Hundreds of Thousands of Walmart Workers Get Raises & Bonuses Because Of Trump Tax Cuts

Happy days have arrived for hundreds of thousands of Walmart workers who are seeing some much-needed post-holiday good cheer in the form of raises, $1000 dollar bonuses, and an expanded maternity/parental leave program – all thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

Via Bloomberg:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is boosting its starting hourly wage to $11 and delivering bonuses to employees, capitalizing on the U.S. tax overhaul to stay competitive in a tightening labor market.

The increase takes effect next month and will cost $300 million on top of annual wage hikes that were already planned, the world’s largest retailer said Thursday. The one-time bonus of up to $1,000 is based on seniority and will amount to an additional $400 million. The company is also expanding its maternity and parental leave policy and adding an adoption benefit.

THIS is the true free market in action – less government leads to far more competition and allows companies both great and small to reinvest in ways that make them more competitive which often leads to higher wages and benefits for workers.

It is now coming to be known as the Trump Way. When running for president, it was Donald Trump who was speaking directly to the American Working Class like no politician has done in generations. That is because unlike a typical politician, Donald Trump has spent a lifetime creating jobs. In a way, despite being a billionaire, he is himself a working class man. His entire life has been linked to the working class.

And for that, the Establishment media and political machines, despise him.

Not that Mr. Trump cares – the Trump Train rolls on…


NOTE: On the same day Walmart announced the above raises and benefits expansion, a number of Sam’s Club stores have closed. Word is these closings are part of a significant restructuring process with the hope that displaced Sam’s Club workers will be given job opportunities at various Walmart locations.