The Most Important 9 Minutes And 9 Seconds You Will Watch And Hear This Week…

The Democrat Party is a clown show that grows more tedious, more incompetent, and more dangerous each and every day it is allowed to continue.

Representative Gaetz is absolutely correct when he points out how it’s the insane open borders policies of the Democrats that endanger people on both sides of the southern border by emboldening criminals to use children as “get into America” tickets. A nation must protect its borders or it is no longer a nation. Immigration must be orderly, secure, and safe. Democrats are advocating for mayhem which is causing harm to the most innocent.

They must be held to account for this travesty they have created by choosing politics over safety and security for all. 

Enough is enough. 2020 is coming. Make them hear your discontent loud and clear at the ballot box.


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