APPALLING: WAPO Columnist Caught On Tape Shouting ‘Death To America!’


A man walks buy the Washington Post building.

Hatred runs wild through the halls and offices of some of the most powerful media institutions in the world. This trend escalated greatly during the Barack Obama presidency when hostility against Israel became increasingly accepted and in some cases, openly promoted. Militant Islamic influence-peddlers were given prominent positions within such news agencies as the Washington Post. Proof of this alarming trend is now confirmed via the following report from Conservative Review:

Less than two months after he was given prominent op-ed space in the Washington Post, a video has surfaced of Houthi rebel leader Mohammad Ali al-Houthi launching a shoulder-fired missile and then reciting the Houthi slogan, which calls for “Death to America.”

The Washington Post contributor chants, “Allah is the greatest. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse the Jews. Victory to Islam.” He has also taken to his unverified but media– and think tank-cited Twitter account to repeat the infamous Houthi slogan.

In his Washington Post column, the Houthi radical claimed to want “peace for Yemen.”

“We love peace — the kind of honorable peace defended by our revolution’s leader, Abdulmalik al-Houthi. We are ready for peace, the peace of the brave. God willing, Yemenis will remain the callers of peace and lovers of peace,” al-Houthi wrote.

Of course, to al-Houthi, the road map to peace begins and ends with placing blame on all of the issues in Yemen squarely with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Nowhere in the piece did the Washington Post add a disclaimer or note the fact that the Houthis routinely commit war crimes.

The facts tell a story far removed from al-Houthi’s unchecked propaganda. The Houthis have become notorious for their ruthless behavior, which includes the systematic detention and torture of journalists and the forced recruitment of child soldiers. The UN’s World Food Program has recently alleged that the Houthis are to blame for stealing desperately needed aid meant for the people of Yemen, letting commanders like al-Houthi eat well while the group contributes to the ongoing famine and mass starvation inside the country.


President Trump is trying to end this dangerous dance with radical Islamic interests that currently plagues the Establishment Media in America where hating Trump, hating America, and hating Israel are seeming prerequisites for getting a job. 

That’s certainly one of the reasons they are so desperate to see his presidency destroyed.


REPORT: Slain Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Was Acting As Anti-American Foreign Agent For Terror Group

The implications are troubling to say the least given the direct link to a leading U.S. news organization—the Washington Post. According to a just-published Independent Sentinel report, deceased Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi was in fact an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood, the government of Qatar, and a friend to Osama Bin Laden. This information was and is widely known throughout various media agencies and yet has received almost no coverage. Instead, the Establishment Media has elevated Khashoggi to media martyr status and used his death to attack the Trump administration, once again ignoring truth in favor of politically biased, anti-American “reporting.” 

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Via Independent Sentinel:

Bombshell! WaPo’s Khashoggi Was a Propagandist for Terror-Tied Nation

The Washington Post admitted in an article that Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed in the Saudi embassy in Turkey, was writing propaganda for a Qatar-funded organization. Qatar is Saudi Arabia’s enemy. They’re no friends to the U.S. or Israel either.

Khashoggi was a foreign agent indoctrinating Americans. The purpose was to turn U.S. policy against Saudi Arabia and in favor of The Muslim Brotherhood.

The Post wrote on December 21:

“Text messages between Khashoggi and an executive at Qatar Foundation International show that the executive, Maggie Mitchell Salem, at times shaped the columns he submitted to The Washington Post, proposing topics, drafting material and prodding him to take a harder line against the Saudi government. Khashoggi also appears to have relied on a researcher and translator affiliated with the organization, which promotes Arabic-language education in the United States.”

…Keep in mind that The Washington Post martyred Khashoggi knowing he was Muslim Brotherhood and had been a friend of Osama bin Laden’s. The Post also knew of Khashoggi’s deep Qatar connections and are claiming they didn’t know he was an influencer for the nation, despite his constant anti-Saudi op-eds. He wrote anti-Trump pieces also.

…Khashoggi was never a journalist, but a highly-partisan operative. He worked with a handler to put out propaganda at the behest of the Emirate of Qatar.

The scale of the Khashoggi operation suggests it was STATE-SPONSORED with Qatar and Turkey benefitting from these attacks on Saudi Arabia.


Here is where the D.C. power brokers get uncomfortable because it was the Obama administration that so aggressively embraced the Muslim Brotherhood terror group. The evidence of that relationship are undeniable and yet throughout Mr. Obama’s eight years in the White House, was again something the media ignored.

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Now we know why – the Muslim Brotherhood has been directly influencing the American news media with operatives like Jamal Khashoggi. Take that scenario a step further. How many tens of millions of dollars is the Muslim Brotherhood and nations like Qatar spending on media advertising? Would that explain the U.S. media’s refusal to engage in accurate reporting which would reveal the increasingly dangerous influence of an anti-American agent like the Brotherhood that now moves so easily among our political and media elites? (As an aside, it should be noted China does the same influence-peddling to the tune of even more dollars than the Brotherhood. Ever wonder why the media was so quick to scream “Russia-Russia-Russia” when it came to influencing U.S. elections when in fact China has been hacking/buying up political influence since the days of the Clinton White House all while stealing TRILLIONS of dollars in American technology/innovation? There’s your reason.)

The above facts in no way celebrate the brutal death of Jamal Khashoggi but it should also be noted that Mr. Khashoggi was no innocent himself. He appears to have been aligned with some very dangerous anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Western Europe figures for much of his adult life – including Obama Bin Laden. Only when Bin Laden’s increasing extremism openly cost thousands of American lives during the 9-11 attacks did Khashoggi publicly distance himself – while allegedly remaining devoted to the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamic fundamentalist expansion goals across the Middle East and the world. It was that Muslim Brotherhood connection that is said to have been the primary catalyst for Khashoggi’s murder. The Brotherhood, which controls much of the Qatar and Turkish governments, has called for the overthrow of the current Saudi government. It also remains strongly anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian, among many other things it opposes on religious grounds.

That is who Jamal Khashoggi was. It remains a shameful act by the U.S. media to continue hiding Mr. Khoshoggi’s troubling connections to powerful forces that ultimately want to see the destruction of Western Civilization.


Washington Post Headline: Democrats May Have Won The House But Trump Won The Election

A rare moment of political truth coming from the Washington Post this morning. The ‘Blue Wave’ fizzled. Democrats were hoping for landslide victories across the nation. That didn’t happen and in fact, Republicans strengthened their position in the far more important Senate. Historically, President Trump and his party did far better than most during a first-term Midterm cycle. (About 200% better than Barack Obam did by the way.) Ignore the media spin. The real Democrat power players are not happy with last night’s results an for good reason. Their victories were far fewer and less significant than what they were expecting.


Washington Post Asks Why Andrew McCabe Was Fired – Then Leaves Out The Reason Why Andrew McCabe Was Fired

WAPO is out in full force attempting to muddy the waters regarding the Andrew McCabe firing. The entirety of their most recent article on that subject is linked below. It starts with the following headline:

So why exactly did Andrew McCabe get fired?

Many words and paragraphs follow but none of them state the obvious reason – one that everyone in the Establishment Media knows but have been working together to hide from the American people: The FBI’s own independent Office of Professional Accountability recommended Andrew McCabe be fired – immediately. McCabe was fired from the FBI because the FBI said he should be fired. It’s that simple.

The OPA reviewed McCabe’s actions linked to the Hillary Clinton investigation/cover-up, the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, and attempted Deep State collusion during and after the 2016 Election and apparently found him guilty of serious wrongdoing.

Any “news” agency that pretends to be reporting on the McCabe firing without including the above information is participating in a blatant disinformation campaign.


So why exactly did Andrew McCabe get fired? – The Washington Post
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