The Remarkable Success Of Trump Presidency Continues As Sweeping Trade Agreement With China Nears Completion

If what is coming out now via the Trump White House and various (albeit grudging) Establishment Media reports, the United States and China are on the brink of something truly remarkable that will likely create millions more jobs in America, greatly reduce a massive trade deficit, and reset the geo-political landscape across the globe—all thanks to the vision, strength, and tenacity of President Donald Trump. 


What President Trump has done in just two short years is something no other administration has come close to doing over the last forty years—bring China to the negotiating table with the realization that America still swings the biggest stick in the locker room of global politics. President Trump stabilized U.S. military spending, greatly strengthened the economy, and then went at China hard with current and pending sanctions that rocked the Chinese economy over the last six months. The message was sent and China heard it loud and clear.

The result? China’s President Xi is promising to act “swiftly” to remedy the trade imbalance, including intellectual theft that has taken billions of dollars of value from U.S. companies. THIS HAS NEVER BEFORE HAPPENED. That point cannot be emphasized enough.

President Xi has given a timeline of three months for his country to make good on its promise to continue full and honest trade negotiations with the United States and members of the Trump administration are openly optimistic about the remarkable progress and benefit to America that is soon to to be the result of the President’s strong leadership on this issue.

Image result for Trump and XiUS to hold off on raising China tariffs to 25 percent


Trump Is Already Winning The Trade War Against China

Donald Trump stared down China’s President Xi Jinping – and China blinked.

This week President Xi made several concessions regarding the trade imbalance it has long enjoyed with the United States while making strong hints that more concessions are soon to follow. This pro-America victory is in stark contrast to the bowing and pleading posture that took place during the previous four administrations of Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush Sr.

The Establishment Media is largely ignoring the America-First victory. That means it’s up to all of you to get the message out there.

Via StraitsTimes:

“…Mr. Xi highlighted areas where China was willing to give, including pledging to ease restrictions on imported cars by the end of the year as well as repeating open-ended promises to give foreigners greater access to the country’s financial markets – promises officials have made in the past.

He also pledged to strengthen intellectual property rights, addressing one of Mr. Trump’s main complaints.

“…Chinese officials have said they want to avoid a trade war and negotiate.

On Tuesday, Mr. Xi appeared to have given Mr. Trump a concession by pledging to “significantly” lower tariffs on imported automobiles by the end of the year.

Just hours before, Mr. Trump had taken to Twitter to complain about China’s 25 percent tax on imported automobiles.”


While it is true Mr. Xi has made head-fake trade promises in the past there is an urgency and quick-to-comply tone that has been missing before. That change in tone is due to one thing – the aggressively pro-American stance of President Donald Trump who appears more than willing take on short-term political pain for longer term economic gain that will directly benefit the American Working Class.

It has been a very long time since a U.S. President has been willing to fight so hard for the people who got them elected.

Trump is the exception and the Chinese appear to realize that.