WAPO Caught Spreading Fake News AGAIN. General McMaster Exposes Latest Anti-Trump Lie

FALSE. So says retired Army General and current National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster regarding a widely spread media report based on speculation/allegation that President Trump disclosed “top secret” information to Russian diplomats during a recent White House meeting.

The story began with the far left BuzzFeed  citing an anonymous source and was promptly repeated by the Washington Post and other left-leaning news agencies. This is media malpractice at its most blatant.


CAUGHT! WAPO Alters Headline In Yet More Fake News Manipulation…

The first headline had readers wondering why criminals/illegal immigrants were able to get taxpayer funded food stamps meant for actual citizens in need. So, the Washington Post quickly scrubbed that headline in favor of one that portrayed President Trump as the cause of the poor immigrant masses to go hungry.