CAUGHT! Democrat Operatives Discuss How To Steal Election Via Voter Fraud

James O’Keefe releases yet more damning video on how the Democrat Party machine goes about fixing elections via massive voter fraud.

Remember, these are Democrat operatives, in their own words, caught on tape detailing how they go about stealing OUR elections via mass voter fraud, and how they plan to steal this one as well:

How many MILLIONS of votes across the country are the direct result of fraud? How many elections have been tipped to favor those perpetrating this fraud?

Donald Trump has been warning for months that the “…system is rigged.”

The above video makes clear just how right Mr. Trump is.


Elections Expert: Criminal Activity Being Covered Up By Media & Obama Administration



Anti-Trump Reporter Michelle Fields Resigns Amidst Firing Rumors…

Michelle Fields cried wolf – again.

So went a myriad of headlines as she made repeated claims on Friday and Saturday to a friendly and equally anti-Trump media, sharing claims of how she had been manhandled by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski which she claimed resulted in light bruising on her left forearm. 

And then on Sunday, Ms. Field’s story abruptly fell apart.

A new video emerged clearly showing nothing like Michelle Field’s described to other media, and put down in what appears to have been a false police report, actually took place.

For 48-hours, Michelle Fields was telling her “story” to any media outlet willing to listen, and there were many. Coincidentally, on Sunday after the most recent video was released, Fields went silent.

Perhaps her lawyer informed her that would be a very good idea.

Rumors began to spread of her imminent firing from the Breitbart news organization which at the time, employed her. Than late Sunday, the story broke of her sudden resignation from Breitbart along with Breitbart editor, Ben Shapiro. Some are certain the resignations were actually Fields’ and Shapiros’ attempts to get out in front of what was their imminent termination over the “GrabGate” scandal that appears to involve an anti-Trump reporter making false claims of assault and even proceeding to file a false police report. Fields has made similar such claims against the NYPD and former employees.

Apparently, it’s kind of her thing.

D.C. Whispers was among the very first alternative media to raise the alarm on the allegations against Corey Lewandowski. Interestingly, the Mainstream Media has yet to widely discuss the most recent video footage that is now available showing nothing actually happened between Lewndowski and Fields. It should also be noted that despite a myriad of people in the room at the time, only Fields and an anti-Trump Washington Post reporter made the claims of Fields being forcefully grabbed and “almost shoved to the ground” by Lewandowski.

The video will be posted here again for readers to review. As you do so, remember that Michelle Fields went on multiple news agencies and said this was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to her, detailing the encounter between herself and Corey Lewandowski as a violent and frightening altercation.

Watch the video and then judge for yourself the validity of that claim and then also demand the Mainstream Media show this video as well: