Socialist Venezuela Collapses Into Starvation & Bloodshed – Media Ignores

It is a nation that was often pointed to by Hollywood and media elite as a socialist utopia. Actor Sean Penn embraced its former socialist dictator and the country’s “socialist revolution” which he hoped would spread across the globe.  Filmmaker Michael Moore gushed over the lie that Venezuela provided free healthcare and education to the poor. (These were official publicly declared policies by the dictator regime – the reality was far different but Mr. Moore was either too ignorant and simply ignored that reality.) And now, bloodshed is rampant as people are starving, homeless, and increasingly hopeless.

Socialism kills. It always has. It always will.

Longer and longer food lines in Venezuela has led to the recent and bloody violence depicted below:

What has Sean Penn, Michael Moore, or the Mainstream Media said about the violent hardships now gripping the Venezuelan people? NOTHING. A recent Lifezette report put it this way:

Study finds ABC, CBS, NBC barely cover left-wing catastrophe, avoid word ‘socialism’

Out of approximately 50,000 total evening news stories on ABC, CBS and NBC combined in the last four years, just 25 have covered the ongoing crisis in socialist Venezuela, according to a Media Research Center study published Tuesday.

…“The network evening news programs seem allergic to reporting on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela,” Ciandella told LifeZette in an email. “Even worse, the few times they have managed to cover the widespread poverty, starvation and government oppression in that country, they somehow find ways to do that without mentioning the word ‘socialism.’”

Millions of people are suffering but America’s Mainstream Media doesn’t care because honest coverage of that crisis requires having to report on the threat that is socialism. These elite have never cared for the working class. They see a nation’s population as pawns meant to be manipulated and controlled via lies and perception. There is no honest reporting. It is all predetermined manipulation.

Venezuela is dying and the American media doesn’t care because to actually care would force them to admit to the American people that they’ve been lying to them all along.


Socialism Kills. Just Ask Venezuela…

Bernie Sanders is a longtime member of the U.S. Senate – and a devoted socialist.

That itself is a rather frightening reality.

More frightening though, is that Socialist Sanders has amassed millions of devoted supporters throughout the country, primarily younger voters who appear to have little to no understanding that socialism and its even more frightening cousin, communism, have willfully killed more human beings than any other form of government in human history.

food line-venezuela

The above photo is a food line in Venezuela, a nation whose people are now literally starving in the streets because of a socialist regime that has taken from many to give to just a select government-approved few.

Recent reports indicate people have taken to hunting cats, dogs, and pigeons for food.

The American Mainstream Media has said almost nothing about the plight of Venezuela, the most recent example of socialism gone wrong – socialism that our current President, Barack Obama, has long advocated for. Not so long ago, Venezuela was considered the beacon of healthcare throughout South America. Then the system collapsed and the nearly the entirety of the nation’s economy went right along with it.

The result?

People waiting hours in line for food that may or may not be doled out to them by government officials and if that fails, seeking out pets and pigeons to eat.

And how many times has a member of the American media pressed Bernie Sanders on the horrors taking place in Venezuela? The very same Bernie Sanders who actually advocated FOR the concept of food lines?


The above is so frighteningly ignorant and in a different version of America, such ignorance would never have been afforded the opportunity to be a United States Senator. 

That more common-sense America has been so diminished now, though, that such ignorance is allowed to be considered a serious candidate for President of the United States – a man who is opposed to everything America’s founding was based upon – namely individual freedom and self-determination.

There was a time in America when men ate half-men like Bernie Sanders for lunch.

Now it’s Bernie who would have that far tougher and confident version of America eating dogs, cats, and pigeons and thanking him for it.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

-Thomas Jefferson