Tragedy In El Paso: Will A Nation Push Pause On The Political Divide That Is Tearing Us Apart?

Lives tragically lost at the hands of a deranged lunatic. 

A far-left media and Democrat presidential candidates attempting to spin madness into political advantage.

It seems we are doomed to repeat the tragedy of seemingly senseless politics following a tragedy of the senseless loss of life. 

It wasn’t always so but will we ever return to an age of both sense and sensibility in America?

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Some in the media are at this very moment reporting on an alleged manifesto that they say is filled with “white power” leanings even as the authorities have said nothing official regarding said manifesto—including an opinion on its authenticity.

Others are remarking it was actually a left-leaning, radical environmental rant filled with the language utilized by leftist terrorist groups such as ANTIFA.

As for the actual truth? More reasoned minds are taking a wait and see approach while also praying for the families of those lost.

Today, and for at least a few more days to come, we should all stand with the people of El Paso and put the petty bickering of politics aside.

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