The Obamas Are Planning An Anti-Trump Netflix Special

Remember that multi-million dollar deal the Obamas signed with Netflix? (after the Obama administration successfully pushed a pro-Netflix Internet streaming regulation just a few years earlier) Well, one of the first Obama projects is said to be an anti-Trump program intended to show the “chaos ” of the Trump administration. No former president has ever been so intent on sowing discord against his successor as has Barack Obama—and he’s being rewarded with tens of millions of dollars to do so. 

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Via The Week:

Is former President Barack Obama about to unleash one long subtweet against his successor in the form of a Netflix show?

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have acquired the rights to adapt Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk as part of their overall deal with Netflix, Deadline reported Wednesday. Lewis’ book describes the disorder within the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce that took place during the transition between the Obama administration to the Trump administration. Many of the new president’s appointees were completely unprepared for their jobs and some roles weren’t filled at all, the book describes. Deadline reports that the possible series adaptation would be intended to “help people better understand the inner workings of the government.”


A Business Insider report a few months earlier indicated the Obamas are now worth 30 times more than when they entered the White House in 2018. No First Couple has had such a dramatic increase in net worth over such a short period of time with most of those earnings coming from entertainment and publishing industry deals.

It has been suggested Mr. and Mrs. Obama will be worth well north of $100 million dollars by the 2020 Election and as much as a quarter-BILLION by the following decade.

Wow. Sure hope they plan to pay their fair share in taxes, right?