Trump U.N. Speech Puts World On Notice – AMERICA IS BACK.

Wow. Wow. And WOW! POTUS  Trump’s first speech to the United Nations put the world on notice. After eight long years of an American foreign policy predicated on apologizing for being America, Donald Trump let it be known America is no longer in the business of apologizing for itself.

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton described it as the finest moment so far of the Trump presidency and the most straightforward “put on notice” speech in the history of the United Nations. POTUS Trump made clear all options will be available to deal with North Korea. He was equally strong on the terrorist rogue nation of Iran while blasting the “embarrassment” that was the Obama-Iran nuke deal.

Trump then finished by decimating the entire premise of socialism while pointing to the ongoing disaster unfolding in Venezuela that literally has people starving in the streets.

No more half-measures and compromises on critical areas of right and wrong.



Check Out The Insidious Evil Of The United Nations’ “Replacement Migration” Plan

It’s spelled out as clearly as can be.

The decimation of the Western World via a global immigration plan.

screenshot of


You ever wonder why the odd and continually determined push/demand that developed nations take in MILLIONS of Muslim refugees?

It’s all laid out above.

The United Nations is orchestrating an invasion of the Western World and these people have been helping to coordinate it as it happens:

The most notable current world leader who has refused to go along with this UN-led invasion plan has been under constant attack the likes of which American politics has never seen: