Trump Economy = More Private Sector Jobs & FEWER Government Jobs

Want to know another reason why the federal government hates Donald Trump so much? Because the President has been doing what so few presidents before him could – trimming the bloated federal government fat to the tune of 24,000 fewer jobs since he took office just 18 months earlier even as private-sector job growth continues to rise to its highest levels in a generation.

That is remarkable, especially when compared to the Obama and Bush years when private sector job growth was stagnant while taxpayer-funded federal jobs increased by more than 20%.

CNS News:

Trump Has Cut Federal Payroll by 24,000 Jobs

The federal government cut 3,000 jobs in May and federal employment has now dropped by 24,000 since President Donald Trump took office, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even as federal government jobs were declining, overall employment was increasing…