The Heartbreaking Photo The Open Borders Globalists Don’t Want You To See: RIP Corporal Ronil Singh

This is the image from the funeral of Corporal Ronil Singh that should be shown by all the news media and be on the front pages of every news publication in America. The heartbreak of Corporal Singh’s family is unmistakable. The anguish of his brother should tear at the hearts of everyone who knows changes to this nation’s immigration and border security policies must be enacted now.

The photo below is an unflinching reminder of how right President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters are as they continue to demand Democrats in Congress stop refusing to better secure America’s southern border. 

Singh and his family represent the American Dream violently cut short by an illegal immigrant who never should have been able to sneak into the country, and then who should have been deported multiple times. Instead, he was allowed to remain and eventually shot and killed Corporal Singh. 

Tragedies like this are becoming more and more common. Right now 15,000 more illegal immigrants from Central America, funded by anti-American interests, are preparing to march across Mexico and into the United States. It must end. 

Build the wall. Secure the border.