Obamas Ban Christmas During Yet Another Multi-Million Dollar Winter Vacation…

The taxpayer funded transportation costs alone are said to near eight million dollars as the Obamas fly off to spend Christmas time frolicking in the warm environment of Hawaii.

For a man who talks so often about the dangers of global warming, Barack Obama seems quite intent to spend his days where the sun shines more warmly.

Barack and Michelle Obama

It should also be noted that one of the alleged requirements of the First Couples’ multi-million dollar vacation rental is NO Christmas decorations, a requirement that has been in place the previous seven years they have flown from Washington D.C. to Hawaii during the winter months.

Often times Mrs. Obama prefers to fly by herself while the President takes Air Force One. The White House has never made clear why this is.

Once in Hawaii, the First Couple spend very little time together as Mr. Obama prefers the company of his old high school era friends and associates.

When it comes to spending time in Hawaii, it appears for Barack Obama it is primarily a boys affair…


Megyn Kelly Announces Sudden “Vacation” From Fox News Program

With word her show took a ratings hit following a debate moderator performance many deemed blatantly abusive of GOP candidate Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly abruptly announced at the end of her program last night she was taking a “much needed” one-and-a-half week vacation from the show.

Did Fox News president Roger Ailes put her in a time out?

Within minutes of her announced vacation departure, Kelly received a flurry of social media commentary indicating many were pleased to see her leaving. Some urged her to extend her vacation until “the campaign is over.”

@megynkelly now you ask for feedback?Take a long vacation til the election is done.