The Twisted Far-Left Socialism That Links Both El Paso & Dayton Tragedies

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The far-left media has gone into 24/7 anti-Trump overdrive to try and link a shooting tragedy with President Trump, citing “language” and “motive” that they would have the American people believe somehow aligns with a president who has been working so hard to make America safer and more prosperous for all. (And he’s succeeded in doing just that—particularly for Working Class minorities.)

In doing so the media has all but ignored the very clear dangerous socialist leanings of the Dayton Ohio shooter while simultaneously cherry-picking some admittedly disturbing anti-immigration language from a “manifesto” alleged to have been written by the El Paso shooter. Ah, but that very same manifesto included a great deal of other information as well—information the media has purposely neglected to inform the public about. The likely reason for that omission is clear. The El Paso shooter, like the Dayton shooter, had some clear socialist leanings as well, including a demand for universal health care, guaranteed jobs, radical environmentalism, and attacks on corporations. (He also distanced himself from President Trump)  Perhaps it is there we find the answer for the twisted motivations of both young men. They were clearly disturbed/mentally ill. Could it be socialism appeals to those suffering from such sickness?

It’s certainly something to be considered, especially given how dangerous the rhetoric is now becoming by so many on the far-left which includes calls to “eradicate” ALL Trump supporters (this was voiced by a CNN host) and the disclosure of private citizens who donated to President Trump which was done by a Democrat member of Congress within hours after the call to have those supporters eradicated.  

What if socialism is the disease and the most recent violence in Dayton and El Paso was the all too tragic result?

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