Washington Post Headline: Democrats May Have Won The House But Trump Won The Election

A rare moment of political truth coming from the Washington Post this morning. The ‘Blue Wave’ fizzled. Democrats were hoping for landslide victories across the nation. That didn’t happen and in fact, Republicans strengthened their position in the far more important Senate. Historically, President Trump and his party did far better than most during a first-term Midterm cycle. (About 200% better than Barack Obam did by the way.) Ignore the media spin. The real Democrat power players are not happy with last night’s results an for good reason. Their victories were far fewer and less significant than what they were expecting.


Washington Post Asks Why Andrew McCabe Was Fired – Then Leaves Out The Reason Why Andrew McCabe Was Fired

WAPO is out in full force attempting to muddy the waters regarding the Andrew McCabe firing. The entirety of their most recent article on that subject is linked below. It starts with the following headline:

So why exactly did Andrew McCabe get fired?

Many words and paragraphs follow but none of them state the obvious reason – one that everyone in the Establishment Media knows but have been working together to hide from the American people: The FBI’s own independent Office of Professional Accountability recommended Andrew McCabe be fired – immediately. McCabe was fired from the FBI because the FBI said he should be fired. It’s that simple.

The OPA reviewed McCabe’s actions linked to the Hillary Clinton investigation/cover-up, the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, and attempted Deep State collusion during and after the 2016 Election and apparently found him guilty of serious wrongdoing.

Any “news” agency that pretends to be reporting on the McCabe firing without including the above information is participating in a blatant disinformation campaign.


So why exactly did Andrew McCabe get fired? – The Washington Post
archived 20 Mar 2018 12:39:10 UTC