To Anyone Who Thinks POTUS Trump Shouldn’t Investigate The Deep State Remind Them Of THIS:

This week Democrat hopeful Joe Biden expressed shock that President Trump would want to have the Deep State investigated even as more and more evidence proves a widespread campaign to destroy a duly-elected President of the United States was underway. Democrats and their media cohorts (many of them who were actually in on the soft coup attempt) are attempting to ridicule the now-growing investigation into Deep State foul play against the president.

Ah, but imagine if FBI agents were saying this about Barack Obama back in 2008:

An FBI special agent is declaring a presidential candidate will be stopped not by the vote of the people but by the Deep State. This has become an undeniable fact. The only question that remains (and it’s a big one) is how high up the orders went for this democracy-killing attempt went.

It shouldn’t matter what side of the political fence you choose to stand on—wrong is wrong and what the above outlines (and it’s just a drop in the bucket to what was attempted against President Trump and his family) are that these individuals were involved in something incredibly dangerous and dishonest to the entire country. If you side with these bad Deep State actors you are no different than those who sided with the Nazi Party in 1930s Germany. You are supporting terrible wrongdoing that could ultimately lead to outright tyranny.

Please be better than that. Choose right over wrong. Choose truth over lies. 

Choose President Trump over proven Deep State corruption.



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