Sure Hope THIS Isn’t Why Nancy Pelosi Is So Confident She’ll Be House Speaker Again…

Be very careful with these electronic voting booths. Make sure the vote you intended is the vote that’s recorded as this recent video makes clear:

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Watch Democrat Leader Call To Ban Birthright Citizenship (VIDEO)

There was a time when Democrat leaders were firmly opposed to illegal immigration. Union members were sick and tired of illegals taking their jobs. Below is a video of Harry Reid giving a full-throated rebuke of the country’s too passive immigration laws. He even goes so far as to suggest birthright citizenship is not a right but rather a privilege that is being abused and costing taxpayers dearly – the very same thing President Trump is saying today.

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So, what changed from then to now? The answer is simple. The Democrat Party aligned itself with globalist interests when they discovered illegal immigrants could be used to vote in elections across the country. In 2017 a True The Vote study suggested up to THREE MILLION illegals cast votes in the presidential election and now Democrats want MORE of those illegal votes, not less. It’s sad to see a once-proud Democrat Party has fallen so far from America’s core values and is now so willing to use illegals to further an anti-American globalist agenda. President Trump wants to protect American jobs, American values, and America’s border. Democrats are clearly intent on destroying all of those things.


Did You Know 140 Democrats In Congress Voted In Favor Of Allowing Foreigners To Tamper With U.S. Elections?

It’s true. Democrats have turned their backs on the American people in favor of non-citizens having the power to alter our elections. And as more and more Americans walk away from the Democrat Party Democrats are hoping to fill that vacuum with non-citizen support. Remember, these are the same people who pushed the fake Trump/Russia collusion hoax under the guise of ‘protecting our democracy.’ How does allowing illegals to vote protect democracy? The answer is clear. It doesn’t. And THAT is the Democrat platform in 2018.