The “Blacklash” Against The Democrat Party And FOR President Trump Is Real, It’s Growing, And It’s Spectacular…

Nearly 40% approval for a Republican president in 2018? A few years ago such a claim would have resulted in raucous laughter among the political and media elite.

Guess what? They’re not laughing now. Minority support for Donald Trump continues to grow at a rate that signals a tectonic shift in how the public views party affiliation. Hundreds of thousands have already left the Democrat plantation with millions more on the verge of doing the same. 

“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”

The year is 1923 and Prohibition is the law of the land.
Levi Bowman and his four sons struggle to survive and thrive in the remote woods and mountains outpost of Sultan, Washington. It is a time and place governed by the gun and the fist where family comes first, rules are meant to be broken, and enemies put down.

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“Lots of action, mystery, crackling dialogue, and a touch of romance while also having plenty to say about the importance of family, living by a code, and defending what’s yours.” -MobelyReviews