The Pathetic Wordplay Of Mueller & The Far Left . . .

They are like children denying the sky is blue or that gravity is real. Then again it is the party of “it depends on what the definition of is … is.” 

It’s one pathetic wordplay after another from the far left and the #MadCongress as outlined so clearly by Scott Adams:

Instead of coming out clearly in both his report and his statement today and saying there was no evidence of any crime by President Trump and/or the Trump campaign, Mr. Mueller instead CHOSE to say he found no evidence there wasn’t a crime—after two years and nearly $40 million taxpayer dollars spent on his shame of investigating that was initiated by the fully debunked Trump-Russia hoax that in turn was initiated by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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Even by lawyer-speak standards that’s complete nonsense.

And yet, now we have the media and #MadCongress Democrats exclaiming AH-HAH! He says Trump coulda-maybe-might have done something wrong. We must investigate!

Two years. Forty million dollars. No case.

So, what does the #MadCongress do? Call for more investigations to waste yet more taxpayer dollars.

And why is that?


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Democrats are taking mountains of cash from a minority of Trump-hating voters by promising them that they intend to further investigate the president. These Democrats know impeachment is a fool’s errand but the campaign donations they are raking in are just too good to pass up.

It’s the same thing John McCain did to Arizona voters. He spent years promising them he would vote to repeal and replace Obamacare and during that time took in millions in donations. Then, when it came time to make good on that promise what did he do? He voted to keep Obamacare in place. Democrats today are doing exactly what Republican John McCain did then—knowingly lying to the voters in order to shake them down for more cash.

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In the real world that’s called fraud.

In Washington D.C. that’s called politics.

You can either support President Trump or you can remain ignorant and support yet more fraudulent D.C. politics.

The time to choose is now.

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