The Tragic Ignorance Of Ariana Grande’s Political Views Exposed

Ariana Grande is a middling talent who has made millions living the American Dream – and yet, she has repeatedly mocked and demeaned America and more recently, stated how “utterly terrifying” it was to see Donald Trump become POTUS.

She is a spoiled child who didn’t know what “terrifying” actually was – until yesterday. Evil exists. It lives among us. And it wishes to see our society, our family, and our friends, dead. That is reality and those few political leaders left who refuse to speak in terms of political correctness but rather in terms of safety and national interest, are not racist xenophobes.

They are the adults in the room and the generals on the battlefield where the Western World is under assault by the radicalized horde of religious zealots who work to promote yet more death and chaos. 


Ariana Grande’s world view is so simplistic and lacking in facts, and yet given her celebrity status and the use of social media, it is easily and dangerously spread to millions of others who then mirror that same ignorance without taking the time to think it over and see the reality of what is really going on all around us.


The barbarians are no longer at the gate. They were granted access. The gate was opened by brain-dead elitists like Ariana Grande. The disease that is the radicalized horde was once there but now it is here – it is everywhere. And instead of isolating and extracting the cancer, the Grande mindset encourages it to metastasize. Inevitably, it will then kill the host.

It will kill all of us.

That is what a potentially terminal disease does if left untreated. Denying its existence while attacking those who warn of its dangers is not intelligent. It is the worst and most dangerous kind of ignorance.