LOL: Clueless Hillary Supporters Still Whining Over Historic Election Loss (VIDEO)

It was fake news. It was Russia. It was racist white people, (Huh? isn’t Hillary white?) It was everything and anything but the fact that Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate who was exposed as being detached, out of touch, arrogant, ignorant, and either too lazy, or too unhealthy, to wage a rigorous campaign for the highest office in the land.

What the above interview exposes is the inherent stupidity that plagues the interior of the modern-era Democrat Party. It has, over the course of the last decade, devolved into a fringe party that cries out with words like racism, discrimination, etc., nearly every time it doesn’t get its way, which these days, is quite often. The Democrat Party has not been this weak at the federal and state levels of government in nearly one hundred years.

That kind of decline doesn’t happen by accident. It is because its elitist party leaders are so enamored by the echo-chamber of the Mainstream Media and entertainment industry, that it thinks its often silly and/or extremist views are actually mainstream. Trump’s victory exposed that fallacy, so these out-of-touch-with-reality Democrats and their media cohorts are attempting to explain it all away by blaming Russia, fake news, white racists, etc.


Donald Trump ran the smarter, tougher, and far more energetic campaign. If you ask Hillary Clinton supporters what Hillary Clinton ran for, they struggle to form and answer because Mrs. Clinton primarily ran against Donald Trump, and for very little else beyond her own self-promotion as a woman.

Americans decided that wasn’t good enough, and Donald Trump won a near-landslide electoral victory because of it. Hillary Clinton’s America-last ideas came off as old and tired as she so often appeared whereas Donald Trump’s America-first approach ignited the imagination of millions of Americans from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences regardless of age, race, or gender.

He was the better candidate, and as such, America hopes he proves himself the better President as well.


Blue Collar Betrayal By BOTH Parties – Here’s Why American Workers Want Trump

Another horrific statistic that will once again be promptly swept beneath the Mainstream Media rug, came out today.

Nearly 30,000 manufacturing jobs were lost last month. 30,000 jobs, 30,000 lives altered, 30,000 families whose way of life vanished to some other worker in another country overseas. 

Those jobs were once considered the beating heart of America. If so, that heartbeat is nearly non-existent, and the patient is crashing before our very eyes…WE are crashing.

Nearly the entirety of Donald Trump’s adult life has been spent creating jobs for blue collar workers. Each building he has erected and/or refurbished, represents thousands of jobs in the construction industry. More than any other candidate running in 2016, Trump knows these people, understands these people, and cares about these people.

(He speaks like them too, which from time to time, gets him in trouble.)

Check out this quote from this morning via CNSNews regarding the manufacturing jobs lost just last month:

“Employment in manufacturing declined by 29,000 in March,” said the BLS’ monthly release on the national employment situation. “Most of the job losses occurred in durable goods industries (-24,000), including machinery (-7,000), primary metals (-3,000) and semiconductors and electronic components (-3,000).”

This manufacturing job loss has been going on for decades on the watch of Democrat and Republican administrations alike. In fact, the two administrations that have seen the greatest declines in American manufacturing are both named BUSH, the two Republican presidents of the modern era who most strongly embraced the concept of globalism. (Some of you might recall George HW Bush’s oft-repeated, “New World Order” references)

One of the primary components of that New World Order has been the decimation of the American manufacturing base – a foundation of the once-powerful American Middle Class.

High paying, lifetime-styled jobs are being replaced by lower wage and inconsistent service sector jobs. Jobs that allowed an individual to get married and provide for a family are becoming fewer and fewer and related to that is the lessening of the family unit and family values in the country.

It is a path of self-destruction absent self-sufficiency and thus, self-determination.

The media and some Democrat operatives have grumbled about the growing support Donald Trump appears to be generating among rank-and-file Blue Collar workers. Big Labor leaders have tried to assure the Clinton campaign those workers will “fall in line” when the time comes in November, but if Trump is the Republican nominee, that may not be the case. Those workers feel and affinity to Trump that has not existed since the time of Reagan, and Reagan enjoyed the support of millions of Blue Collar Democrats who ignored the demands of union leadership and voted Reagan for president, helping Reagan to two of the most lopsided Election Day victories in American political history.

Jobs = survival, and so when compared to other issues, jobs trump all else.






Some secrets are better left dead…


Trump Gaining Support Among ALL Voters

Not so long ago, Donald Trump’s Establishment detractors dismissed his front-runner status as merely the result of a relatively small but vocal group of disaffected, white male, Middle Class voters.

Not anymore.

More recent polling data shows the New York billionaire’s appeal cutting a wide swath through the electorate, from strongly conservative to lifelong  Democrats grown weary of a party that has lurched much farther left than they are comfortable with. ‘Trump Voters” represent men, women, and perhaps most surprisingly to those who desperately want him to go away, minority voters.

A just-published report via Politico included this particularly telling insight:

“Essentially, the old base of the Democratic Party, non-college whites in the Midwest and Appalachia, have been cut loose and are floating like an iceberg in the middle of the electorate,” said one Republican strategist supporting another presidential candidate. “And they’ve glommed onto the Republicans because it’s a two-party system. But they have no affection for the Republican Party as an institution.

As noted here before, it is the landslide recipe utilized by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s whereby millions of Democrats voted for a Republican candidate for president and became known as “Reagan Democrats.” It is what allowed Reagan to bypass the Establishment controls of his own party in 1980 and then force that party to follow his lead in 1984.

Donald Trump appears intent on following that very same example now in 2016, an effort that continues to confound his detractors within the GOP, the Mainstream Media, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. And while immigration, terrorism, economic concerns are certainly front and center among Trump supporters, the real estate mogul does best against his political rivals when the subject of “strong leadership” is posed to voters and it is that concept of leadership that might give Mr. Trump his broadest level of appeal to what such a broad spectrum of supporters.

It is also something which provides a particularly striking contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Though roughly the same age, Donald Trump is the far more dynamic and energetic candidate whereas Mrs. Clinton appears far older than her years:

And yet, Mrs. Clinton’s greatest ally in defeating Donald Trump might very well be the Republican Establishment she publicly claims to be ready to fight against:

“It’s one thing to have support from people in all these different groups,” said Mark Stephenson, a Republican data and analytics expert who was the chief data officer on Scott Walker’s presidential campaign. “It really is another thing to turn them into a Trump voter, or especially a Trump caucus-goer, on election night.”

It is a sentiment outlined here at D.C. Whispers weeks earlier – the belief that much of Donald Trump’s support won’t actually make it to the polls. (Ironically, that argument was also used against Barack Obama in 2008.)

So it will then be up to Trump voters to either prove the Establishment right – or to prove them wrong.

The first test comes in just three weeks with the Iowa Caucus.