Trump Arrives At Davos Like A BOSS! (VIDEO)

The buzz was palpable as POTUS Trump’s helicopter landed in Davos. He wasn’t merely the man of the hour – he was the entire event. Hundreds rushed to greet him. The President worked through the crowd like a pro, shaking hands, smiling, waving, but always moving forward. His persona was not one basking in the glory as was so common with his presidential predecessor, but rather of a man there to get something done – namely to communicate to the global elites that America is back, the old rules are no more, and that everyone better be prepared to deal with that fact.

When a reporter called out to the President asking if he thought he would be well received, Mr. Trump paused with a knowing smile and then turned around to point at the mass of people still following him and remarked, “You tell me.” 

America hasn’t had this much alpha-swagger in a very long time.