Two AMAZING Trump Economy #s That Will Make Liberal Heads Boil…

Remember when all the economic media “experts” declared the world would end when Donald Trump was elected president? The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, were all pulling out their collective hair and warning of certain doom.

Well guess what? The exact opposite has happened despite President Trump getting almost no help from Congress (and a lot of opposition including a meddling Federal Reserve) a combination of common sense deregulation and tax reform has ushered in one of the strongest economic periods in American history. That’s not to say huge challenges don’t remain (debt) but does anyone actually think Hillary Clinton could have possibly done any better and not more likely a lot worse for the American worker? 

The resiliency of this Trump economy is truly something to behold and he should be commended for it, supported for it, and more and more of you should be ignoring the Establishment Media that continues to lie about it. Check out the amazing statistic shared by the president with all of you just this morning:

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REPORT: The Soros-Funded Mass Migration Of Illegals Into America Is Just About To Go Nuclear

The open-borders globalists want a confrontation the Establishment Media can then spin into an anti-border security frenzy. 

That confrontation is said to now be imminent. 

ABOVE: Media reports have suggested the movement of thousands of “asylum seekers” toward the U.S. southern border is comprised mostly of women and children.


It is a gathering dominated by young men – very similar to what has been taking place throughout Europe for the last decade as entire nations are being transformed/overrun by people who have no interest in assimilating but rather are there to colonize. Crime rates have skyrocketed and social services are at breaking points as “come on in” government policies have proved disastrous to the people paying for them.

The same is being attempted right now in the United States. President Trump poses a direct threat to those who would transform America’s socio-political landscape with millions of people who have no intention of ever identifying as American. The proposed border wall has become the symbolic battle between these two opposing forces.

It is said Soros-funded operations throughout Central America are largely responsible for this latest round of mass migration – an operation also alleged to have ties to the Obama Machine that continues to dominate D.C. – including the actions of the current Republican “leadership.”

President Trump continues to be isolated like the virus the D.C. establishment views him as. This same establishment wants a tragic confrontation to take place at the border. Whispers warn such a plan has been months-in-the-making and is about to be played out in real time.

Trump must tread very carefully in the coming days and weeks regarding the border security issue and not allow himself to be boxed into an issue that will pay big dividends for the globalists during the 2018 Midterms. This will be easier said than done as he fights to make our nation safer while also having to fight just as hard against the political-media globalist conglomerate that seeks to destroy him and his millions of supporters.