The Art of the Deal Comes To Washington: Trump’s High-Energy Style Engages Lawmakers

Donald Trump is winning converts to his cause at a remarkable rate. Multiple meetings/sit-downs/social gatherings with D.C. lawmakers have those same lawmakers leaving with vastly improved impressions of the new president.

“He was on top of it. He was energetic.”

That description came from Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a critical vote in the upcoming Obamacare reform legislation. It is a common theme for those lawmakers getting to really meet Mr. Trump for the first time, or, for those lawmakers getting to know him better after a tough GOP primary battle.

Such was the case with a dinner President Trump and the First Lady had with former political rival, Senator Ted Cruz and Mrs. Cruz. Senator Cruz will be a valuable source of support among the small but influential conservative faction within the U.S. Senate that also includes Senator Rand Paul. President Trump and Senator Paul have become particularly supportive of one another of late with both men seeming to genuinely admire and respect the other.

It is a kind of presidential outreach that is vastly different from the hands-off legislative approach utilized by former President Obama, who rarely met with lawmakers. Where Trump is increasingly viewed as personable and engaged in the process, Obama remained distant and detached from the work of governing. He was happy to show up for a bill signing ceremony in front of the cameras, or to give prepared speeches on various subjects, but rarely rolled his sleeves up and did the hard work of actual negotiation.

Not so with Mr. Trump who seems even more energized at the prospect of D.C. negotiations. It is a work ethic that the Establishment Media continues to ignore in favor of stories of administration infighting and political conflict. The reality is that the Trump White House, like any transitional phase of a new administration, had some hiccups, but Mr. Trump himself remains focused on the job of Making America Great Again, and is putting in an astonishing amount of time working toward that end.


The Worst American City For Income Inequality Is…WASHINGTON D.C.

If anyone desires to see how great the disparity between the haves and the have nots in a place dominated by the most liberal politics in the nation, you need look no further than Washington D.C., home of the political elite and its cadre of lobbyists, media, media consultants – the place where the gap between rich and poor according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is by far the greatest.

It is the epitome of the Democratic Party’s utopia – a place where the rich and powerful reside behind protective barriers meant to separate them from the remainder of society that grovels at their feet begging for a few entitlement crumbs to fall their way…

The above image is Washington D.C. – just a few blocks from the White House. It is a city mired both in far-left policies that has decimated the general population and an indifferent political class that ignores the ongoing destruction taking place all about them.

It is the embodiment of socialism, attempted and failed time and time again throughout history where people become mindless slaves to their government masters, begging for the next handout while becoming increasingly unwilling to fight for a hand up thus ensuring the gap between rich and poor becomes greater and greater.

DC’s streets are rampant with homelessness, drug use, prostitution, and crime-related violence.

Whitehaven Clinton

This is just one of Hillary Clinton’s residences – a three million dollar mansion in Washington D.C.’s ultra-exclusive “Embassy Row” neighborhood – also known as “Millionaire’s Row.”

Seemingly world’s apart, the above photo is just a couple miles from Hillary Clinton’s “Millionaire’s Row” D.C. home.

Street violence is rampant just beyond the secured-for-the-elite borders of D.C.

Washington D.C./District of Columbia has elected its own mayor since 1975.

It has never had a Republican mayor. With that fact known, how is it a political party that time and again cries out against the gap between the rich and the poor has long dominated a city in which that gap has never been greater? In fact, that same economic disparity between rich and poor has never been greater throughout the United States than it has during the administration of Democrat President Barack Obama.

And now here comes Hillary Clinton embracing the very same far-left, government plantation principles that will not improve that economic disparity, but most assuredly make it worse. It is her intention to then view the damage of her work not from her Millionaire’s Row home in D.C., but from the White House itself.

When will longtime voters for the Democrat Party whose lives have only worsened each time they vote for a Democrat politician, finally open their eyes to the prison those votes have placed them into?

Maybe, just maybe, 2016 will be the election some of them prove themselves just a little smarter than the Democrats think them to be.

If you wish to remain in the ghetto and watch the political elite to continue to get richer, and the poor to continue to get poorer, then by all means, vote Democrat.

If you still have hope for something better, if you still wish to enjoy a bit more freedom and opportunity, then perhaps it’s time you change your vote to something different.

Free your mind, and the rest might just follow…