SWEET!!! Moving Truck Shows Up At The White House

The below photo is going to make some of you very-very happy. A large moving truck pulled up to the White House today where Barack Obama has been given his two-week notice to vacate the premises…

And it looks like Drudge just gave the White House moving truck some front page love as well!

Per the Drudge link: “The truck was parked on West Executive Avenue, a street inside the White House gates and situated in-between the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the West Wing.”

Barack Obama “Thrilled” Over Justice Scalia’s Death…

Word reached the White House hours before formal media announcements were made regarding longtime Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia having been found dead while vacationing at a Texas resort. First the speechwriters were summoned to provide the appropriate tone for Barack Obama’s remarks. During that same time, Obama and Valerie Jarrett were already initiating a long-standing plan for what they viewed as a prime opportunity to make Mr. Obama relevant once again and an opportunity that the President was said to be thrilled to have before him.

The animosity between Justice Scalia and the Obama White House was well known. Scalia considered the Obama administration to be a scourge upon the Constitutional-based tenets of the American form of government. The Obama White House in turn privately viewed Scalia as a legal “dinosaur” who was horribly out of place amidst the ongoing “fundamental transformation” the Obama regime was pushing for the country.

Scalia famously blasted the administration for such critical acts as Obamacare, illegal immigration, states rights, and executive authority.

Now Mr. Obama and his team of trusted advisers, led personally by Valerie Jarrett, are preparing to proceed with their choice to be Justice Scalia’s replacement and intend to bludgeon Republicans should the Republican-controlled Senate refuse to give that appointment the legislative light of day.

Media contacts have been employed, and soon a roll-out campaign will be forthcoming.

It is the very thing Mr. Obama excels most at – highly divisive politics and near-constant self-promotion. He intends to see the balance of power shifted on the Court to more fully express his will and view of what the United States should, and should not be.

War is once again brewing in D.C., and Barack Obama is reportedly thrilled over it.



Valerie Jarrett Unleashes Media Attack Upon Supreme Court Justice Scalia

MARCO RUBIO: “The Only Adult Running For President”

Marco Rubio has slowly but steadily climbed his way to the top tier of presidential candidates, a move undeniably signaled by his strong third place showing in Iowa and further exemplified by his push to second place status in New Hampshire.  It is a development both applauded and financially supported by the GOP Establishment that has fretted over finding a viable alternative to the insurgent campaigns of Donald Trump and to a somewhat lesser degree, Ted Cruz.

The Mainstream Media has been quick to jump onto the Rubio bandwagon as well, namely Fox News whose pundits and contributors have and continue to repeat the assertion that the Florida senator is in many ways, the only adult left running for president on the Republican side.

It was just over two years ago that D.C. Whispers sources began to indicate Republican power brokers’ intentions to make Rubio the new face of the party. The Bush years ended with a whimper, the Obama years marked by repeated attacks and mocking of Republicans and especially conservatives by the President himself. (Mr. Obama and other Democrats went so far as to equate conservative politicians to terrorists.)

Enter Marco Rubio, a junior senator with a paper-thin resume, a high-watt smile, and the ability to deliver a scripted message as well as anyone within the GOP stables. Some have called him a Republican Establishment version of a 2007 Barack Obama.

That is not an entirely unfair comparison.

If Rubio would become President, he would be two years younger than Barack Obama was in 2009. Both would be one-term senators. Both were products of large state politics – Illinois and Florida. And both are members of the minority class.

“We need our own version of Obama – a Mexican version.”

That is a word-for-word quote during a post-election meeting of GOP power brokers in 2009. (It should be noted that Marco Rubio is of Cuban descent, not Mexican.) Rubio, though not yet in the U.S. Senate, had his name mentioned during that meeting and shortly after, the ball began to roll for him as he solidified his power within the Florida political machine and then found himself winning himself the title of U.S. senator with, ironically enough, the help of powerful Establishment forces like Jeb Bush.

Marco Rubio was disliked by some moderate Florida Republicans who saw the young politician suffering from a, “far right idealism.” This reputation greatly aided Rubio in winning the approval of the then-emerging Tea Party movement which was especially prominent in politically divided Florida. Conservatives thought it a great victory when Mr. Rubio won election to the Senate.

That sense of victory proved somewhat short-lived when the junior senator found himself ushered into the inner sanctum of longtime senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both of whom had received assurances from Jeb Bush associates that Rubio would be the perfect addition to their desire to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would include a sweeping, historic, (and very unpopular with conservatives) amnesty bill that came to be known as the Gang of Eight due the involvement of four Republican and four Democrat senators.

Post Gang of Eight reports suggest Rubio was caught off guard by the strong opposition that formed via his own Florida electorate and when it became apparent the legislation might hinder his chances of making himself a future presidential candidate, he quickly bailed with the blessing of both McCain and Graham. Mr. Rubio has been fighting to distance himself from that Gang of Eight amnesty bill ever since.

Yesterday the Florida senator received a surprising voice of support in the form of Rush Limbaugh who extolled Mr. Rubio’s conservative street cred and dismissed criticisms from figures like Texas Senator Ted Cruz that Rubio was not a “true conservative.” That gesture, however brief by Limbaugh, is significant given both Limbaugh’s considerable audience and consequent influence on shaping conservative public opinion and it pushed yet further the emerging meme that has Marco Rubio as the last adult left standing in the GOP Race for the White House. Readers should note that Mr. Limbaugh was not nearly so excited by the prospects of a McCain or Romney presidency as he is a Marco Rubio one.

It is yet further proof of the plan first disclosed here almost four months earlier:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…







With Jeb Preparing To Exit Race, Rubio & GOP Establishment Set Sights On Ted Cruz…

While Ted Cruz enjoys a surge of support in Iowa that has propelled him to second place among other GOP candidates in that state, Marco Rubio has done the same in the far more important primary state of New Hampshire. Iowa has long little more than an interesting sideshow warm-up to the main show nomination process – a show that most often begins in New Hampshire.

So having solidified his place in the Granite State, Senator Rubio is now determined to make certain Ted Cruz’s appeal goes no further than Iowa and from there, Mr. Rubio sees a path to the GOP nomination.

Jeb Bush is floundering in the low single digits nationally, and has just 7 points in New Hampshire, a state he should have won easily if not for the remarkably unconventional and popular insurgent campaign of Donald Trump. Team Bush is very-very close with the Republican Establishment, and while Bush still hopes for a comeback miracle in New Hampshire, he is said to have also quietly let it be known he will bow out if he fails to make a strong showing in what is the first actual primary voting state on the way to the GOP nomination.

With Bush pushed aside, and likely other candidates like John Kasich and Chris Christie along with him, Team Rubio sees their next primary target to be that of Ted Cruz. The Texas senator has enjoyed a sizable bump in his polling following the just as sizable decline of Dr. Ben Carson. Carson’s supporters appear to have flocked first to Cruz, and then split between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

That was not the original plan as reported by D.C. Whispers first with the following report months earlier:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

“…Such a plan does appear to have an element of very simple math – add Jeb Bush’s support, then Ben Carson’s, and that would likely leave Marco Rubio in an almost-dominant position to potentially run the table on Super Tuesday which will take place on March 1st and represent over 400 delegate votes.

Tens of millions of dollars are set to pour into the Rubio campaign and related super-PAC’s in the coming weeks to make certain the senator does just that.”

Unfortunately for Rubio, Donald Trump’s campaign has refused to wither under the onslaught of political and media establishment rebuke. In fact, it appears to have grown stronger. To further complicate things, so too has the Ted Cruz campaign. So while the “Rubio Plan” has worked in part, helping to make the Florida senator one of the top three Republican candidates in the race, much work remains if he is to actually overcome the Trump factor.

That overcoming now appears to require Ted Cruz be pummeled into submission, no small feat given Mr. Cruz’s penchant for fighting back with almost as much success as Donald Trump. With that political reality in mind, Republican operatives are now said to be actively pushing a Trump vs Cruz media blitz that will have the two most prominent anti-establishment campaigns weakening one another to better ensure Mr. Rubio emerges victorious.

As of this morning, it appears that campaign is underway, signaled by the following report via NBC News:

“…After reports that Ted Cruz raised questions about Donald Trump’s judgment this week at a closed-door fundraiser, it was only a matter of time before the real estate mogul went on the offensive.

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted that Cruz “is getting ready to attack” and painted the Texas senator as beholden to donor “bosses.”

There can be little doubt the small scuffle between his two greatest GOP rivals brought a knowing smile to Marco Rubio’s face…





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“Giddy” Barack Obama Prepares To Meet Today With Prince Harry…

After a short stay in Chicago, President Barack Obama is back on Air Force One on his way to the White House for an afternoon meeting with England’s, Prince Harry.

It is a meeting which is said to have the president acting, “giddy” as he prepares to bask in the glow of what he deems mutual royalty.

ABOVE: Prince Harry meeting with Michelle Obama during an earlier trip the First Lady took with her daughters to England. The two were said to have gotten along very well – a warming that has apparently been extended to President Obama who upon entering the White House, was notably indifferent to both Great Britain and its Royal Family, an attitude primarily attributed to Mr. Obama’s deep-rooted dislike of both England and America’s colonial history.)


The purpose of Prince Harry’s trip to the White House is to help raise awareness for the Invictus Games, a Olympics-styled athletic event for military veterans injured in war. The 2016 Invictus Games are to be held in Orlando, Florida.

President Obama’s recent love for the Royal Family began shortly after a 2011 meeting between himself and Prince Charles. It was at that meeting the two men found themselves in agreement on a variety of far-left progressive issues and one in which White House staff noted a “considerable difference in tone” regarding Mr. Obama’s views toward the Royal Family.

“It was as if Prince Charles convinced President Obama that he was ‘in the club.’ That meant a great deal to the President whose own ego is always front and center above all else.”

The 2011 Prince Charles and Barack Obama meeting was then amplified by a more recent visit by the Royal Couple – Prince William and Princess Kate who at the time of their White House visit were the world media’s most followed couple, a fact that was not ignored by the media-obsessed, President Obama.

Interestingly, various descriptions at the time have President Obama acting noticeably hesitant in the presence of the some-day King of England, Mr. Obama’s former indifference having given way to a rather odd mix of both envy and awe.

“Barack Obama respects Prince William and Princess Kate and might even suffer a bit of jealousy toward them but feels much more comfortable with Prince Harry. The President gets a kick out of the younger prince and the warm interaction between Prince Harry and the First Lady. She really is quite smitten by him and the President seems to find that rather funny.”

The First Lady and the Prince Harry are scheduled to visit wounded soldiers later today at a Virginia veterans hospital.

President Obama will not be joining them…

Clinton Campaign On “Suicide Watch”

So says Washington Times editorial page. While the sentiment will surely cause supporters of Mrs. Clinton to clench their teeth and cry foul, it is a view being increasingly held by powerful figures within the Obama government and their big donor DNC counterparts.

Hillary is in very serious trouble.

Allegedly, the ONLY thing now keeping Mrs. Clinton’s White House hopes alive is the interference being run (somewhat halfheartedly) on her behalf by the Obama White House regarding the ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton’s private server and missing/not missing emails.

That interference is not so concerned with protecting Mrs. Clinton so much as protecting Barack Obama and his administration from any potential complicity in the wrong-doing that is slowly unfolding around Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Thus the very slow drip of the scandal – each drip given to the media has first been scrubbed by Obama operatives inside of the Department of Justice.

Hillary Clinton knows her own political life exists at the sole discretion of Valerie Jarrett and Jarrett’s direct influence over newly-appointed Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and Lynch’s subsequent influence over FBI Director James Comey, himself appointed just last year and who has strong ties to Bridgewater Associates – among the world’s largest global hedge fund groups. It’s billionaire founder, Ray Dalio just attended a White House dinner last night in honor of Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

And over the weekend as Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett dined with world leaders and billionaire power brokers, a word-association was being whispered far more frequently than before regarding Mrs. Clinton:



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Hillary in a corner


Obama White House Adviser Dies In Bizarre Biking Accident…

By all accounts, thirty-four year old Jacob Brewer was an intelligent and dynamic member of the Obama White House. Brewer’s official title was senior policy adviser in the Office of Science and Technology. He also served previously as Director of External Affairs for Change.org, a left-leaning online petition organization. Brewer’s specialty was primarily focused on computer data technologies. He was also married to Fox News contributor, Mary Katharine Ham. The two were parents to one child with another one on the way.

A Washington Post story on Mr. Brewer’s death indicated the computer programming expert had just recently returned from what he described to a friend as a presidential retreat at Camp David.

Initial reports of the accident indicated Brewer, (who was a very experienced cyclist) suddenly lost control and crossed a double center line on a “sharp curved” road in Howard County, Maryland. Brewer was then fatally struck by an oncoming vehicle in the other lane.

At the time of his death, Mr. Brewer appears to have been involved in helping supervise an extensive updating of technology throughout the administration including the White House and the Department of Defense, an effort that would have likely given him access to all data within the Obama government.

Following Brewer’s death, Barack Obama issued a statement in which he said he was “heartbroken” over his staffer’s sudden death and that he would, “pray for his family.”


Jarrett Operatives Declare, “Reagan will be a ‘blip on the screen’ compared to Obama.”

The Obama White House is said to be overflowing with self-congratulations following what they feel is among their best week of the last seven years. With two important Supreme Court decisions favoring the administration’s positions on both Obamacare and gay marriage, the president’s media-approved performance at the memorial for Charleston pastor Clementa Pinckney, followed by today’s official announcement of normalizing relations between Communist Cuba and the United States,  the Obama White House is more certain than ever that Barack Obama is now able to do whatever he and Valerie Jarrett wish to do in the final months of their presidency.

Above: They might just take the very last slice of America before they’re done…


The president’s mood is said to have shifted “dramatically” from pensive and resentful of no longer being the center of attention to “almost giddy” over the more recent news coverage of his Supreme Court victories, speeches, and dramatic changes in U.S. foreign policy.

Apparently Valerie Jarrett has taken to collecting the most positive of the pro-Obama news stories to later share with the president, something which brings back the wide, self-assured grin that had long been missing inside of the White House for the past several months. It’s a change in mood that has not gone unnoticed throughout the halls of Congress:

“They have gone from feeling like yesterday’s news to openly declaring it’s game on and they intend to win everything from here on out.”

“Everything” reportedly includes among other things, yet another concerted effort to craft a binding Climate Change agreement between the United States and other world nations, expanding the powers of the National Labor Relations Board to directly fight back against the Right to Work movement in several states, broaden the federal government’s authority over state and local law enforcement agencies, and further weaken existing immigration laws.

Jarrett’s media relations operatives already have in place several high-profile projects in place that will begin rolling out later this year and then culminating in the summer and fall of 2016.

“It appears her intention is to make Barack Obama the single greatest president of the last seventy years. She wants the name ‘Obama’ to be spoken in the same breath as Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Washington. They (the Jarrett media operatives) are saying Reagan will be a ‘blip on the screen’ compared to Obama.  The administration has already sent several updates to the education publishers. They already have an entire Obamacentric K-12 program nearly completed.  When school children hear the term ‘Founding Father’ they are to have one name be first in their minds – Barack Hussein Obama. It will be a multi-media barrage the likes of which no previous president has ever seen.”

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Team Hillary Panics Over Drop In Polls As Big Money Eyes White House Alternatives…

Officially, there is little being said by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Unofficially though, they are saying plenty…


Not so long ago, the former Obama Secretary of State and First Lady enjoyed overall approval ratings near 70%.

Now, as more people have time to recall why they didn’t really care for her in the first place, those approval numbers have plummeted to just 45% according to the latest Washington Post data – polling that often tilts favorable toward Democrats.

“They like the idea of Hillary Clinton but they don’t like Hillary Clinton herself.”

So says a longtime D.C. operative and it is a sentiment apparently being shared by a growing number within the all-important political donor class.

“It’s still early, which is the only good news for her campaign, but nobody seems to have an idea of how to reverse the trend. The real problem for her right now, and it’s a big one, is that when she speaks she tends to be very polarizing. She’s hardly said a word publicly in the last few months and still her numbers are dropping fast. That’s a sign of real trouble inside a campaign.”

For Team Hillary, signs of stress cracks are becoming more visible.

“There is a brave face being put on publicly, but behind closed doors, some very smart people are wringing their hands wondering how they solve this likability and trustworthy issue. The scandals keep piling up and if even a few more in the media decide to really start reporting on them, she could be finished. They are all walking a very thin line right now between a real chance to win the White House, and a total campaign collapse and are working double-time trying to keep a tired and increasingly unhappy candidate moving forward.”


The above video clip was apparently enough to raise yet further concerns from high-powered liberal-progressive donors who remain unconvinced of Hillary Clinton’s ability to effectively close the deal. While campaign staffers continue to repeat the mantra that all is well, they also are being forced to admit, at least in private, that funding is beginning to stall. Their hope is this is but a temporary slowing of campaign contributions and not a more long-lasting trend.

To date, the Hillary campaign has not yet released any official campaign fundraising totals.

“They’ll get the money, but they are not happy about how hard they are having to work for it. Apparently the recent face-to-face with Mr. Steyer was not overly enthusiastic on his part regarding her campaign. People like him will put money elsewhere if they feel it will be better spent doing so.”