Trump Closing Down Obama-Era Refugee U.S. Invasion Offices

The Establishment Media called them “relocation” offices during the Obama years. They numbered more than sixty and were spread out across the United States though oddly enough, seemingly focused on political swing districts where five or ten thousand “new” Democrat voters might suddenly be able to sway future elections away from Republicans. (Huh. Imagine that!)

Opponents of these relocation offices called them by another name – invasion offices that oversaw masses of undocumented refugees, primarily Muslim, into the United States. Some warned the program was sure to introduce dangerous radical Islamists into the country. Those warnings were repeatedly ignored by the then-Obama administration.

That is all changing now as the Trump State Department just sent a notice to more than twenty of these offices that they are to close their doors. There is a new sheriff in town named Trump and he’s not so keen to continue the fanatically dangerous pro-Islam immigration policies that were the foundation of the Obama years.

In 2017 President Obama set a goal of bringing in 110000 of these refugees. One year later that number has been slashed to less than half with more cuts to come as the Trump administration rightfully explains that it is both less costly and less potentially less dangerous to U.S. citizens to set up refugee centers overseas.

Imagine that.

Barack Obama went with the more expensive and dangerous option. Why? Because he cared less for the American people and more for his globalist dream of a Muslim-dominated world.

Apologists for Mr. Obama will deny that.

The facts say otherwise.