CAUGHT! WAPO Alters Headline In Yet More Fake News Manipulation…

The first headline had readers wondering why criminals/illegal immigrants were able to get taxpayer funded food stamps meant for actual citizens in need. So, the Washington Post quickly scrubbed that headline in favor of one that portrayed President Trump as the cause of the poor immigrant masses to go hungry. 


Even Far-Left Washington Post Poll Has Trump Beating Hillary…

The latest WAPO polling data has Donald Trump jumping ahead by two points over Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head 2016 presidential match-up. 

For Trump, it is an 11-point shift in just the last month alone.

“The more people see and hear of Hillary, the less they like her.”

That is now an all too common refrain as even Hillary supporters are conceding she has a significant likability problem with voters. Trump on the other hand, despite a continued barrage of negative media attention, appears to somehow bypass that media filter and is steadily building a base of support not seen in a GOP candidate since the days of Ronald Reagan.

If the Trump momentum trend continues, the New York billionaire is setting the stage for a landslide election victory come November – an outcome the Clinton Machine and its media cohorts will no doubt do everything in their power to halt.