was about to be launched. 72-hours later and we are now inundated with evidence of just how accurate that warning was.

A bigger blast from the anti-Trump cabal is set to be unleashed soon. The President’s enemies have grown desperate. That makes them that much more dangerous.



MAGA!!!! Trump Era Ushers In Lowest Hispanic Unemployment Rate EVER In America

Hispanics/Latinos suffered terribly under the eight years of Barack Obama. After less than two years of POTUS Trump Hispanics in the United States are thriving with the lowest recorded unemployment rate EVER. Kind of puts a damper on all the fake “Trump is racist” crap spouted by the mindless liberal drones, doesn’t it?



THIS is the primary reason Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers  are stepping down. Party leaders didn’t care so much about either lawmakers doing the right thing but rather saw it as an opportunity to use them as examples for what they now want President Trump to do – namely resign due to unproven sexual misconduct allegations.

Here is a near-death-looking Senator Bernie Sanders making that very claim – one that the Establishment Media has been preparing to roll out in earnest over the last 48-hours as they attempt to deflect and then weaponized the sexual misconduct allegations now falling down upon THEIR political party:


OBAMA: “Those Jobs Aren’t Coming Back.” TRUMP: “Hold My Beer.”

Toward the final months of his presidency Barack Obama infamously said the following regarding jobs that had left America – including millions during his eights years as President:

“…some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back.”

And when commenting on then-candidate Donald Trump’s promise to bring jobs back, Mr. Obama said this:

“…Well, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?”

No magic want was needed by POTUS Trump. Just some common sense, a basic understanding of economics (remember, Barack Obama never created a private sector job in his life and is the son of a devoted communist) and the determination to believe America can be better and stronger than ever – all of which has led to THIS: (see below)

As one Trump supporter put it to Barack Obama’s “magic wand” slight – “AbraKadabra Motherf*cker”



Uh, Why Are Liberals Going Nuts Over Trump Declaring Jerusalem The Capital of Israel? Hillary Clinton Declared The Exact Same Thing!

The media is in a lather today over Donald Trump keeping yet another campaign promise and declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Chicken Little pundits are breathlessly warning of “instability” in the Middle East, (never realized it had ever been considered stable) and “offending” our allies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. (Yeah…OK)

Meanwhile, a little trip in the not-so-way-back time machine shows Hillary Clinton proudly and loudly declaring her intent on supporting Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. She was applauded for her stance then, but Donald Trump is vilified for making the exact same pledge now? The fact is, U.S. presidents have been promising to do this very thing for years. (with the exception of the anti-Jewish Barack Obama) The difference is Donald Trump actually did what he said he would. He seems to have a knack for that which clearly has the D.C. elite losing their minds.

Gee, it’s like these people don’t actually believe a d*mn thing they say…


Check Out Pics Of POTUS Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes That Have Open-Border Globalists Screaming, “NO FAIR!”


Donald Trump promised it. His supporters demanded it. And now, it appears on the verge of getting done as a series of 18 to 30-foot high border wall prototype finalists begin rounds of testing that will take place over the next two weeks. Democrats are crying foul as are their open border advocate counterparts – complaints Mr. Trump continues to largely ignore.

Here are some recently taken pics of those border wall prototypes. The Establishment Media doesn’t want Trump supporters to know this promise is being kept as well. That means it’s up to YOU to share and educate that POTUS Trump is working hard to do what he said he would do. The wall is getting built…