Trump Urges Israel To Hold On & That Help Is On Its Way

Like a presidential superhero, Donald Trump let Israel know he’s got their back in a series of morning tweets that decimate the still-ongoing anti-Israel bent of communications coming out of the Obama administration of late, including one already infamous example that had John Kerry declaring Israel must stop acting so Jewish!

And a grateful Israel was quick to respond to the President-Elect:

And in typical Trump fashion, given the millions of social media followers the soon-to-be POTUS enjoys, his tweets have already been seen by far more people than will ever watch the collective hand-wringing, pro-Obama reports of the Mainstream Media on the subject of Israel, even as reports of an increasingly petulant Obama White House unhappy about Mr. Trump already assuming far more influence on U.S. policy than the outgoing president, continue to circulate.



Donald Trump Prepares For War: “If I Don’t Win, I’ve Wasted Time.”

“I WILL make America great again.” 

The iconic New York billionaire repeated his political catch phrase often during recent and lengthy media interviews which outlined what Donald Trump intends to do in the coming days and weeks to not only maintain his lead among his GOP candidate contemporaries, but grow that lead among Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats. Despite the predictions of political insiders stating his campaign is in decline, Trump appears more determined than ever to win it all, telling the Washington Post this week, “If I don’t win, I’ve wasted time.”

To this point, Trump has managed to capture much of the attention from his fellow candidates with a variety of strongly worded comments, large political rallies, and a barrage of punch-counter punch social media moments that has proven nothing if not unique for a top-tier political candidate.

“He is a force of nature.”

That has been a description used often regarding Donald Trump by various political operatives who find themselves forced to admit Trump is a candidate who is not only breaking all the rules of a political campaign, but seemingly re-writing them entirely.

Is that about to change?

Yes…and no.

Among the most remarkable aspects of the Trump campaign is how little actual money the billionaire has spent to this point making himself the current front-runner. Jeb Bush, the former projected favorite, has already dumped millions trying to convince voters he’s the right choice.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s once well-funded campaign imploded due to millions of dollars being wasted and then donors looking for alternatives. Soft-spoken neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has managed to put himself in second or third place depending on various polls, but has done so with nearly six million dollars in campaign expenditures. Donald Trump by contrast, by far the wealthiest candidate in the race, has spent just a third of that amount – two million dollars. As for Democrat Hillary Clinton, she is already approaching the twenty million dollar mark for a campaign that has included no less than three “re-boots” in which she desperately hopes to find a persona that will resonate with voters.

Interestingly, the Trump campaign is, by design or luck, a powerful testament to the future virtual grassroots potential of politics in America where party loyalties are blurred, and a candidate can cut through the too often constrictive filter of the Mainstream Media to generate popular support. Mr. Trump is now poised to take his virtual grassroots campaign and mold it with a more conventional get out the vote apparatus to further broaden his already considerable appeal.

That means he’s about to start spending money.

A lot of money.

Team Trump has already coordinated an advertising blitz that is at this moment being finalized and set to begin rolling by the end of this month. This effort has been timed to work in conjunction with the release of a political outlook by Trump titled, Crippled America. Additional policy papers on reforming the VA and pushing back against Chinese currency manipulation are also scheduled.

Trump operatives suggested to the Washington Post their campaign is prepared to spend twenty million dollars or more on the soon-to-be initiated political ad campaign. Remarkably, much of that amount might actually be financed by sales of, Crippled America, a fact that only solidifies the business-savvy mystique comprising both the man and the myth that is Donald Trump.

He sits atop nearly every GOP poll, and yet Donald Trump has not even begun to fight.

That is about to change.

For the first time since declaring his candidacy five months earlier, Donald Trump is going to war.