Stock Market Goes BIG On Trump’s America: Single Greatest Surge Since Reagan Era

Investors both great and small, including Middle Class America’s retirement accounts, are loving the beginning of the Trump administration. The Mainstream Media has said almost nothing regarding this fact as it continues to focus on far less important things regarding personalities, far-left Congressional rants, and disgruntled Big Government world leaders even as Mr. Trump’s popularity continues to expand across nearly all socio-economic sectors.

The “Trump Bump” is undeniably real. Detractors now claim it will never last – that a significant correction is on its way.

Whether or not that proves true is, at the moment, irrelevant as billions of dollars are now pouring into the U.S. economy at a rate not seen in generations as outlined via Bloomberg:

“…Investors are putting more money into equities. Traders have poured $45 billion into American stock ETFs and mutual funds in four months after yanking money in seven of the past nine years, data compiled by Investment Company Institute and Bloomberg show.”

During the anti-business Obama years, when American jobs were shipped overseas by the millions and real job growth remained stagnant even as the country’s debt nearly DOUBLED over that time, money was pulled out of the U.S. economy as investors watched, waited, and hoped change would come. These investors knew that the reality of Mainstreet was nothing like what was being sold by an Obama-adoring media. With debt skyrocketing, stagnant wages falling behind even slight inflationary growth, and inner cities descending into poverty-wrecked 3rd-World status, the reality of Obama’s America was grim. College students gave up on finding jobs and instead took to protesting for yet more years of free college. Young couples moved back into their parents’ homes. Companies downsized, restructured, and sent yet more jobs overseas.

The Obama years did nothing more than accelerate an American death spiral that Donald Trump’s “America First” policies now hope to reverse. The Stock Market is responding with historic levels of investment into the new president’s potential for success – success for ALL.