MAGA: Trump Makes $17 Billion America-First Deal With Vietnam

And it’s just the beginning.

Trump administration officials met with Vietnam government representatives and topic #1 was the growing trade imbalance between the two nations. With President Trump’s “America First” priority, Vietnam knew it could no longer enjoy such a trade surplus with the United States.  So, a deal was struck, one of what will likely be several more to come.

The initial result is a $17 billion dollar agreement from the Vietnam government to import American-made goods and services and that means jobs-jobs-jobs here in the United States.

Via Reuters:

Vietnam to sign deals for up to $17 billion in U.S. goods, services: prime minister

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said on Tuesday he would sign deals for U.S. goods and services worth $15 billion to $17 billion during his visit to Washington, D.C., mainly for high technology products and for services.

“Vietnam will increase the import of high technologies and services from the United States, and on the occasion of this visit, many important deals will be made,” Phuc told a U.S. Chamber of Commerce dinner.

Phuc, who is due to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the end of a three-day visit to the United States, did not provide any further details of the transactions.


If There Is An Oppressive Nation In The World – Obama Embraces It

It is yet another confounding move by a president who speaks of freedom while at the very same time rewarding governments who continually seek to subjugate their citizens under some of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

This time it’s communist Vietnam.

ABOVE: Barack Obama earlier this year with communist Cuban dictator, Raul Castro.


Using yet another executive order, Barack Obama is lifting a decades-long ban on weapons sales to communist Vietnam, only the most recent gesture whereby a communist and/or oppressive regime is being directly rewarded by the Obama administration with seemingly nothing expected in return. (For example, the Iran nuke deal.)

And to those who might say Vietnam is now a friend of freedom, think again:

On the human rights front, Vietnam continues its long-standing pattern of major abuses directed against anyone criticizing the government, promoting democratic reforms or seeking religious freedom. This shows no signs of lessening, according to recent reports by the U.S. State Department, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Transparency International, Christian Aid, Global Witness, and other humanitarian organizations.  For the past 20 years, the U.S. government’s pipe dream that “constructive engagement” will bring about significant change in the communist regime’s human rights policies has not worked. According to HRW, “the human rights situation in Vietnam [has] deteriorated significantly, worsening a trend evident for several years.”  -American Thinker: 2015

Mr. Obama’s actions today in lifting the arms embargo appears to be a gesture that declares, “Well done!” to the oppressive communist regime.

And all the while, this same president demands that Americans give up their own 2nd Amendment gun rights.