CAUGHT! WAPO Alters Headline In Yet More Fake News Manipulation…

The first headline had readers wondering why criminals/illegal immigrants were able to get taxpayer funded food stamps meant for actual citizens in need. So, the Washington Post quickly scrubbed that headline in favor of one that portrayed President Trump as the cause of the poor immigrant masses to go hungry. 


“Jeb The Vote” Has Arrived – Mainstream Media Working To Choose Another GOP Presidential Candidate

Some eight years ago it was a “McCain the campaign” strategy utilized by key figures within the Mainstream Media that allowed a nearly defunct John McCain presidential campaign to suddenly rise from the ashes and catapult the elderly Republican to an eventual GOP nomination win. That in turn helped Barack Obama to face a much older and far too politically correct opponent resulting in a decisive win during the 2008 presidential election. Some believe a similar tactic was utilized for Mitt Romney in 2012. And now, it appears the very same tactic has begun in earnest involving Jeb Bush and the 2016 election.

Whispers suggest we look to the following example for evidence of how the Washington Post, arguably the most left-leaning political publication in the United States, just published an oddly pro-Jeb Bush piece written by one of its most consistent pro-Obama reporters of the last eight years.

The article is titled, Jeb Bush, in South Carolina, calls Confederate flag ‘racist’

Within the piece left-wing reporter Ed O’Keefe, who has recently been assigned to follow the Jeb Bush campaign, paints a picture of Mr. Bush meeting with a group of “blue collar” workers in South Carolina and then taking a question from a female African American employee regarding the recent Confederate flag issue in that state. Bush is said to then declare the flag as being racist, a position that causes the gathered workers to break out in applause.

Here is how D.C. Whispers describes the Washington Post report:

“It’s a play to elevate Bush within the first layer of the Mainstream. Get him some “safe” dollars from the people who normally play both sides. Push him to the top before the primaries. O’Keefe is a liberal hardliner. He’s an open borders kind of guy. He’s a big government kind of guy. Everyone up here knows it so when WAPO links him to Bush and now he’s penning some pro-Bush stuff, they aren’t even trying to hide it. It’s a set up. The same set up we had in ’08 and to a slightly lesser extent in ’12. By them (the Washington Post) pushing the “Jeb Bush calls Confederate flag racist” meme, it is something that helps him with some people short term, but can easily be used against him down the road long- term with a whole lot of conservative voters. You divide the electorate and therefore make the GOP candidate much weaker compared to a the Democratic candidate and their far more unified base. That’s the real lesson of the last two national elections. Republicans did not have a unified base. It was real bad in 2008 and still not where it needed to be in 2012. The media sees Jeb Bush as the most sure-fire way of ensuring they can do that same thing again in 2016.  They are attempting to Jeb the vote. They’ll build him up for about six months, and then tear him down big time.”

If the above is in fact true, it is also likely the Jeb Bush campaign is aware of it. Perhaps they intend to try and use it to their advantage now, while also preparing for the inevitable media backlash that will pile on against him later? The real question though is if a Bush 2016 campaign could survive another national election cycle that has a once-again fractured Republican base.

If not, the White House will remain a bastion of far-left politics and all of America will be the worse for it.